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Ideas / Potential Pre-Alpha or Alpha Version?
« on: June 18, 2017, 09:58:32 PM »
I truly wonder if we will get pre-alpha or alpha versions of this game... for example, we could have a alpha that has only the absolute necessary code (Stuff like SP and Dig Deep), then when multi is ready release it. I know of numerous games that does this. I know this might receive some bad criticism but I believe that it would be a viable option for such a large game's fanbase. I truly hope at least SOMEONE in the development/modding department considers this.

Ideas / Pre-Game Script Editing?
« on: June 18, 2017, 09:52:45 PM »
I have decided that I am gonna recreate some of my worlds for pc, and the main problem is the scripts... maybe we can get a script system that allows us to import a script from a text document (.txt only). What it would do is allow us to make scripts before we actually create the world. It would also give other Total Miner players the ability to easily share others scripts.

Ideas / Re: Sprinting
« on: May 14, 2017, 01:33:13 PM »
Good idea! +1 from me. I should also add that there should be three new pieces of jewelry. The first one being the Ring of Endurance. What this does is increase your stamina by 20 points (assuming that the stamina drain rate is 1 point/sec) allowing 10 extra seconds of sprinting time. The durability of this ring drains as you sprint while it is equipped. The next ring will be the Ring of Recuperation. This will buff your stamina regen to 1 points/sec (assuming that the normal stamina regen will be 1 point/5 sec). The durability of this ring drains as you regenerate stamina points. The final one being the Ring of Hyper-Stamina. It combines the effects of the previous two rings, plus a +10% speed boost while sprinting. It will be the first multi-gemstone ring. The center stone will be solid obsidian. It will require two sapphires and 3 Obsidian gem stones. I hope I made a good contribution to this idea

Ideas / New Script System/Syntax + New Commands
« on: April 28, 2017, 11:06:13 PM »
Hello guys, I am back after dealing with a long year of school, but I also have been thinking during this time. In approximately 3-4 weeks I will be out for summer, which I will have another idea composed after this one.

During my school, I have a E.A.S.T. class and mine is student-oriented, where as the student chooses what project they can work on. I have chosen program development using Apple Xcode (Macs were the only open computer at the time of project assignment).

New Script Syntax
A script syntax is very useful... it denotes how you set a command up and what not. Some syntaxes are harder to understand than others, but this one should make it simple for all the newcomers.

For one, I would like to give a DEFAULT VALUE for all commands which allows for quick experimentation for newcomers without the confusion of how to set the command up properly. Secondly, I want to make the syntax more, descriptive? I mean most of the basic commands have really descriptive documentation, but what about those really confusing commands that don't have documentation? Then it just adds a whole lot of confusion to the already big pile of confusion a newbie scripter faces.

TL;DR: I want to make the syntax more noob friendly as with scripts you can do amazing things.

New scripting features

Dynamic Recompilation
One notable feature of Xcode is dynamic compilation/recompilation (Pre-building the script and rebuilding as necessary). This neat little feature will allow the program, as you make it, to scan for any rookie mistakes and errors. If a rookie mistake is found, it offers a "Fix It" which will correct your mistake. If it finds a rookie mistake but it will not lead to an error, it displays a warning triangle beside the line of the code that has a mistake in it, and it tells you that you can still compile the script, but certain functions will not work properly/at all. If it is a serious error that will prevent the proper execution of the script, or it would crash the game, it would prevent the compiler from building the code, often throwing an error.

Command Prediction
Another thing that is notable about Xcode (and most IDE's including Visual Studio) is command prediction. What this does is while you are typing out commands, it will try to guess what command you are trying to insert; and within the selections, it shows you how to use the parameters of said command. This will help many beginner scriptures as it may take a while for some people to remember certain commands that they may need at a given time, but can't remember the exact name of said command.

New Commands

Try/Catch statements (Also includes raise statement)
Many IDE's have a try/catch system where it will try a line/block of code and if any errors/specific errors arise it would continue execution, but alter the program via the catch statement to handle aforementioned error. This would be really useful for players who want to try to make server data integrity systems as from xbox360 version, if the remote player is lagging or their internet drops for a bit, some data may get corrupted and they may lose some data or they may lose it all together. You could potentially make a system in which it constantly refreshes the player's data with the server's expected data and in case of any discrepancies, be able to restore data back to normal.

