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Movies, TV, Music, Sports, Etc. / Re: 24 :O!
« Last post by Agykoo on October 20, 2020, 01:39:34 AM »
got done the 5th season, clearly the greatest enemy is da enemy from with in! ............and china ^_^

Season 6 starts with jack being released from a Chinese Prison, only to be offered up as a sacrificial lamb to the Muslims who once again feel the need to attack America because we are to cool for school. Will jack accept being sacrificed for a government who only freed him to sacrifice him? What are the Muslims plans for him? Watch the 6th season to find out! ^_^
Gaming / Re: Free games
« Last post by Jesse on October 14, 2020, 02:33:36 AM »
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 available now on steam for free till Oct 19th
Gaming / GameBit Discord - Free GameServers, Giveaways and general gaming chat.
« Last post by Fuertey on October 11, 2020, 09:45:47 AM »
Hey all. Been a while since i've made a post here but here goes. (I have the relative permissions to advertise my Discord here.)

You can join the GameBit Discord Server by clicking the image above or this link:

GameBit is a Discord server focused around gaming. There will be frequent giveaways via competitions and posting free keys. As well as letting everyone know about the latest gaming offers and deals that can be found around the internet.

GameBit also offers it's members the use of free GameServers so that they can host there own servers for other gamers to join and play on and with. The current servers on offer are, but not limited to:

7 Days to Die - UK & US
ARK: Survival Evolved - UK & US
Conan Exiles - UK & US
Garry's Mod 64 - UK & US
Minecraft - UK & US
Rust - UK & US
Space Engineers - UK & US

More are being tested and added so please ask if you want something you don't yet see.

Hopefully some of you will join and help grow the server and community.  ^-^
Movies, TV, Music, Sports, Etc. / Re: 24 :O!
« Last post by Agykoo on October 11, 2020, 01:35:52 AM »
I am now starting the 4th season and am enjoying it so far. A Muslim terrorist group bombs a train and steals a brief case from it, meanwhile a hacker discovers a virus online that threatens to take down the internet, meanwhile the sec of def (protected by Jack) is targeted! What do all these things have in common? Watch the 4th season of 24 to find out ^_^!

Finished the 4th season. By the end of it I am no longer sure who our greatest enemy is? Islam? China? Or our selves? dun dun dun!

Was an amazing season and I loved it! Now onto the 5th! ^_^

The 5th season begins with jacks friends being hunted down and killed! All to flush out a hiding jack. When evidence starts to point to the white house giving the order, things start heat up even more for jack! ^_^
Total Miner Discussion / Re: [Dig Deep] dig deep object at the bottom of the map
« Last post by Jesse on October 06, 2020, 03:30:30 PM »
well it took the first dev 5 plus years to get it release on steam, i wont be waiting for the second dev to only dissect the game and sell it off to the highest bidder
Who said they were selling it off?

The original developer (Craig) got tired of producing the game after many years of support on the Xbox hardware, which led the game to shut down development back at the start of 2019. It wasn't till just the end of 2019 that Toothpik and Steve decided to pick it back up and work on were the game left off. Unfortunately it will take just a bit more waiting to get that major update everyone has been dying for, just got to be patient is all. Like Crab stated you can follow development here or on there discord all linked below.

Total Miner Discussion / Re: [Dig Deep] dig deep object at the bottom of the map
« Last post by hydrazombie on October 06, 2020, 12:03:23 AM »
well it took the first dev 5 plus years to get it release on steam, i wont be waiting for the second dev to only dissect the game and sell it off to the highest bidder
Total Miner Discussion / Re: dig deep object at the bottom of the map
« Last post by Crab on October 05, 2020, 06:19:21 PM »
Hi Hydrazombie,

Thanks for your message! Currently the game development is going through a difficult transition and change of developers. All necessary bugs and fixes will be dealt with in due time. If you’re interested in understanding more you can join the discord or follow the TM PC 2.0? Thread.

