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New script ideas
« on: October 16, 2015, 02:58:37 AM »
Script Ideas

#1: Spinning Command:
The spin command would spin a player in a fashion similar to the death spin animation. The script could look like this: Spin [player,admin,none] [cw,ccw] [speed] [time]
The [player] determines the player who activates the script. If deleted will make all players in game spin, if says [admin] then it makes all admins spin. The [cw,ccw] stands for clockwise or counterclockwise. The [speed] is the speed of the player spinning. The [time] determines the time (in milliseconds) of how long it will last. This script (if used wisely) can force a player to turn a player a certain degree. Ex. Spin [player] [cw] [10] [1000] when entering a zone. This would turn the player in a complete 360 degree to turn around. This could be used for a jumpscare, teleport scripts(because you teleport looking the wrong way) or for special effects like an alien abduction.

#2: Coming soon
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Re: New script ideas
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