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Author Topic:  Star Crusade: War for the Expanse [Card Game] [Steam Early Access]  (Read 1597 times)

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"The last unclaimed stargate has opened, plunging the galaxy into war. Will you choose the Shan'Ti, who shape genetics into living weapons, the insidious Consortium, focusing on subterfuge and mercenary armies, the rigid, cold order of the cybernetically augmented Hierarchy, the psychically powerful Annunaki and their zealous followers, the battle-hardened Terrans with their massive weapons of war or the brutal, adaptive Hajir-Gog, whose endless tide represents a scourge to the galactic civilization?

Star Crusade: War for the Expanse is a free-to-play, online, digital collectible card game (CCG) based in a richly styled sci-fi universe, where each player takes command of one of the six factions vying for supremacy in an unclaimed exotic sector of space. With 350 beautiful and unique cards available upon release, and many more to come in the form of expansions, Star Crusade will offer deep strategic options for CCG/TCG veterans, while still remaining accessible for newcomers to the genre.

The game focuses on fast paced, accessible strategic combat with countless card and deck combinations as well as unique faction specific tactics. We thought hard about the card game we want to play but most importantly, we want to build a community-centered and powered, ever-evolving game focused around interesting player choices.

War is coming. Build your deck, forge your destiny and shape the fate of the galaxy. Join the Star Crusade."

-Taken from Steam Store Page

The game is very similar to Hearthstone in how it plays.

You generate 1 additional resource (or scrap) every turn and use it to summon creatures and cast spells.

The unique feature that sets it apart, however, is that for each card in your deck you have an additional life point, with a minimum of 25  and a max of 40 (?).

Cards and classes are pretty much copy/pasted from Hearthstone, with just a few different abilities and unique cards.

I enjoy it, and it's worth the download time. Hopefully some of you guys will check it out!