As the command above helps resolve data errors, this command can be used in tandem with the try/catch system. To begin, you need to have 2 parameters the first one being a player target which is either local or global. If it is a local refresh then it performs said refresh on that device only. If it is global it performs said refresh on ALL devices. The second parameter is a refresh type. It can either be a data, world, or total refresh. A data refresh will send current data like inventory data, health data, skill data, etc. then it would request all that data back from the server. A world data refresh will ask the server host to resend world related data back to the client. This is only server to client, so it should be noted that when a client tries to manipulate the world data by forcing a client to server world data refresh should have their game shut down as a auto protection of sorts. A total data refresh will perform both a data and world refresh, making it like you just joined the game again, but you have not left the actual server. Now, you might be thinking "Well a hacker could manipulate the data and make god mode, max skills, etc." and you would be right. I have a way to circumvent this. What you do is take a SHA-256 Checksum of the data during gameplay and send it to the server for storage. Next you would send the data to the server and the server would perform the same SHA-256 Checksum calculation. If the two checksums match it would accept the data as accurate. If the data is changed in ANY way (right before the send, during transit of data, server receives data and experiences internet issues, etc.) it would reject the data as damaged. This would help prevent the basic "script kiddie" hacker from modding his inventory, health, etc. and the server accepting the change making it permeant. Now this system would obviously need refined as to not be vulnerable to basic hacks but also not so picky that if you pick one more gold up before the data is sent that the server rejects the change.

TL;DR: You could refresh the server data, world data, or both with this command. There will be a countermeasure to help protect against hackers.

This one should be simple. It would allow the storage of multiple comma separated values (here on in known as CSVs) in a single variable. It would be like setting something like the value of x to "1" but instead of just one number you have a list that looks like this: [1,4,24,9,123...] You could also perform specific array functions like getting the length of the array, inserting CSVs, deleting CSVs, etc.

This one might be complicated, but it would make server-wide data easy to store. What it would do is create a simple .txt or .svfile data file in the directory of the world under /WorldName/ScriptName/File.txt -or- File.svfile

This file could be accessed by ANY script at any given time and can be opened with the following modes: R for reading, W for writing, W+ for creating a file if it doesn't exist and opening the file for data writing. The data would be stored as JSON as to make it easy for scripts to differentiate values by reading the keys before the values

This one is simple. You could ban the player, their IP, or their Steam ID.

This would allow players to setup what's called a "Watchdog" which is a computer timer that ticks down from a given time until it hits zero. If the timer isn't reset (Commonly known as kicking or feeding the "dog") the timer would begin code that begins corrective actions of some sort. For example, in the Roblox game Traitor Town (a Trouble in Terrorist Town remake) if your internet connection gets so slow that the client doesn't respond to the server within 5 seconds you would be kicked. The parameters for this command are as follows: WatchdogTimer [name] [start|kick|stop] [time] [timeout]. The name parameter is blatantly obvious, its a reference point to the timer itself. the start, stop, or kick parameter is obvious too; it starts, resets, or stops the given timer. Time is also simple, in Milliseconds, how much time should the timer wait before timing out? And last but not least, timeout. Upon the timer running out without being reset, it will execute the given script.

(I thought of more but forgot what they were as I was typing this out...)

Ideas / Re: Unlockable Medals
« on: January 14, 2017, 02:34:12 PM »
Its not abstract.

Let's say for the chef, you unlock it, and the skin let's you cook 5% faster when using it.

After cooking 100 more items, it upgrades to 10% speed. Next, after 500 more items, 15%, and then after 1500 items, you max out at 20% speed boost.

This would be a great mod for PC, or if it was an option to add for custom skins, then it would be very easy to add classes with perks.

With some skins, you can already do this though.

For caveman, check if they are the skin, if they have a wood pick, and if they break clay, then increase item speed.

An abstract is a brief summary of an article or persuasive essay not just something that is random. It "helps the reader ascertain the purpose of a paper, article" <- part of a definition from Merriam Webster Dictionary

Ideas / Unlockable Medals (Updated)
« on: January 14, 2017, 01:06:57 PM »
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Each skin has its own unique effects, that are unlocked in the form of medals. With the skin itself being a bronze medal. Then from that point on, you can unlock a silver, gold, platinum, and a obsidian medal for that skin that further increases the power of said skin. The host can control whether the medal's effects are active to help prevent people from coming in and becoming insanely tough.

