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Author Topic:  My world.  (Read 762 times)

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My world.
« on: October 02, 2016, 08:04:01 PM »
Currently I cannot not think of a name for my map so I Will just keep the title as My World :s

Like most maps on TM it is a deathmatch ( or a deathmine as some call it ) so you can get an idea on what the map will have. In addition to this here are some things that will be added to the map.

Mobs- Eventually I will add in an area where you can fight mobs and rank up. Ranking up will allow you to go to new areas and fight stronger mobs and will allow you to do things like enter certain mines. With leveling you can go claim rewards to help you progress faster and it might even make you feel better about yourself. As of now this is all I have down for this and as of this post I might add it to where you cannot enter with items and you have a new "preset" character when entering this area.

Drop parties/Mine parties- Every deathmatch has these and usually they happen when a certain amount of rates are reached. I myself might do this but along with it there are different ways to trigger them.
1. When a certain amount of players are in the world one of the two have a chance to go off.
2. Players can pay certain blocks to trigger a specific party. The better the block the higher chance of a better party.
3. Special occasion/when I feel like it.
Unique thing about these parties is that they will work on their own. With the drop party items will self drop and there will be many different combinations and different DP tiers.

Clans- Like mobs and the drop/mine parties this will come later ( Probably in December ). Clans are free to start but they require certain things like play time, level,etc. When you start a clan you do not get anything really special aside from the fact you can recruit others now. When a clan hits a certain amount of players the clan can buy a base ( Just a big wall. ) Inside the wall there are many different things that can be unlocked ( will add crafting requirements ) and help you and your clan progress faster. If you ever played a game like "Clash of Clans" there will be a town hall. For the town hall you can level it by donating gold pieces, and each time you pass the requirement your clan gains one level. Clan level will determine what your clan can buy and what can be improved.

Events- I will add events that happen during certain parts of the year. In an event you can take advantage of it to help you make more money. Each event will try to be unique from another so its not the same thing every event but with a "reskin" Currently there will be a Halloween event held on October 13th-Nov 2nd. During this event you collect orange pumpkins, black pumpkins, silver pumpkins, and gold pumpkins. You get a pumpkin every 10 seconds and they are all luck based. Pumpkins can be used to special pumpkin upgrades, tools/weapons/keys, and buy special particles. Any particle you buy will be kept all year long and cannot be bought anytime around the year so act fast while you can !.

With all of this here are some other things I have in mind for the map.
Self running marketplace ( not sure if possible )
Investment system
Much more !

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Re: My world.
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2016, 05:04:45 PM »
all I can give you is a good luck on your map and I hope I got to see it soon good luck :)