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Author Topic:  Tales From The Borderlands  (Read 707 times)

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Tales From The Borderlands
« on: December 26, 2013, 07:28:14 PM »
Excerpt about the games from GameFreak
"Gamers were hoping for some serious surprise announcements from this yearís VGX 2013, and the first certainly didnít disappoint. The game in question is Tales From The Borderlands, giving award-winning studio Telltale Games the keys to the world of Borderlands.

Promising a chance to put Telltaleís talent for developing compelling narratives and story-based adventures to work on one of the most unique and successful game franchises in recent years, the first trailer for Tales From The Borderlands may just have fans of both franchises wondering why it didnít happen sooner.

Thatís not to take anything away from the developers at Gearbox Software, who have made a name for themselves in terms of writing and story as well. But according to Gearboxís Randy Pitchford, the collaboration began after representatives from both studios met after last yearís awards show (a show in which both Borderlands 2 and Telltaleís The Walking Dead received serious accolades)." - Gaming

Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Episodes: -No names have been released as the title was recently announced

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-The Walking Dead: Season 2
-The Wolf Among Us

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-Borderlands 2
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