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Video / Re: Youtube-Mythical Monkey
« Last post by Craig on January 18, 2017, 08:37:37 PM »
Be well Jesse.
Video / Re: Youtube-Mythical Monkey :(
« Last post by Jesse on January 18, 2017, 07:27:32 PM »
So I tweeted this and thought I'd inform all of you as well so I'm in a place were I cannot upload unfortunately. And there is a possibility I may never be able to upload again. I'm talking to people just in case so they can continue if I no longer can. I may also never be able to play totalminer again. A few people know why. I'm actually in a very depressed state so I know checking back after this post won't do me any good. I'm legit shaking writing this. If you have supported me thank you. If you hated me ok thank you for atleast watching. I hope all does work out and I can continue what I do. I'm worried thanks everyone.
Your world / Re: West Wood City
« Last post by Ultris07 on January 18, 2017, 06:17:08 PM »
lol Now all you need to do is make WestWood Studios HQ XD
Had to say it.
Graphics / Re: My Art(Pixel Art, Images, and maybe some suggestion)
« Last post by TM Charles on January 18, 2017, 05:22:16 PM »
I am not much of an artist, But I do have a healthy ability to know when something looks just wrong.

Your duck tree just looks wrong. The tree itself is fine for a cartoony style (Aside from the nonsensical shading at the bottom of the roots.)

However, The other stuff looks like it's just pasted on top of it. If that's an intentional aesthetic then fine, But you should make it known that it's intentional and not just you not making things look right.
Yea, it was so that it stuck out more as on twitter its a black background if its transparent making anything black look likes its transparent so i made it pixelated so it stuck out.

Also, The duckbill doesn't look as good as the rest of the tree. The lines are pixelated and the nostril is in the wrong place (The nostrils of ducks are further back, On the raised bit of the bill.)

Overall, It's not terrible, The tree itself is fine for a certain aesthetic, But the additions bring it down.

You could immediately do a bit better just by turning anti-aliasing on to reduce some of the pixelation.
The guy requested what he did I just made it happen :D
Your world / Re: West Wood City
« Last post by Jim on January 18, 2017, 04:13:01 PM »
Ooo can I build something for ya?

Sure but it'll most likely be Friday because I'm at school and then come home to go straight to work tomorrow unfortunately. But yeah just join when I'm hosting or message me and I'll send you an invite  ::)
Your world / Re: West Wood City
« Last post by Trubtavium Recordsmith VII on January 18, 2017, 03:50:46 PM »
Ooo can I build something for ya?
Creative Features / Re: Monetizing Component Packs
« Last post by Gary on January 18, 2017, 01:22:12 PM »
If people are as good as they say, the circulation of components shouldn't be a problem because the person would just be able to make something new at around the time that no one is willing to pay for it anymore.

I prefer people sharing components for free via file sharing websites that have built in donation systems. But, I'm a freeloader so maybe it's just me :)
Creative Features / Re: Monetizing Component Packs
« Last post by crazytater94 on January 18, 2017, 01:13:13 PM »
I suppose when PC comes out, and you can upload game saves and files, then players could monetize their stuff from a website, but if 1 person gets it, they could spread out that file.

UNLESS Craig added a Code redeem feature to sharing, where you add a password to download a file, and it can only be redeemed X amount of times, which can be set by the owner, and the whole password option is toggleable.
Creative Features / Re: public particle compoment pack
« Last post by .ok on January 18, 2017, 12:13:33 PM »
1:sorry,didn't remember what Craig suggested at that time when I was making the post
2doesnt have to all be solid.he could do some of the stuff or what he'd need tobtransparent,just most or 90% that I've done so far has been solid colors,but he's free to do as he please

3:he could do bottom up if he wanted...just again rule of thumb that most things would be on the ground .he could go front-back even for the wall if he wanted but most likely if it's complicated that the blocks would get in the way of people's builds or be a nuisance if it's long enough

Wasn't trying to restrict him on what he can do,especially if he's gna he helping me,just was listing a few things  when speedposting my response to him last night
Creative Features / Re: public particle compoment pack
« Last post by Father Dryymas on January 18, 2017, 10:26:53 AM »
Good luck getting this done. I would help you try and create a few things but I absolutely suck at doing particles  :P
If you do make anything for the pack then I need it to have 3 things

Duration =8 and emit freq=7.8
A solid color both the start and end color being the same+255 alpha value
Make them in a tower descending downwards

A couple of things.

1: Why 7.8? 7.9 is more efficient and produces no graphical errors for me.
2: Why the same start/end colour and no translucency? You can do some really cool things with these options. Like a sci-fi fusion reactor, Or an electric Jacob's Ladder.

Also, What if someone makes a stalactite? That can't very well be a tower downwards, It'll ruin the effect and be unusable.
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