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Your world / [WIP] Kahuna Miners
« on: Today at 10:45:08 AM »
Iím not really that professional when it comes to servers, I just have a thought and I build and script and hope for the best. However I do have a lot of ideas for worlds, like, a project called Kahuna Miners.

Kahuna Miners is a server where your mine blocks to get XP and money. Sounds basic and not really special right? Well you use that XP to upgrade your stats as a miner, (Such as: Block reach, inventory capacity, walk speed, jump height, and looting. If you guys have any ideas for more stat categories, comment.) The XP amount and money income you get is determined from the blocks you mine and sell. You also level up to access the different mining levels, there are 5 (And then one is in the underworld, you are awarded a Kahuna Miner by making it there.) By mining more and more blocks, you level up. You have also access to the shop, where you can buy different tools and weapons. There are also advanced hardware you can buy such as a radioactive extracter tool (I wonít spoil the rest). Teleports for recreational use will be built in after the BETA finishes. If you want to know more about the server please comment below, like I said though, Iím not really that professional when it comes to servers. If you have any ideas for what I should include or build for tps please comment below too.

(Please realize that this is a not a deathmine, nor would I ever copy the concept of one and call it Kahuna Miners,it is more like a grinding/mining simulator. 

As of 5/27, I am 90% done with building and have not started scripting.

-I will not post any screenshots until right before the server is in its BETA testing. I am currently building and scripting on the 360 and transferring to pc.

Bug Reports [Retail] / Blue Screen on Start Up
« on: May 11, 2018, 12:22:02 PM »
For the past week, every time steam loaded up Total Miner this screen would pop up.  /-:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\415575979\760\remote\347600\screenshots\20180503160154_1.jpg

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