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Author Topic:  1.9 - Important - Please Read  (Read 11165 times)

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1.9 - Important - Please Read
« on: May 08, 2013, 09:49:02 PM »
There is a bug in 1.9.

If you open the Pause -> Game -> Statistics screen, you will get an instant bluescreen.

Do not open this screen.

Please tell everyone you know about the Game -> Statistics bug in 1.9 to minimize it's impact. Thanks.

We had the chance to pull the game from review, but decided it was not the best thing to do.

Considering the major bugs 1.9 fixes, we decided it was much better to have those fixed asap.

We will submit version 1.91 next Tuesday as soon as the required 1 week has passed since the previous review.

1.91 will fix the above bluescreen and a few other bugs. It will also have pressure plates. A little bit of goodness for your patience while we iron out these frustrating bugs.

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