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
When you unlock a skin, you automatically obtain the Bronze Medal for that skin. These default medals have no effects whatsoever. It is only silver and up when you acquire special abilities. These effects DO NOT stack with other skins. For example, if you were to unlock the Obsidian Medic and Chef medals, you would not be able to buff another player to full health with a potato pie (I think that's what its called, I haven't been able to play much recently) because the Obsidian medal for Chef will provide +50% healing using food, while the Obsidian medal for the Medic will provide +50% healing to yourself and the player. I have also designed a protection method against it so if you don't want players running around with special effects, you can just disable the medal's effects altogether through pressing Start>Game>Options. It will be the first setting on the menu for ease of access. You can also disable this in survival so if you want plain survival with NO effects, then go right ahead. To further balance CERTAIN skins, there will be some sort of down side to it. Effects can NOT be applied to custom avatars, unless I decide to edit this again and add some preset effects group such as gives bonus health or something along those lines. Also I will not list the skin in the Effects list if the skin is TOO easy to get, or if they would have no practical effects. Some of these include TreeHugger, Prisoner, Jamaican, (maybe) Astronaut, Hippie, Carpenter, Pupil, Refugee, King, Cowboy, (maybe GoldenKnight), Sage, and Girl 2.

To use these effects, equip the skin that you want.

(I will NOT cover bronze medals as they are the normal skin unlock requirements)
(All the skins retains their Difficulty, Game Type, and their Game Mode requirements)

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Skin|Medal Type|Unlock Requirements|Effect

Explorer|Silver|Find 15 Blueprints and 5 Wisdom Scrolls|Blueprints give off a brighter light
Explorer|Gold|Find 50 Blueprints and 25 Wisdom Scrolls|Blueprints give off a much brighter light, and wisdom scrolls now give off a faint light.
Explorer|Platinum|Find 150 Blueprints and all Wisdom Scrolls|You now see a pair of coordinates for a search area instead of a spinning arrow for Blueprints
Explorer|Obsidian|Find all the Blueprints|You now see the exact coordinates for a Blueprint

Lumberjack|Silver|Plant 40 saplings, chop 40 replanted trees, and craft 160 wood planks|Saplings grow 20% faster
Lumberjack|Gold|Plant 80 saplings, chop 80 replanted trees, and craft 320 wood planks|Saplings grow 40% faster
Lumberjack|Platinum|Plant 160 saplings, chop 160 replanted trees, and craft 640 wood planks|Saplings grow 60% faster
Lumberjack|Obsidian|Plant 320 saplings, chop 320 replanted trees. and craft 1280 wood planks|Saplings grow 80% faster

Pirate|Silver|Open 60 treasure chests|10% greater chance of finding rare items in chests
Pirate|Gold|Open 120 treasure chests|15% greater chance of finding rare items in chests
Pirate|Platinum|Open 240 treasure chests|20% greater chance of finding rare items in chests
Pirate|Obsidian|Open 480 treasure chests|25% greater chance of finding rare items in chests

Ninja|Silver|Kill 30 unique remote players w/out dying|+5% movement speed
Ninja|Gold|Kill 40 unique remote players w/out dying|+10% movement speed
Ninja|Platinum|Kill 50 unique remote players w/out dying|+15% movement speed
Ninja|Obsidian|Kill 60 unique remote players w/out dying|+20% movement speed

Chef|Silver|Cook each food type at least 25 times|+10% food healing power
Chef|Gold|Cook each food type at least 50 times|+20% food healing power
Chef|Platinum|Cook each food type at least 75 times|+30% food healing power
Chef|Obsidian|Cook each food type at least 100 times|+50 food healing power

InvaderMan|Obsidian|40k points on Total Invaders and 3.5m points on Total Rush|Start with 3 pods on Total Invaders and 3 tailships on Total Rush.
(I jumped straight into obsidian because these games get really hard in the late stages.)