Total Miner Discussion / dig deep object at the bottom of the map
« Last post by hydrazombie on October 05, 2020, 06:10:11 PM »
the object at the bottom of the map is invisible along with a good portion of blocks, any fix so the last blueprint can be obtained.
Your Art / Re: My last piece of writing
« Last post by The White Rabbit on September 30, 2020, 03:47:48 PM »
Chapter 8 - The last chapter I wrote, it is rough and not refined at all but still want to include it

Walking towards the plaza reminded Klaus of the hopeless charge from all those years ago, an unavoidable death sentence yet he wouldn't run or hide. Looking at his wounded arm Klaus realised it would be a fruitless endeavour, even if he somehow fled the demons would tear through each home until they came across Tyron. As he walked through the deserted streets there was an eerie silence that had fell over the entire village. The only audible sound was that of the flames crackling and wood splintering from the homes that had been set ablaze, passing from house to house Klaus warily glanced in through the windows and doorways always expecting a creature to crawl through the darkness but there was nothing. Unlike the Cobblers home there was no demon ready to pounce, no pile of bodies of the friends he once shared his life with. There was nothing except destroyed furniture and pools of blood, it was the same throughout every home he checked.
'Am I... The only survivor?' The thought crossed Klaus as he stood there surrounded by the homes that now stood like graves for his closest friends. Pushing the thought aside he needed to know, the heroic side he tried to hide was casted away as he tightened the grip on his sword. He needed to know what happened as his pace picked up, empty home after empty home it was no different wherever he went Klaus knew the demons must have taken them away but for what reason?
Eventually his aimless wander had taken him only a street away from the plaza, it was at that moment he heard something that completely threw him off guard. Cheering, not an demonic chant or screams of tortured friends but human cheering. 'Had they defeated the monsters as well?' It was only a sliver of hope but Klaus truly believed that the villagers could band together like they did every winter and persevere through the impossible odds and over whatever challenge they faced, if he could defeat two of these creatures on his own then the seventy remaining villagers stood a chance didn't they?

Still cautious of the empty homes, Klaus scurried from building to building quickly crossing over until the plaza was only a stones throw away. The cheering still ringing all around inspired Klaus, he was certain once he turned the corner he would be greeted by his friends fists to the sky celebrating their impossible victory.
'What if you never fled?' The thought bringing him back to war, what if he attempted the charge? It may have not been a death sentence, with his brothers in arms he could have stormed the keep, defeated their captain and be hero his family would be proud of their son. Would he want that though? To never be saved by Kiera, fall in love and have a precious son who he cherished more than his own life? Pulling himself back to reality he knew the past couldn't be undone regardless if it was what he wanted or not.
Looking at bloodsoaked bandage wrapped around his mauled arm, this was the present and he did it. He was able to protect his son just like he said he would all those years ago, Klaus in his eyes was a hero, regaining the honour and pride he once felt. Looking down attempting to hide his confidence he caught a glimpse of his sword, stained red by the demons made Klaus feel ugly, the cheers showed that he needed it no longer his grip finally loosened, he was ready, ready to see his friends, the other heroes of the small village called Knotshill who through hardship could overcome any obsticle.

With his usual ear to ear smile he left the dark alley as he strode into the plaza ready to join the other heroes as they celebrated their triumph over hell itself.
Your Art / Re: My last piece of writing
« Last post by The White Rabbit on September 30, 2020, 03:45:24 PM »
Chapter 7

The village that Klaus knew was no longer as he stood witnessing the destruction already caused in the short time that he was hidden, the Strahm home was located on the northern part of the village high in the hill overlooking the entire village it used bring peace watching the other villagers walking through the streets below.

Now however the entire southern side of the village was ablaze as the sight of his friends running crazed as demons followed closely behind. The old war hero within him cried out to charge into the fray, save his friends and be praised, reclaim the honour he lost back when he fled the last battle. Klaus shook the very thought from his mind, he wasn't going to charge into a hopeless fight, he knew he couldn't save everyone and it pained him seeing the people who once cared for him being torn apart like rag dolls.

He stood facing the carnage, the dog creature would have been the first but most certainly not the last. Suddenly a low primal growl could be heard from the home ahead, once belonging to the village cobbler 'Andrew Thüm', Klaus knew that the demons had already tore their way through his door making short work of the gentle old man as the sound of bone crunching could be heard from within.

