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Total Miner Discussion / Clan Banners As Of 2.41
« on: October 11, 2015, 04:33:31 PM »
Another post has been made by Golden Knight which blows mine out of the water. Delete this post please.

Ideas / Some Much Needed Fixes
« on: May 20, 2015, 10:57:32 AM »
   In this topic, I will be going over some things that need some major improvement. Some of these things have been broken for a while now, and I want them to be improved to make the game more fun, adventurous, and less tedious. So, here we go.

Trees Dang It!

  I think I can speak for a LOT of people when I say the trees are broken. The leaves dont break sometimes, it's boring to chop trees, and the idea of the trees decaying is taken from MC. So here's my idea.

 Instead of copying the game we're notorious for copying, how about we copy a different game? Terraria to be exact. Instead of having to chop all of the logs, all we have to do is chop the bottom one and all the leaves of that tree and the wood above it will come tumbling down.

Possible Questions:
-What about skills and how this will affect them?
  I've tough of this, and I have an idea. With this change, will come more changes. 1)

Chopping trees will be slower than normal. This will not only balance out the skill leveling, but it will also balance out how easy it would be to gather wood.

-Why not come up with an original idea?
I'm open to suggestions, but for the momment, I can't think of a better idea.

-Wont this make wood gathering too easy? See the first question.

-Can't people just make huge blocks of trees and mine all of them at once?
  I have three balancing ideas for this. 1) Make it so all tress are labeled seperately. So when you chop one tree, it wont also chop the next. 2) Make it so trees can't be grown too close to each other. 3) If the durability of the axe can't handle 'every single block of the tree' then it wont chop. I forgot to mention that when using this, it would either take up a lot of durability, or the durability of the axes would be severly reduced.

-What about script placed wood blocks?
Well that's, hopefully, simple. Just make wood placed by scripts mine just as regular wood is mined now. This at least gives players options on which they'd like to do. Script based, or legit. Also, player placed wood would work the same.


  These have been so boring for so long. They've always been one way and it's dang near impossible to get lost in one. So, I have a few suggestions.

 Wider caves- The caves seem so claustraphobic and cramped. Making them wider would emulate the player being small, making the darkness creepier.

 Splitting into more caves- This if course would get players lost, thus spending more time in caves and giving them more meaning and creepiness.

Lava and water pools. Maybe make these generate throught the enitre underground area, rather than just in caves. And when they spawn in caves, put them in more realistic spots. Time and time again, I see pools of water and lava, and they just hang over an edge. Some of them don't even do that! Maybe make actuall springs for the water, and lava should spawn, first of all, lower underground, secondly, in more realistic areas like open areas, or in large springs of it. Also, the removal of the random flowing water streams down caves would be nice. And I'd also like to see the removal of the infinate flowing, but I'll get to that.

More random- I swear, every cave I've been in looks somewhat the exact same as the last. It looks like someone just took some C4 and blew the caves up into what they are. Maybe a few nooks and crannys here, and a few cave splits there. Just make it so that is not a one way down with spider guarded chests every now and then. Also the discussed randmoly generated structures would be nice. Right now, it's like the inside of a giant hollow worm. Some liquids here and there even.

Possible questions:
-Can't you just apreciate what you have?
I do. I love TM and I play it often, but it's my job as a player and forum member to suggest things I think would improve or fix the game. At least, that's my opinion.

-Are you just hating on simplicity?
To be honsest, kind of, but there's simplicity, then there's repetitivness.


I know, I know. The spiders have been iconic scince the early stages of the game, but in my opinion, they need some changes. So lets get down to it.

Spiders- These are okay creatures, but they resemble spiders in almost no wat except how they look. So I have some suggestions. 1) NOISES! These things' noise files sound like they came out of a trolls prank folder. So I'd be happy if we completly scrapped the obnoxious screaming and and "dying" sounds they have, and heavily edited the hiss and chewing. The hiss should be a LOT shorter and so should the chewing sounds. The hiss should be like a small snakes' hiss and the chewing should be replaced with a bite. Also, it's optional, but I'd like if the texture of spiders was changed as well. I don't have any ideas on that matter, and it's optional, I'd just like it.

AI- Why do spides have to just jump? I understand if your high up, or far away, but spiders crawl too. Also, when they jump at you, they stop just above you head, dis regarding all physics what so ever. I understand this is a game, but that just makes no sense to me. Maybe they could also have a climbing ability to. That sounds like it would be neat. Along with being able to shoot webs, and poison on the bite. Would make them a lot more difficult scince they are low level.

