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Author Topic:  [Blueprint] Progress Log / Quest Log  (Read 439 times)

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[Blueprint] Progress Log / Quest Log
« on: December 31, 2014, 08:56:45 AM »
Progress Log

An example of a Progress Log.
Useful for Adventure, Challenge, Puzzle, Quiz & Quest worlds ect

The Script

This script can be replicated into any word type.

Spoiler for Script:
-Run when the scriptblock is powered On

Code: [Select]
1. SetText [rel:0,1,0] [My_Progress Log] [name]
2. SetText [rel:0,1,0] [This Book Belongs To:_ _[gamertag] [1]
4. If
5.   HasHistory [Quest/1/Complete] [player] [true]
6. Then
7.   SetText [rel:0,1,0] [Quest 1: Complete!_ _Add your custom text here..] [2]
8. Else
9.   SetText [rel:0,1,0] [Quest 1: Incomplete!_ _Add your custom text here..] [2]
10. Endif
12. // To add more quest support: Copy & paste lines 4-9, then edit the history name, text and page number.
13. // Example:
15. If
16.   HasHistory [Quest/2/Complete] [player] [true]
17. Then
18.   SetText [rel:0,1,0] [Quest 2: Complete!_ _Add your custom text here..] [3]
19. Else
20.   SetText [rel:0,1,0] [Quest 2: Incomplete!_ _Add your custom text here..] [3]
21. Endif

This script will only work on books which have had their title edited and saved, to anything other than 'untitled'.
Do not give all the players a copy of the same book or the script will edit everyone's book.

The player must be able to edit to place their book.
Place a small edit zone above the scriptblock so players can place their books there.
Make sure to give them permissions to place their book while they're close to the update station.