Carefully Klaus approached the home, making as little sound as possible he would need to slay the demon before it turned it's attention towards Tyron, clutching the hilt of the blade till his knuckles turned white he knew he wouldn't be prepared to fight whatever was currently devouring the old cobbler.

 Peeking around the door frame Klaus was almost mortified by the creatures appearance, unlike the demonic dog this creature seemed to walk on it's hind legs as it squatted over the old man's corpse. Andrews torso was ripped open as his ribs and organs were visible for all to see. Plunging it's claws into the wound chewing the chunks of muscle the creature was no larger than a child. More worrisome it had the body of a child, covered in scars, open wounds as other worldly insects crawled from wound to wound. As upsetting as the pitiful demon looked Klaus refused to believe otherwise, this monster wouldn't hesitate for a second to rip into Klaus tearing him limb for limb.

Still attempting to hold the element of surprise Klaus shuffled his way until he was within striking distance, slowly lifting the blade his heart filled with fear, he had to finish this in a single motion. Anymore would leave Klaus with the same fate as Old man Thüm with a demon feasting on his intestines, swinging the blade down Klaus let out a primal shout, victory was certain in his eyes, unable to respond in time the demon should be cleaved in half split from head to claw. As the blade kept falling the likely chance of failure never once crossed his mind, until the metallic clang of steel impacting stone reverberated up his arm. His face a picture of horror as the demon child had reached to Klaus's victory shout, darting out of the way it had crossed the room hissing at Klaus.

Upon closer inspection the child's face resembled almost human in everyway except for the mouth, a mouth too large in proportion to the rest of the face would look almost hilarious in any other circumstance but the several layers of jagged, blood drenched teeth said otherwise. In a flash the demon child closed the gap between the pair, yapping like an excited dog with the prospect of another meal right in front of its beady eyes.
Klaus somewhat stunned by the speed could prepare as the child's claws ripped into his left arm, flailing wildly it clawed though skin and muscle with ease. Screaming in pain Klaus's fear turned to anger as he dropped the blade, clenching his fist till he drew blood he swung for the child as it's jaw was making way to his wounded arm. Upon contact the demon flung across the room, even with its strength and dangerous claws it weighed no heavier than the childlike appearance that it had took. Wincing at the pain Klaus was quicker to respond as he retrieved his blade. Screaming in rage Klaus stormed towards the child, the sight of its prey fighting back had caused the demon to become more wary, backing away it looked for an exit but Klaus wasn't finished exacting his revenge. Blocking it's escape he continued to close the gap, step by step with no escape in sight the demon had to resort to fight over flight and started to snarl at the injured giant.

Little did he care though, he knew the urgency to deal with the child as his vision started to blur along the edges. If he didn't deal with the problem and tend to his wound he feared that he would collapse in front of the demon. As the adrenaline from the fight started to sway he refused to take his eyes from the child, Klaus couldn't show weakness as he puffed his chest out now within striking distance this was his last attempt.
With only one arm and his strength fleeting before his eyes, his sword felt heavy and dull in his hands, Klaus couldn't afford to doubt his blade or himself. Snarling the creature made the first move attempting a second lunge, this time at his chest however Klaus was ready.
Swinging his wounded arm it lacked the strength to cause damage but knowing how light the child was it mattered little, his arm collided with the demon as an immense pain burned throughout his arm, the creature again flew across the room but this time Klaus purseued it. Rolling across the stone wall the demon had no way to recover or defend itself as Klaus swung down his blade a second time. The demon could only offer a whimper as the blade successfully hit its mark. Slicing through its waist the demons legs were separated from the torso as blood splattered along the blade. Without gathering his breath Klaus ripped his pants from the knee downwards, wrapping the wound was his current priority he knew that if he made it through tonight his left arm would completely unusable. Pain searing through him like a fire he pushed on, the chorus of human screams had died down meaning less people were alive and more demons are soon going to prowl the streets near himself and Tyron.

Readying the best he could Klaus slumped out of Thüms home, still somewhat shaky from the blood loss realising the possibility of seeing the dawn of a new day grew either away.

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