Madman|Silver|Detonate 750 explosives|-10% explosive damage
Madman|Gold|Detonate 1000 explosives|-20% explosive damage
Madman|Platinum|Detonate 1500 explosives|-30% explosive damage
Madman|Obsidian|Detonate 2000 explosives|-50% explosive damage

Medic|Silver|Heal you and another player 250 times|+10% general healing
Medic|Gold|Heal you and another player 500 times|+20% general healing
Medic|Platinum|Heal you and another player 750 times|+30% general healing
Medic|Obsidian|Heal you and another player 1000 times|+40% general healing

(first skin to have a down side to it)
Diablo|Silver|Kill 10 Diablos|-25% fire/lava damage; +25% ice damage took
Diablo|Gold|Kill 25 Diablos|-50% fire/lava damage; +50% ice damage took
Diablo|Platinum|Kill 50 Diablos|-75% fire/lava damage; +75% ice damage took
Diablo|Obsidian|Kill 100 Diablos|no fire/lava damage; double ice damage took

Angel|Silver|Save 30 Players from death|+10% defense buff to near-death player and yourself after rescuing them
Angel|Gold|Save 60 Players from death|+20% defense buff to near-death player and yourself after rescuing them
Angel|Platinum|Save 120 Players from death|+30% defense buff to near-death player and yourself after rescuing them
Angel|Obsidian|Save 320 Players from death|+40% defense buff to near-death player and yourself after rescuing them

(another skin with a debuff)
Entrepreneur|Silver|Earn 2m in gold|10% cheaper items in store; -4% earnings when selling things
Entrepreneur|Gold|Earn 3m in gold|20% cheaper items in store; -6% earnings when selling things
Entrepreneur|Platinum|Earn 4m in gold| 30% cheaper items in store; -8% earnings when selling things
Entrepreneur|Obsidian|Earn 5m in gold|Half off all items; -10% earnings when selling things

Handyman|Silver|Craft every craftable item at least 5 times|8% chance of double crafting STACKABLE items
Handyman|Gold|Craft every craftable item at least 25 times|12% chance of double crafting STACKABLE items
Handyman|Platinum|Craft every craftable item at least 50 times|16% chance of double crafting STACKABLE items
Handyman|Obsidian|Craft every craftable item at least 75 times|20% chance of double crafting STACKABLE items

Indian|Silver|Craft 400 arrows and kill 250 enemies with a bow|+10% Bow speed, arrow speed, arrow range and arrow damage
Indian|Gold|Craft 800 arrows and kill 500 enemies with a bow|+20% Bow speed, arrow speed, arrow range, and arrow damage
Indian|Platinum|Craft 1200 arrows and kill 750 enemies with a bow|+30% Bow speed, arrow speed, arrow range, and arrow damage
Indian|Obsidian|Craft 1600 arrows and kill 1000 enemies with a bow|+40% Bow speed, arrow speed, arrow range, and arrow damage

Zombie|Silver|Survive the first 15 nights without sleeping|10% chance of respawning where you died and being ignored by mobs for 10 seconds
Zombie|Gold|Survive the first 25 nights without sleeping|20% chance of respawning where you died and being ignored by mobs for 20 seconds
Zombie|Platinum|Survive the first 35 nights without sleeping|30% chance of respawning where you died and being ignored by mobs for 30 seconds
Zombie|Obsidian|Survive the first 50 nights without sleeping|50% chance of respawning where you died and being ignored by mobs for 1 minute

Todo skin effects:


Ideas / Re: Adjustable amount of RAM to allocate to TM:F PC
« on: November 28, 2016, 10:16:43 PM »
Trub cleared my confusion up, the confusion was that which process the it's gonna be when released 32 bit or 64 bit, and Trub said it's gonna be 32 bit at release, so it cleared my confusion up thanks though Craig, also thanks Trub... or is Trub mistaken?

Ideas / Re: if chat
« on: November 28, 2016, 07:37:31 PM »
I usually just put in the rules: "No swearing in public chat"

Ideas / Re: Adjustable amount of RAM to allocate to TM:F PC
« on: November 28, 2016, 07:18:25 PM »
Yes Craig... Right now I'm confused af... can you please clear this up for me? If you do thanks for taking your time to clear this up for me

Ideas / Re: Adjustable amount of RAM to allocate to TM:F PC
« on: November 28, 2016, 04:58:24 PM »
So.... from that post Craig, 32 bit first, then 64 bit?

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