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Total Miner Discussion / [Game] [How To]particle emitters-creating items
« on: Today at 07:13:40 AM »
How to create items with particle emitters

Here is my guide on how to create your own items using particle emitters.A lot of people have always wondered how to use emitters in creating items, so I decided to make a small guide on the ways that I make things in Total Miner, allthough it'll still take some effort,depending on how much detail you want in your item/s.
*Note, these are all personal preferences, where the things that I do may differ from other people and what they prefer, so keep that in mind, allthough i seem to find that my settings seem to get the job done, and tbh, it was sort of tricky at first when I first began using emitters to create things, but after a little bit, I eventually got the hang of it and it got easier to the point where i was able to create complex things fairly quickly.ETTP was the 1st person I saw who made solid items originally. Then it was JD who made some stuff on the forums and then Tate with his Pokemon particles to which i thought was really cool, but i figured that if he was able to do them that well, then why couldn't I do it too? I started off with 1 or 2 things on my zombies map,but the more things i added,the more people liked what i was doing and eventually i started doing other things and now they're really simple to work with IMO,but others seem to struggle with them,so hopefully with this guide,maybe i could help teach some of you guys a new skill or something to try out.

In this guide,I'll be going over specifically how to create items,such as these:

and going through each setting explaining the best settings to use for them,to where if you follow this guide,then with a little practice,you'll be able to create things just like these and pretty much anything else you can think of maybe one day we'll be blessed with different shapes or pitch & yaw  : D

Duration/Emit Frequency
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Now this is probably the most important setting you need to have right,being it helps to keep the particle solid for the longest time,and keeps each emitter emitting a max of 1 particle out of the 500 you have available most of the time. I've seen other people have theirs at a duration of 1 second and then their emit frequency at 0.9,or some people use a duration of 8 and then sometimes a emit frequency of 7.8 or 7.9,but I've always found those to flicker a lot more and use more particles than needed,to where I've found my setting to work better overall

*Note: if you wish to add effects such as smoke, sparks, glowing,  etc
then feel free to change these or any other settings to fit what you're looking for

Duration/Emit Position Offset
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Emit offset defines the distance that the particle is emitted from the source block,where anything under 1 block size for the x,y,or z, will be still in the block,so to fix this,if say you have a particle size of 1,1,1,then set the particle at least 1 block length from the source block.For example:

  • If you want the particle to go above the emitter,then set the Y on start size above 1
  • if you want the particle to emit away from the emitter in any way,then change the x,or z on start size past 1,depending which way you're facing

Something to note,would be that currently, we cannot go past 50 in block length on Start size or Emit Position offset/variance,so keep that in mind

If you change anything on the size,then take that number and divide that by 2,then add or subtract that to the offset.for example:

if you have a offset of 1.2,3,2.5
and a size of
and if you reduce the size by 0.20,then if you wish to keep the particle at the same spot,then change the offset to 3.1,being when you decreased it,the particle moved down,where when you add its Y size by half of the changed amount,it will remain in the same spot with the new setting

Emit position variance,Velocity,Velocity variance,gravity,Rotation Speed
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

These do not matter when making solid items and shouldn't be messed with unless you want to add a effect to them,otherwise don't worry about these settings

Start/End Size
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

For Start size,this controls the size of your particle,where you can set it anywhere between 0.0001,all the way up to 50 block lengths.Currently 50 is the limit on console,but on PC may be different,although i couldn't say for sure so don't quote me on that

For end size, you have to have a number set in order for the particle to appear. If your particle isn't showing up, check to see if you have a number on the end size other than 0.The end size can be set anywhere between 50, and -50, like so

If you want a solid item,then leave the end size at 1,being the item is going to be stationary

Wind affection
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Ignore this setting