Possible Questions:

-How could you want to change the infamous and iconic spiders?!
Simple. I feel, after years of being more trolls than spiders, that they need a revamp. The silly screaming and hissing is getting old and obnoxious, and I'm ready for a more serious spider.

The current liquid system is a straight coppy of MC. Almost down to the letter. And it's getting old. I'd like a more balanced liquid system. One where it's about amount of water more than it is about a "source block." So I'd like to use a realistic water system. Again, like terraria's. Now you can't really say this is copying because this is the way water works universally. Water works like this IRL so it's not a created idea from a game it's an existing one. Again, these are just my opinions. Anyway, for those of you not familiar with terraria, I want water to have an amount, and I want all water, when flowing long enough, to become still again. Same for lava, but I think it'd be cool if some of it cooled on it's way to it's destination. I don't want the infinate flowing "8 blocks from source" water. I want the realistic "stops flowing eventually" water. I just feel this is a much more interesting way for water to work and could work very well if done crrectly.

Possible questions:

-What about the things this will break like farms and water fountains?
Simple. Water pumps. Not only does this add an entirly new feature to the game, but also will give more of a reason to use wifi and a possible pumping system This could also have a cosmetic, industrail use. Like water flowing through pumps, or tanks of water. Maybe even water wheels for a cosmetic power source.

-This sounds like it will be very complicated...
Not really. We can have multi texture pipe blocks, and flow can be chosen directionaly. This can also help skills as it's another thing to craft, place, and mine. Making skills be just a little less useless. Which brings me to my next, and last, topic.

Yes, the big guns. The biggest, but almost most useless feature in the game, in my opinion. Skills. This was added by request and seems to only have been added based on request and was never really given a good reason for existing except for being there.
It has almost no bonusses and is mainly for restricting more than gaining. So, as I've suggested before, let's get McMMO style.

  Abilities. It's as simple as that. If you arent familiar with McMMO, it a plugin for MC PC servers where you had skills, and with said skills came both passive, and triggerable bonuses like x3 mining loot, chopping down a whole tree, more of a chance to get random loot, special effect on attack, ect. 'THIS' would be amazing. This add SOOOOO much more use to skills other than grinding to be able to use items. Some of the effects could be:
Triggered by pressing:"Up D-Pad"+"Right Trigger" while holding an attack weapon
Effects: Increased damage and/or attack speed.

Triggered by pressing:"Up-D-Pad"+"Right Trigger" while holding a defence weapon
Effects: Increased chance for an enemy to miss an attack and/or take less damage and/or shields are guaranteed to block an attack.

If you'd like more ideas for the abilities, let me know. Anyway, this would be awesome. It would make pvp/pve more strategic and having a "class" more interesting. This would be, in my opinion, the best feature in the game just because 1) It would make the game so much more interesting 2) It would give more reward to the hours of grinding we all did. I beg you Craig, if you don't add ANY of the other suggestions, PLEASE add this one.

Possible Global questions/comments:

-I don't like this/these ideas. OPtionally:((and I have better ones))
That's fine. I've stated several times in this post that these are my opinions and 'I' feel they will help the game. If you have better ideas, let me know. I'd love tp hear them.

-Don't you think "insert one of my ideas" will take away from the feel of the game?
This game has a feel? Last time I check, Craig doesn't go on how the game feels. He goes on whether or not people like an idea. If you think this game has a midevil tone, explain all of the common world descriptions to the blocks, teleporters, Modern day style blocks, modern day style characters, and in game programming.((basicaly)) I don't think this game has a "feel." I think it's just a "whatever the community likes" game.

That's all or now. I hope some of you got some good ideas out of this and I hope you enjoyed.

Creative Features / Relative to Player Condition
« on: November 19, 2014, 07:26:57 AM »


 This would activate the coordinate part of the script relative to the player whom activated the script instead of relative to the script block. Sometimes Besides my complicated magick system I'm working on, I can only think, at the moment, of only one time this is useful. Say you wanted to time a player in a maze and if that time was up you would cage them and kill them. Unless you wanted to rig the ENTIRE maze to do this, this would be the only way to do this. This would especially useful if there are more than one person in the maze.

Creative Features / My Magick Scripting Project
« on: November 19, 2014, 06:10:32 AM »
I'm going to make a full magic system. It will include walls, fire, books, freeezing and many other aspects.

I already have most of it planned out. I will have an infinate looping script that will detect if you read books with spell names. When it detects one, it will bring a script block to your location and launch the spell then delete  itself and prepare for another spell. I will update this topic as I go along with the project.

