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Author Topic:  is it possible for a higher world height on creative flat maps and if not,why  (Read 413 times)

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so i was wondering this question for a sec,being were getting infinite creative flat maps in 2.3 i think....would it be possible to increase the map height from 504 514 up 100 or 200,  or higher,or maybe as high as you can go up?and if no then why not

i was wondering also because how dd maps go down 2000+ blocks.wouldnt there be any way to increase the height at all?or no

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I  believe before you load the map you can lower the ground level, giving you room for taller builds.
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Our normal worlds go from 0 (Bedrock) To 511, While a 1024x1024x1024 world would be nice for some purposes, We already have twice the height of MC, And being realistic, If you were to build something from the bottom to the top, It wouldn't even be able to render the whole thing at once.

There are uses for higher maps, But i personally think we're fine as we are for now.

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