Start/End color
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

This defines the entire color spectrum where different combinations put out a different color depending on the setting you have
R is for red
G is for green
B is for blue
A is for alpha,where alpha defines the transparency of the color.If you have A set as 1,then the block will become transparent,but note that the lower the transparency,the brighter your colors become,unless you have them set between 1-30.if you're looking to have a solid color,then always set the Alpha value at 255 and adjust the rgb as necessary
If you want a solid color,then set the start color and end color to the same value.0 would be black,so the lower the value,the darker your particle will become,where the higher you have the value set at,the brighter that value or color will become.If your particle isn't showing up,then check to see if you have a number set on the alpha value,because if you don't have anything set,then  your particle will not appear

Proximity value
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
proximity value is an important feature for those who use a lot of particles and wish to conserve particle useage on their maps.Particles themselves do not cause lag for the game unless you have a emit frequency set at like 0.001 and/or the duration set at something high+ a bunch of them in a small area,then that would cause frames to drop.Otherwise if you want to use a lot of particles on your map,and/or want to help cut down on particle useage,being currently we only have a max of 500 particles(4000 in total,but the number you want to pay attention to is 500 for the most part)
on PC we'll get an increase to around the 1000's,but they'll depend on your settings on your PC.9come time around when TM goes 64Bit,the limit would be in the 10k+ range,possibly 100k+,but until then,if you plan on using quite a few particles,then your best bet is to use a proximity on the particle emitters

The proximity setting goes up to 1000,so adjust accordingly to the type of particle you have and whether or not its inside a building or in a larger area,but also take to consideration distance from the players and how far away they would be before the particle isn't visible anymore,and also,for each emitter you have,if you want to use a proximity on it,then you'll have to set it on each block individually

requires power
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

if you wish to make the emitter powered by a power source or script, then this is also a good way to conserve power, but also a neat way to use emitters in scripts, being you can control the power through
SetPower [x,y,z] [on|off]
this could be used to create or add effects.the possibilities are endless

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Pretty self explanatory. This allows you to change the texture of the emitter, but one helpful thing with this if the emitters are visible to players or in a build, the particle emitter does support the invisible barrier option,so this is a good workaround if you're having problems keeping your particles hidden from view

copy to script clipboard
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

this is a good option for a few reasons.the biggest things you can do with this is fit a particle emitter's settings onto a script,especially if you use a large amount of emitters for a single item.if you wish,you can add all of them onto a single script,narrowing it down to just 1 block instead of a tower of  5 10-50.The only con though to this is that you have to set the x,y,z each time you add in another line

  • if you want the particle to spawn it at a certain coordinate,then set the x,y,z accordingly and you can pretty much have the script activate from anywhere and not have the need for particle emitters where they spawn at,however i haven't messed around with this as much yet,so i couldn't tell you if i recommend this or not
  • if you just want the particle to spawn in like how it would with a regular emitter,but from the source script block,then change the XYZ to rel:x,y,z and change it accordingly,like this

  • *Note that to add them in rel to the script block, change it according to where the emitter block would be, for example:

*if you have a tower of particle emitters, the top rel: XYZ would be Rel:0,0,0.
     *if you want to add a block below the top one, then change the XYZ to
      *if you have one to the left or right of the center emitter/beginning block,then change the x or z accordingly
  • particles work with all of the relative coordinates,so it can work on a player and each of the Rel's. If you want a particle to follow a player,then i believe that you change the XYZ to pRel:0,1,0.This is popular among people that like to make particle trails for players,but be cautious of this,because particle trails will eat up a lot of the particles used if you have it respawning at a fast rate
  • for any script,if you want the particle to respawn,then throw in a loop,and add the duration in milliseconds
         *if you're going by this guide and want to make items,then set the loop at 3000,being that your duration for the particle emitter would've been at 3 seconds,and each second equals 1000 in milliseconds.if your duration is 0.10,then make the loop at Loop [100].Adjust to what you're trying to accomplish

