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Author Topic:  US States refusing Syrian refugee's  (Read 2767 times)

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Re: US States refusing Syrian refugee's
« Reply #32 on: November 30, 2015, 04:17:39 PM »
One option that's been discussed is a safe zone protected by the u.s led coalition within Syria or Iraq.

I personally think another option is w could accept them but instead of as refugees where they our free to roam the u.s. We put them on reservations like we did the Indians. But unlike the Indians they stay there and the u.n. Helps provide temporary homes and supplies.

Maybe we Send them back at the end of the conflict or maybe they spend a year on the reservation and then get interviewed and assured they are not terrorist then they have freedom to go where they please

That is very reminiscent of something that happened after Pearl Harbor. With 'gooks'... And amother thing some German guy did with Jews....     

I'm American, and I'm worried about the terrorist threat but honestly I think being so terrified let's them win... We should have less regulations on firearms and then any threat is dispatched without everyone being helpless.

France was a massacre because of gun control, same reason colleges and theaters are big targets in the us, gun free zones.
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