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Author Topic: [Game] Is it Worth the 10 Dollars?  (Read 5459 times)

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Re: Is it Worth the 10 Dollars?
« Reply #20 on: March 08, 2019, 07:19:12 AM »
The game comes with a creative that lets you make anything unlike MC, the game also comes with Survival and a innovative mode that is Dig deep.

Despite how lacking Survival mode and dig deep are they influence community interaction. The game offers so many weapons and things to use in its sandbox.

A unique feature is the block interactions you can learn about, while it can be seen as a waste it gives depth to blocks we may not know about.

Is it all really worth 10 bucks it depends what you like from these kinds of games.

Do you like building a world play the innovative creative that limits nothing.

Like adventuring in a world where you are challenged? play dig deep.

There are so many ways to play TM and enjoy what it offers even though theres too many focus on one thing in my eyes. *cough* *creative*

Those are my thoughts.