Particle type/save as custom template
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
this isn't really that important if you plan on making items,but if you make any single effects,or if you have a certain color you like,then this would be something useful to begin off with,allthough later on,you wouldn't need to worry about these,but personally i like selecting a pre saved particle with the correct settings so that way I don't have to reset everything over

Resources/other useful information
  • here's a few useful things for helping with color
    Eye Dropper google chrome add-on
    this is good for getting a quick r,g,b setting off of a image.gyazo also works well with this too
  • Resources are a really good way of inspiration and just a source to go by.There's infinite amount of things your could use, but the biggest help would be from in-game and pictures, but even with all of the resources you could have, it's still up to you to be able to put everything together,  although, after a little bit of practice, you could finish items fairly quickly
  • practice
    the only way you'll get better is if you practice.It might take a while to get familiar with the settings, but once you figure it out, it becomes pretty easy

    let me know if there's anything you're confused on and I'll try to clarify it as best to my knowledge>I'm sure I've covered everything, but if there's anything that I left out then let me know and I'll either fix the OP or post accordingly

    Ill edit the op with any new tips, or if we get any new features that will aid in creating items.If this guide helped you any bit, then feel free to leave feedback.It'd be cool to see what some of you guys create or come up with

Bug Reports [Retail] / emitter setting
« on: Today at 05:01:54 AM »
if you set the start size for x y or z at 0.00001,then it returns back as  1E-05.each 0 you add past 4 which does nothing to the size anyways,increases it to 06 07,ect

Creative Features / [Sharing] Re: public particle compoment pack
« on: Today at 02:59:53 AM »
Doesn't look too bad. Even if you were to make the glass on the actual doors 'more see-through' it may look even better.
that one specifically was intentional

im trying to figure out how to set the door open but i cant figure out how to.if this is going to be difficult then i might just either do 1 position,or just not do doors....unless people dont care for closed+open,then ill add them

Creative Features / [Sharing] Re: public particle compoment pack
« on: Today at 01:49:51 AM »
ok so heres my 1st attempt at (glass) doors

this one took a little longer because of the text,but other than that,opinions?
im sure i'll have to make open positions too...hope that wont be too dificult or take that long,otherwise idk if i really wanna do doors lol :P

Questions and Answers / Re: Getting into YouTube
« on: January 16, 2017, 07:32:56 AM »
It'll be console gaming for now. I get paid monthly so I guess I'll just have to wait until the end of January to actually go out and buy some things. However I'll take what you guys said into consideration. Thanks!
if you want a good capture card,get the elgato hd60

What's the rough price of one?

Creative Features / [Sharing] Re: public particle compoment pack
« on: January 16, 2017, 07:11:12 AM »
hey i have a question

should i make doors?

I think you should. You could make glass doors and big double doors etc.
well i added a quick poll.lets se what others think

With the addition of doors (if you are going to do them) you could also do gates (garden gates) and windows that look like they are open.

This is what I mean about the open windows:


Hope this gives you some ideas  ::)
thx.didnt think about windows

ive thought of gates n stuff,but i didnt know if it would be a good thing to add,or useful

Questions and Answers / Re: few questions
« on: January 16, 2017, 06:34:52 AM »
well what about just pitch & yaw? how demanding would that be on ram?its not shapes or anything ,but the ability to rotate stuff in angles alone would be really helpful

Questions and Answers / Re: Getting into YouTube
« on: January 16, 2017, 04:33:00 AM »
It'll be console gaming for now. I get paid monthly so I guess I'll just have to wait until the end of January to actually go out and buy some things. However I'll take what you guys said into consideration. Thanks!
if you want a good capture card,get the elgato hd60

Creative Features / [Sharing] Re: public particle compoment pack
« on: January 16, 2017, 04:27:17 AM »
hey i have a question

should i make doors?

