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ZomBine Story
« on: December 25, 2015, 12:31:54 AM »
Long ago Four friends sat closely on logs set near a camp fire as they sat and told story's to one another they grew tired but due to their freight that they had built up from story's they all insisted on go on a quick walk.When Tommy made it back to their campsite however he was surprised to find that none of the four friends had returned yet except for himself.Tommy now even more scared out of his own right thinking mind went to go run and pick up his hunting rifle which he had brought out among the other unused three rifles to go and hunt the next morning. Except he was not picking up the rifle this time to go and hunt some elk . This time he was in fear of being in danger. Then All of a sudden he heard a bang. A gunshot probably near by seeing as how loud it was which is quite peculiar seeing as how nobody left with a weapon on them except .... Chase.

Like How it's going so far if you want me to write a story on these four companions and what they experience then either send me a message or reply on this post and I  will continue the story.