Total Miner Discussion / Craig's Important (unnanounced) Information
« on: November 05, 2014, 03:51:33 AM »
I will keep this topic updated with information Craig gives us in comments so people aren't confused when they try to explain something or use something on their map. I'm putting this here so people dn't have to rely on quotes or go searching through coments to find information. This will be organized by update and anything that isn't on the update list will be here Starting Nov 5, 2014

Update 2.11:
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
- Demigod and Demigodess are not unlockable at the moment because Craig is finding a valid unlock method for them.

 Quoting Craig:
- "The IsRandom script is currently not usable. There is a coding hitch I need to unhitch before it can be used."

Clans & Friend Requests / Kreative Phoenixes Incorperated (KPI)
« on: November 04, 2014, 03:02:22 PM »

There are now slots to be filled to join KPI, but first some info.

KPI is primarily a Midevil style Mining company that will specialize in, mining, construction, and managment. I, soon to be we, here at KPI have the customers intrest in our greatest intrests and have decided on some things few others have come to terms with.

1. There will be no daily, monthly, yearly, ect. taxes. One you own your property it is yours to keep without trouble. Not from us anyway.

2. You are free to do/use whatever you want, besides explosives/spider eggs, in the confines of public/your personal area. We beleive in freedom but still have the people in our best intrest.

3. We will have houses to buy, but still give you the option to build wherever you want. If your builds would get in the way of our projects we will pay handsomly for the removal of the building if the building was not on private property before the changes.

As said before, we have the customer in out best intrest. We do not have strict rules, needs, or unessicery payments or concerns. We will do ANYTHING for the safety and satisfaction of our people. Note nothing is impossible and we can not  prevent problems that are sure to come up in the future. We will try to solve these problems as soon as possible.

I've no camera or camera man to take pictures of our soon to be wonderful world. I will let you all know if I find one.

How to join:

Timezone:            (Please take the time to look it up.)
Role Selection:     (Builder, Managment, Handeler)
Extra Notes:         (Optional)

Fun House / Past 100 Posts!
« on: October 30, 2014, 08:36:48 AM »
I finally made it to 100 posts! I can finally get the 1 Year medal on my name! I will continue to contribute to the comunity no matter how many posts I have. Thanks guys for making such a great community.

Introductions / My (Late) Introduction
« on: October 29, 2014, 01:57:24 AM »
Apparently, you're supposed to introduce yourself so... here I am.

Name: Classified
Age: Classified
Location: Classified
Contact Information: Classified

I an a African American who loves magic and RPG. I keep to myself and wish not to be bothered. That dosen't mean I don't like people, or to make friends. Just don't BOTHER me. I'm not judgemental and only wishh to help all I can. Although, I have major trust issues. Also, I can hold a grudge. Just don't mess with me and everything is fine. I'm a novice programmer. Expert, not master, skill leveler, novice programmer, intermediate builder, expert, again not master, scripter. If you need help of advice, don't be affraid to ask. Although there are people all around here who are better than me at many things. Note, I was willing to say that... Maybe you can learn a thing or two from me. Or not, I don't know. Just living how I feel is right.

Creative Features / Custom Books?
« on: October 20, 2014, 07:23:43 AM »
Can you add a custom book to a players inventory? This would help a ton with the quest system I'm adding to my world.

Total Miner Discussion / My Personal "Do Not Join" List
« on: October 12, 2014, 08:05:06 PM »
This will be a list of people whoms worlds I will not be joining and people I do not recomend you talk to. These are my opinions. If these people are your friends, do not get mad at me for speaking the truth about them.

Legit xKatness
Reason: Rude for bad reasons.
I tried to help the fellow Miner/Builder with constructive critisism. Gave him a few pointers and tips to make a world better.(BTW Any tips you can give me I'll apreciate) Anyway, After I send my message he came back with "I built this world for the fun of it" and "Go talk to your own friends." along with the accusation that I was judging him. I replied"I'm not judging you, and asking for 5 stars isn't really the fun of it." He came back with things like"Shut Up!" and "I don't care to hear it." I think he was being rude and childish and couldn't handle to hear anything but "Your world is AWESOME!" That is why he is on my list.

BiDe RemiX
Reason: Griefer
I met this guy and I thought he was preety cool. Had interesting ideas, and needed some help. After a few days of building, farming and talking he went to play Minecraft. As I was starting the game he joined a game, took all of the items of one of his "friends" and jumped in lave. Afterwards, I asked "Why is it funny to make other people unhappy?" He said "We have diffrent scences of humor." After that he deleted me. That is why he is on my list.

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