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Author Topic:  [Blueprint] Multiple Zone Builders  (Read 385 times)

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[Blueprint] Multiple Zone Builders
« on: December 31, 2014, 08:54:06 AM »
For any world type

Instead of using the option to set a Zone Builder, leave it blank and use a script to allow multiple zone builders.

Note: Make sure you have a no-edit zone covering your entire world before using this method.
Place your edit zones where you want them - They should all be placed inside of a large no-edit zone covering your world.

When players enter an editable zone, for example EditZone/1, have it set to run a script like;
1. If
2.  HasHistory [EditZone/1/Builder]
3. Then
4.  Permission [edit] [on]
5.  Permission [fly] [on]

If they have the history mark it will permit them to edit in the zone.

Make a script to give players the history mark. e.g.
1. History [EditZone/1/Builder] [player]

You or your admins can manually run this script for any player at any time; similar to assigning a player as a builder but unlimited builders can be added.
Or you can have the players run the script for themselves anywhichway you want..

Each Edit zone also needs to run a script when players Exit.
EditZone/1/Exit Script
1. If
2.  HasPermission [admin] [false]
3. Then
4.  Permission [edit] [off]
5.  Permission [fly] [off]

Set the zone to run it when players exit to revert them back to the worlds default settings.

Once you have made the 3 scripts you can simply Copy each one to New Script, change the 1's to 2's then set EditZone/2 to run them.

-Only players who have the history mark will be permitted to edit in the edit zones.
-An Infinite amount of builders, zones and zone builders can be added.
-Easily adapted to query; If IsClan [SolutionsGroup] [true] Then Permission ..

Zone Builders will only be able to edit within the edit-zone while they are inside of the zone boundaries.
Make a No-Edit zone covering your whole world, or at least as far as the player can reach while inside the edit zone -Otherwise they'll be able to edit things inside & outside of the zone while they're in the zone.