I think you should. You could make glass doors and big double doors etc.
well i added a quick poll.lets se what others think

Questions and Answers / Re: Getting into YouTube
« on: January 16, 2017, 03:40:13 AM »
So I've been watching people on YouTube for years now, probably since before 2008. I've always loved watching gaming and or non gaming videos. It's something I've always wanted to do but I could never afford to start YouTube as I didn't have any money back then, however now I have a job and am able to afford stuff so I was thinking about starting YouTube.

It would only be a hobby for now obviously, and something that would just be really fun to do. I would want to upload videos such as Skyrim funny moments, GTA funny moments, let's plays/lets builds on Total Miner and more.

However I need capture devices, editing softwares and a decent microphone so here are my questions:

What's a good capture device that isn't too expensive?
What's a good editing software? (even if it's free)
What's a good microphone to record with?

I'm willing to go up to 100 (120$)

Thanks everyone!
if you re looking to record for console,then you ll definitely need more money than that,being a capture card that actually works good would cost more than that lol
and it also depends on your PC specs,where if you have a potato for a PC,then you're not doing YT.sorry

if you need to upgrade to a useable PC

-i5 or i7
-around 6GB of ram
-decent graphics card

then look at around 300-500 for just the PC

mics I'm not too sure about.if you want a good mic then buy a bluetooth, for i hear they're a good mic to record with

if you just want to do PC gaming,then there's a few free recording software,but again it depends on your specs.2 free recording softwares are obs and X split,allthough i recommend xsplit because it never restarted my xbox when i stopped recording

otherwise if you want to do console recording then be ready to save isn't a cheap hobby or won't be

Questions and Answers / few questions
« on: January 15, 2017, 11:49:00 PM »
so these regard specifically to new features for particles or things that can change them and the possibilities they hold

these are ideas that have been suggested before, at the same time would benefit people greatly with new/better options or customization
here's an idea by Charles he made a while back to where he came up with a list of things that could be added,but i don't think there was anything said on why this wasn't possible back then,but now I'm curious on if they are possible now, or if they are, whats holding any of the ideas from being added, or any road blocks keeping them from being added

Then another thing that I'm wondering about on is something that's been suggested multiple times already, which would be the ability to have a menu or setting on an emitter to hold multiple settings, instead of needing to have multiple individual emitter blocks which do take up lots of space sometimes
this idea alone would definitely benefit lots of people, especially being you would only need 1 block in total,compared to having multiple blocks.This one I'm more interested in why this isn't possible(or hasn't been added yet) and now that PC is around the corner, if it'll ever be possible, and if not, then what's preventing it from being added

edit:if say if we had different shapes added but they looked weird when increased in size,then i would still use it being you could work around the odd parts of the shape or morph it into the other particles or vice versa,and it would offer new options for creating stuff,like if we had pitch+yaw,but it would look weird on the slanted part or broken up,then thats better than having to do multiple particles for a slanted line,instead of just needing 1

i could keep going,but im sure you get the idea

Creative Features / [Sharing] Re: public particle compoment pack
« on: January 15, 2017, 11:35:25 PM »
hey i have a question

should i make doors?

Creative Features / [Sharing] Re: public particle compoment pack
« on: January 15, 2017, 07:40:44 PM »
Nazty, after you believe you have completed this pack, and you think it is basically done, your next project should be to make a map that uses every single one of the particles, it would look so gooood.
Me and Pringle were talking about making a horror map with some kind of storyline or challenge,so we'll see about that

Creative Features / [Sharing] Re: public particle compoment pack
« on: January 15, 2017, 08:49:38 AM »
finally finished a new item on n off for 3 days has 157 particle emitters in total making it the 2ND most used emitters for an item so far

railroad crossing light post
requested by bob  /heidy

Spoiler for Hidden Content:

i could possibly make a 2ND version of this with the guard down...just that ll take a little work to switch a lot of the emitter settings to turn it 90 degrees
i could also animate it if enough people want me to

Total Miner Discussion / [Creative] Re: The creative side of Particles
« on: January 14, 2017, 06:47:44 AM »

cool coin operated monocular

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