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Total Miner Discussion / [Game] How to Center HUD Shapes
« on: November 27, 2016, 06:17:27 PM »
If you need to center a HUD Shape or a HUD Bar, just use these simple steps.

1. Take the width of your HUD (i.e. 400)
2. Do 1280 - The Width (i.e. 1280 - 400 = 880)
3. Half that number (i.e. 880 / 2 = 440)
4.  That last number is your X Position!


1. 400 (Width of HUD)
2. 1280 - 400 = 880
3. 880 / 2 = 440
4. X Position: 440

Repeat the same process for the Y position too, except substitute 1280 with 720, and of course replace the width with the height.


1. 160 (Height of HUD)
2. 720 - 160 = 560
3. 560 / 2 = 280
4. Y Position: 280

Your world / W.I.P. Tycoon Map
« on: November 27, 2016, 04:50:45 PM »
Untitled Tycoon Map


This map is a tycoon based single player map, where you start off learning the basics, then go up the ranks as you earn more money, buy better additions and get upgrades to existing features. Not much information can be disclosed right now because the main point of the map hasn't been decided, whether or not it will be upgrading a bakery, pizza parlor, gaming company, and so on. However, you can vote in the poll to be a part of the choice of which style it will be!



Spawn Area
Shop UI

Your world / Unnamed Challenge
« on: October 21, 2016, 09:36:02 PM »
Unnamed Challenge
Status : Offline


Spoiler for About:

Unnamed Challenge, by the way I am open to any name suggestions, is a mostly scripted challenge map. It uses more complex scripts to give players an amazing experience. This map has so much unique features and is worth checking out. It was started about a month ago at of randomness, after I loved the look of the spawn I built, I made it into the stellar challenge map it is today!


Spoiler for Updates:

Updates Before v1.34

- Added PvP Area
- Added Weapon Shop
- Added Omega Rank
- Added an Omega Member Raffle
- Added 4 Types of Crates: Common, Rare, Ultra, Mythical
- Added 4 Particle Trails: Rain, Blood Rain, Snowflakes, Angelic
- Added Omega Options: Wand, Particle Trail, and Storage
- Added 9 Parkour Levels
- Added Reviews Room
- New Reviews: Holden, killer cody99, Value Outbreak, Northe, and DonkyKon553
- Added Puzzle Menu
- New Puzzle: Doorways

Update v1.34 (Current)

- Added New Minigame: Water Fall
- Added New Way of Making Money: Drugs
- Added of the Secret Expansion: Tester Build
- New Review: sora1kg
- Added New Omega Wand Upgrades: Triple and Quadruple

Coming Soon

Spoiler for Coming Soon:

Coming Soon:
- Secret Expansion going Public
- HUD Menu

All suggestions are highly appreciated!

Total Miner Discussion / [Creative] Block Schemes
« on: September 21, 2016, 04:04:19 PM »
Post your favorite scheme of blocks that fit well together

Stone Brick
Wood Veneer

I need this and other players need this to get good layout ideas.

Your world / - Total Clash -
« on: September 20, 2016, 05:52:14 PM »


Spoiler for Information:

Welcome to Total Clash, a new age of Idle Maps on Total Miner: Forge! This map was inspired by a game on PC called Elvenar, it is a City Builder game where you can choose between the Elf or Human race. After that, you can set out on a journey in one of the 5 available worlds. In these worlds, you have a Main Hall, where you are known as what we call, the Mayor of your town. There, you control what you spend Gold, Wood, Stone, Marble, and much more materials on. With these materials, you can buy Residences, the most basic building. Residences allow you to take in citizens who pay taxes, these taxes are a big part of your income. The map Total Clash is similar with the idea of Residences, materials, and also, you can attack other players, and if you come out a winner, you get 10% of the losers gold. The attacking system will be further explained later in the topic. This map is still under construction, as it is still very small in the fact that there is so much more I will add.


Spoiler for Building:

Building in Total Clash is a simple, yet expandable idea. With current building options, you can build a Residence, which gives you money that is the tax of your citizens. A Stone Mine will get you the stone material, and this has no use currently, but is good to stock up on. Lastly, the Wood Farm, this gives you the wood material, which as the stone is, is not of any use currently, but will be later.


Spoiler for Upgrading:

The upgrade system of Total Clash is more of a concept for the players who have bought so much buildings to the point where it is too costly to buy more. That is where upgrades come in play, they are cheaper for a short time, and can help out. They work like this, if a player owns 5 residences, they will get 5 gold every time they produce, if the player were to have 5 residences, and upgraded he/she's residences 5 times, the player will get 20 Gold a second, in a math form, it is the amount of residences plus the amount of upgrades, multiplied by 2. This applies to all building upgrades. Main Hall upgrades are different, if you are Main Hall 1, you produce materials every 2.5 seconds, if you are Main Hall 2, every 2.25 seconds. It works that every time you upgrade your Main Hall, it takes 250 milliseconds off of the initial 2.5 seconds, and Main Hall 10 being the max, you would produce every 250 milliseconds if you are there.


