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Your world / [WIP] Re: Block City - By Angelsage (Klitri)
« on: January 04, 2017, 01:25:34 PM »
I am bringing BlockCity to Toronto with me since I am moving :P
I am saying this just to say that I won't be able to host during this move.

Your world / [WIP] Re: Block City - By Angelsage (Klitri)
« on: January 03, 2017, 04:22:55 PM »
Thank you Father! ;) You hit the nail on the head with that one. BlockCity is a completely functional map, all of the buildings serve a purpose and each building is built personally and with care to ensure it is *perfect*!

I suppose if I ever remade the map, I would make the buildings differently, but the way it is now it is exactly how I want it to be. I provided pictures in the spoilers however they are rather large....

Anyway, I am showing off my map because it is something I wish I could have played on myself years ago, its a (freaking) BlockCity :D
Not to try to be better than anyone else, honestly this map is my hobby rather than an actual focus, its meant to be fun and that's why I consider it an artistic expression, rather than, say, an actual level. :)

Your world / [WIP] Re: Block City - By Angelsage (Klitri)
« on: January 03, 2017, 11:59:59 AM »
I can't say I recall swearing at a man for asking a question.. Regardless, the buildings were made the way they were on purpose, my map is an artistic expression in my opinion, there's no need for perfection. Thank you anyways for your words, I do mean that, because there is indeed always room for some improvement.

Your world / [WIP] Block City - By Angelsage (Klitri)
« on: January 03, 2017, 07:04:34 AM »
Introduction to BlockCity
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Hi everyone, I'm Klitri also known on TotalMinerForge as Angelsage the sole creator of Block City, my role play / Artistic Piece that I've spent over 650 man hours on.
I started this thread to allow "fans" of Block City to discuss, ask questions, and relay information about Block City here in this thread. I cannot garuntee I'll always be around, but when I do drop by I'll be reading all responses carefully, and also adding information to this thread.

What is BlockCity?
BlockCity is the name of the region (Map) and has a long winding history, currently the entire 1024 x 1024 map is used, the entire map has been named "BlockCity," not to be confused with the city of BlockCity (Hereby refered to as The City), which is the capitol of the region. BlockCity has 2 cities and 2 towns, all power in BlockCity is produced in The City by a nuclear power plant.

Geographic Information / Pictures (Coming soon)
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
The Great BlockCity Desert
  The desert covers the northern regions, and contains The City, Lococo City, and many other locations. It is hot, tropical, and mostly flat.
Greenstone Mt.
  Greenstone Mt. Is the highest mountain in BlockCity. Many have attempted to climb to its peak but have been unsuccessful!
The Mountains
  The mountains are the barrier between the desert and the forest. It is barren and contains little structure, however many things remain buried in the mountains even to this day.
The Southern Forest
  The forest covers the southern regions of BlockCity and is cool, somewhat humid, and bumpy with many trees. It has some locations, notably Uptown and Trailerville.

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
The City of BlockCity
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
The City of BlockCity was the first location founded in BlockCity and is the capitol of BlockCity. It features the latest technologies and has a massive population. The City is home to Fusion College (F.C. College), Channel 1 News, The Mall, a Hospital, a police station, and the stadium.
 The City has many available places of work, and is well known for its artistic pieces integrated into The City.

(Upper) East Side
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  East Side was founded shortly after The City but was not connected directly to BlockCity until later on in its life. East Side is the residential zone for The City and features few workplaces, East Side Automotives, and Entity Hotel.

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  Uptown is a rural community that was founded in the southern western region of BlockCity. It contains many homes, schools, and small shops which provide for its small community. It is connected to BlockCity Highway.

  Trailerville is a tiny rural community of trailers founded in the south eastern region of BlockCity. It contains a gas station and is connected to BlockCity Highway

Lococo City
  Lococo City is a destroyed town in the north eastern region of BlockCity. It was invaded by zombies and sectioned off by the BlockCity Council. There is little information surrounding the city and the army has closed Highway Access.

Pictures will be provided soon!!! JAN 3

The History of BlockCity (Extensive)
Ancient History
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Unknown History (Lore)
  The Tower of God mysteriously constructed and abandoned by its creator. It is sealed shut and has not been unlocked throughout history. It's secrets are inumerable. (The Tower of God and all references to God are not affiliated with any actual real world religions. All references to God and religion are for entertainment purposes and should not be interpreted as anything otherwise)

- BlockCity founded
  The City of BlockCity was founded under the watchful eye of The Tower of God.

- BlockCity in Ancient History
  The City of BlockCity is known for its high level of technology and its massive population density, however, in Ancient History, the city contained scorpio gravel roads and clunky wooden homes. The residents spent their time working on construction or relaxing in the nearby tavern. Merchants lined the streets in the day and at night residents slept safely in their homes.

- Fusion College founded
  The founding of fusion college began a complex chain of events which eventually led to stability. Residents researched new construction methods and designed new things. Life was stable but brutish.

- The Invention of Technology
  The first (Publically known) invention to spark technological interest was the ATM computer. It was the invention of E Commerce that set motion a series of events eventually leading to the age of development for The City.

The ATM was used to store and retrieve money from The City bank, it had two buttons o  either side and a screen (A sign).

The Age of Development
How do I join Block City / Schedule?
I'm sorry, but I'm not quite ready to release Block City for shares, its a WIP to this day and I want to complete it first!!

You can feel free to join my game (Angelsage) whenever I am working on it. I am always live when I am playing on BlockCity. If I am not online or I've been offline for a while, feel free to PM me here on the forums! Do not spam my inbox, of course . .

Be aware that Block City occasionally freezes me and shuts down the server, but regular saves prevent damage done and I'd be happy to assist you at any time in game if you have an issue!

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