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COre 1.7
« on: July 13, 2015, 12:36:51 AM »
  Hello everyone! I have been working on a world called COre for some time now. Its a world where you mine to gain gold, and use that gold to buy assets such as a locker.
  However, I haven't put the world up for quite some time, because I have been working on COre 1.7 and COre2.
 Core 1.7 is going to work with the mob arenas. Really, really cool ones, which include:
     -Shadow Arena
     -Depths Arena
     -True Darkness Arena
     -Sunlit Arena
     -Bright Arena
and finally,
     -True Light Arena
Some other changes include:
     -Food & Armor Set Shops
     -New PvP Arena
     -Bank Fix
     -A very sad player reset. All current progress is deleted.
And one last exciting feature:
     -The Dark Mines (A - G)
  All we have now is a hyped fan base!... If I had one  :((
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