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Author Topic:  My Idea on Villages  (Read 252 times)

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My Idea on Villages
« on: March 04, 2015, 10:26:34 AM »
I have 3 Ideas really.
First Off the new Mob -
- Visually similar to the Caveman
- Carry's Wooden Weapons
- Trade enabled
    - Could trade with. I.E. Food for an Item
- Tameable
    - After Trading with them (x) many times they follow you.
- Spawn in Camps

Now to the "Village"
Total Miner spans over a huge timeline.. we have a lot of modern NPC's. Which would fit into a modern city.... modern city's would look weird in a survival landscape {my opinion}. In a world of open land and natural landscape the people in them should fit into the land. I.E my Nomad Idea. They would live in groups and live in small  Native American Style Tents. They would multiple Tents with different uses... I.E. Food Storage, Weapons Storage, Housing, Treasure etc. Now this is just an Idea Feel Free to Add or just state you opinion.

Aggresive Motives
Killing A Nomad would make the others Attack... (kinda like the Pigmen from MC) but the differance is this. Killing, Stealing and Other Aggresive Acts make them Angry as well. Once you are out there camp they go back to normal, but might refuse trades with you. They also would ocassionally attack other mobs for food and defense.
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