Spoiler for Attacking:

Attacking is quite simple in Total Clash. If you have more troops than the opponent, you win, earning you 10% of the opponent's gold. However, if you lose, all your troops die in battle and you lose 10% of your gold. Now, there is upgrading your troops, so it doubles the amount of troops. More in depth, if one player has 10 upgraded troops, and the other has 20 regular troops, the person with the 10 upgraded troops would win the battle.


Spoiler for Updates:

Current Update: 1.1.6

Update 1.1.6
- Attacking has been improved
- The password animation on the console has been removed
- Guilds have been added
- Started planning the new expansion
- A leaderboard of the top 3 players with the most gold has been added
- You can now swing your hand at a player to see there stats


Creative Features / [Scripts] HUD Animations!
« on: September 19, 2016, 09:01:53 PM »

HUD Animations

Slide down from Top

Script: Run

Script [Animate]
var [posy] = [-150]
// The -150 must be a bigger number than the height of the HUDShape[cancel]
Script [Animate] [vars:posy]

Script: Animate

var [posy] = [posy] + [5]

IsVar [posy] = [500]
// 500 will be replaced with the y coordinate you want it to stop moving at
HUDShape [hud] [player] [rect] [350,posy,100,175] [255,255,255,255] [abs]

Fade In

Script: Run

Script [Animate] [cancel]
Script [Animate]

Script: Animate

var [opac] = [opac] + [5]

IsVar [opac] = [255]
HUDShape [hud] [player] [rect] [350,400,100,175] [255,255,255,opac] [abs]

Please suggest any other animations you would like to see!

Your Art / Profile Pic and Signature Shop
« on: September 18, 2016, 04:50:36 PM »
Im gonna make profile pictures and signatures for people, just describe what you want it to be.

My Profile Picture

Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Total Miner Discussion / [Creative] Building Tournament
« on: September 17, 2016, 05:32:23 PM »

Total Miner Building Tournament

Hello! I will be doing a tournament, it will consist of 8 people. I got the idea from TheDestinedCrab, but didn't want to wait a week. So here I am, I will be doing this as soon as we get 8 people. So sign up quick before the slots fill up. As soon as we get all the necessary people, I will upload a bracket, an hour after the bracket is up, I will begin hosting the map in the Construction attribute. You will then join, either as a spectator, or a participant.

To enter simply say something along the lines of, "I'd like to enter." and you can also give a good time of when you are on mainly (must include time zone).


1. Scripts (Qvzw)
2. Northre (Northre)
3. Pringe (Pringle2009)
4. goofy brute (goofy grunt)
5. casual onion (casual onion)
6. Atlas Telamon (atlh3)
7. None
8. None


This will not be shown until the Tournament has officially started.


Sadly, there will not be any prizes unless someone would care to donate. It is not required, but donations for prizes would be nice!

Your Art / Untitled
« on: September 17, 2016, 05:02:30 PM »
by Isaac (Scripts)

Chapter 1

A dark starry night is where I once dreamed of terrible sights, sights no person shall ever see. I cope with these sad, sad dreams of my future by laying in a fetal position on my bed, thinking of all the good things I have done, or the good things I could do. I slowly doze off into a deep sleep, having dreams about of all good things. Although, this doesn't fix the problem, instead, it evens it out. It has been 3 years since this started, and my emotions have been crumbling like paper ever since. My mother does not know of these odd dreams, but my father does, in a sense. My father passed 6 years ago, 2 weeks after my 10th birthday. Ever since the dreams have begun, I regularly visit his burial site, telling him about the worst of the dreams I have had in the past weeks. It hasn't seemed to help, but I still believe he can help me in his afterlife.

Creative Features / Please help!!!
« on: August 20, 2016, 03:41:00 PM »
Ok, Ive made a script that works absolutely fine, except, I needed a way to make it where players cant use the script (rank up) unless they have enough gems. So, I the whole script worked just fine until I added this..

IsVar [gem] [<] [rankupprice]
//This part tells the player they need more gems
//This part ranks them up, which worked just fine before

I also had the variables set like..

var [gem] = [history:gem]
var [rankupprice] = [history:rankupprice]

Is this a bug? And why the heck did it not work after I added the IsVar but it worked just the way I wanted it to before, except for the fact that players could rank up infinitely and go in to the negatives. Also, I need the vars because I have it where when you rank up, it multiplies the price by 1.5, making it more expensive every time. Please help!!

EDIT: I also tried every combination, like instead of IsVar, HasHistory, and instead of checking for less and saying no, I tried checking for more and saying yes, those things, and it never works, and I need this script to work, everytime, even if they have enough it says they need more.

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