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Team speak server UP!!!!
« on: August 07, 2015, 08:56:24 PM »
So i went and made a teamspeak server! The ip to join is

There are currently 4 channels.  -Rules Do not swear, Use any racist terms, Troll, Yell at players and Just don't try to annoy people, And just try yo have fun!

-Wait what's teamspeak???: Teamspeak is sorta like forums but in my opinion better for chatting. People can use mics and text chat. It's sorta like a group call.

-Where do i get it and how do i join?: Link: Just head to downloads download and install it! How do i join? When you start up team speak you should see on the top it says connections click it click connect and type in Once you have that right click the channel you would like to join and click connect. To text chat You should see a thing at the bottom that says the channel you are in click it and start chatting!

-Chat channel Just a basic channel where you can chat with people.About idk anything you wish.

-Survival and dig deep channel. This is a channel where you can talk about your server look for People to survive with and to join and talk about survival/dig deep. Helpful for if you want people to play with but not sure if you can trust them. Here you can just talk to them.

-Creative servers! Where you can host or join people and tell them all about your server and see if they want to help join or anything you want really or just talk about stuff.

-Scripting and idea chat. This is a server where you can talk to people about all your craziest inventions. Help people out or talk about some cool scripts you made choice is yours!

Hope you guys like this idea!!!!  /heidy  /mooning  :8