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Ideas / Non-hostile Indians and Destructive Zombies
« on: April 20, 2013, 07:10:03 PM »
Of the two new hostile mobs in 1.8 the natives seem to be the most troublesome for everyone. They can destroy builds, can see through walls (wouldn't be a problem if they didn't have boom arrows in survival), and will attack you on sight without resting until you're dead... scratch that, they'll attack you back at spawn; they won't rest until morning. They're not only overpowered in survival but also a giant "F you" to actual Native Americans...

I think many would agree that they are in need of a nerf; many would also agree that these Indians unjustly portray actual Natives as savages. So I propose that they be made neutral toward the player and won't attack until provoked, however they would stay spawned throughout the day. This would balance them out and make them more realistic in comparison to their real life counterparts.

 A number of things could provoke them such as attacking them, using explosives on the surface, or perhaps stealing from/destroying possible teepees in future updates. Setting up trade and doing quests with/for them could also be a thing in future updates if they weren't hostile.

This may make survival a tad too easy, so the role that the Indians currently play should be handed over to zombies and slightly nerfed. Give them the ability to slowly break through weak blocks slightly faster than the player can via punching. This way inspiration for fortified structures stays in the game, but building materials are not limited to Rhyolite and players can get started above ground earlier on.

Any feedback to this compromise would be nice.

Site Suggestions and Bugs / Toggle Off Text Color
« on: April 14, 2013, 05:33:02 PM »
While using some of the lighter colored themes, it becomes difficult to read brighter text.
Could there be an option to toggle off text color in posts, or even better: be able to set all post's text color to the same color?

General Discussion / The old site and Nick
« on: April 13, 2013, 07:14:58 PM »
Nick said he'd bring the old site back up today to clear up some rumors; makes me wonder what he's planning.
Does he even know that we already have a new forum? He probably won't bring it back like he said either way, but it is fun to speculate. If he's going to take it down completely so he won't have to pay for it, then it's pretty immature of him to not give us the database...

Anyway, what do you guys think will become of the old site?
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Total Miner: Porn? :o

EDIT: Nick had us all fooled. He used his villainous propaganda to make the moderators seem evil. Please ignore all Mod hate in this thread. I would remove it, but this is for documenting reasons and what not. Just mentally replace all mention of bob with Nick.

Political rifts have been forming over the past few months, and the elephant in the room has been ignored for far too long on this forum.

The moderators have turned against us righteous, moral, and holy members and testers.
They knew that they stood no chance against our combined numbers, nearly 25,000 of us and only two of them.
So they founded a new group in order to squelch our rightful advantage.

It all started nearly two years ago...
There was a system in place to prevent moderators from abusing their wicked and evil powers.
Instead of two moderators cherry picked by the evil emperor Nick to do his dirty work while he abandoned his duty as developer of this forum, there were eight of them.
The other six being:

Together, they kept each other in check. This didn't last.
Over the coarse of several months they were slowly terminated.
No one noticed due to the anti-member propaganda spread by Nick, bob, and Evesy.

Last April, they realized we were catching on to them so they staged a fight between bob and Evesy to make it seem as though they were not united in the same goal of the genocide of the member group. And it worked; we were fooled.

A month later in May they added a new user group: The Elders
The requirement being a year of activity on the forum. The sheeple of this forum believe it to be simple promotion to inspire members to be stay active, but this was not the case.
It served two purposes:

  • To further assimilate the member group

  • And to raise non-member pride

A common sheeple and anti-member argument against this was that the amount of elders would always be smaller than the amount of [color="green]members[/color].
But the evidence says other wise. This is where even the once godly and righteous Craig fell to the evil trio's bidding. He purposely stalled the 1.8 update so less new members would join the TM Forums. This caused a rapid increase in the elder to Member ratio.

As for non-member pride, even I was tempted by the evil Elder user group (who wouldn't want 3 down reps a day?!)
A decision I regret to this day.

But there are still members around. Bob realized his plan wasn't executing quick enough, so he created yet another group!
This group is more powerful, more unbalanced, and more evil than any others yet. It is the gold members.
They have more broken powers than even the moderators, and even the likes of I was tempted into purchasing it until I noticed that it was yellow and not gold.
This made me snap back into my senses. How greedy of them! To ask for nine dollars (that is worth trillions in Zimbabwe, by the way) for a self contradicting and immoral title.

This new group has taken the life of honorable tester and Ummm member, MechaWho.
And at this point I know I am sure to follow in his foot steps.

Bob sent me this trying to sway me from exposing his evil lies.
Want to be Tommys ban victim?

That was the final straw. With this, I say goodbye to you, member allies. Fight back, over throw Nick, bob, and Evesy!
We shall return to the glory days, erect new moderators, and Craig will release updates on schedule!

Farewell, and
ˇViva la Revolución!
Show support and join the T.M.F.R.A.N.W.I.A.E.O.H.
UPDATE: Bob realized that we know his plan and is now trying to pass his scheme off as an April Fools joke.
This is an insult to our intelligence! It is only March 31st! And yet the sheeple are accepting his lies.

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