Fully Functional Rubik's Cube
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Description: This is a fully functioning 3x3 Rubik's Cube that I created in quite a few hours. I invented a method of rotation that works really well, called the "popping method."
This helps rotate layers and entire sides like you would see on a normal 3x3 in real life. You can see the scripts and methods I used to make the cube work. You can mess with the cube by going inside and pressing the buttons on each side.

The buttons should correspond to the layer/side you want to turn, if the button is next to the bottom right cubie, then it should rotate the cube counter clockwise in that direction. It should be the same idea for every single button. There are 12 on each side, which each do different moves.

This was a neat little challenge, but now I challenge all of you to fully scramble the cube, and solve it!

If you want to see my process of creating the cube, visit my twitch link and go to videos created on August 7, 2018
(If the video isn't there anymore it probably was removed.)

Keywords: Rubik's Cube Scripting Puzzle 
Posted by: Cactus_Salad August 08, 2018, 01:27:09 AM

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