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Clans & Friend Requests / TOTALPIXEL - Pixel Club!
« on: August 05, 2018, 04:13:23 PM »
Hello all!
Today, we're happy to compendium our Pixel Club!

▶ What Is The Pixel Club.

The Pixel Club is a privately based decision-making group of unique people that have 1/3 of a say,
 in what goes into the TotalPixel Updates, Changes and Maps threw out the TotalPixels Lifecycle.
We've been testing this idea for a little while now and we're excited to let you Join us.
( Please join our discord in order to be a family member )

▶ Rules / Requierments

- You must be a player of TotalPixel Servers.
- You must be creative minded
- You must always have fun
- You must be committed to TotalPixel


Thanks for reading our thread! If you have any questions/concerns or want to recommend something for the server feel free to send it to our discord, it would be appreciated.

Ideas / In Game Pictures / Frames
« on: June 15, 2018, 01:20:55 PM »
So my idea is to have an option to download pictures fitted to the square space of a frame. like 64x64 etc. and be able to put it into the pictures folder to then use in-game via the frames block. It saves a lot of time for map creators and allows less time to get a good picture done. Currently, you would need to build something just so you can take a picture of it. I know this isn't a long post but I hope I can get this across to others who would like this feature in the game.

Also, check out my TOTALPIXEL world stuff. it's going to be awesome.

Your Projects / [WIP] TOTALPIXEL (Total Pixel)
« on: January 21, 2018, 04:13:33 PM »
Total Pixel Server

Hello everyone, my name is Ryan and im the owner of the new map, TotalPixel. As you know I have given some information to everyone about what the server is giving to players ( But today I wanted to talk about the mods and becoming staff towards the server once multiplayer comes out.

Mods / Upcoming Mods

So with our mods, we currently have 20 dedicated mods that affect the map in different ways, our mods are the biggest and best thing that will change the future of the map and make the server more fun to players who play it. We have mods from, items, foods and even companions and so much more.

If you are a mod creator and would love to be a member of our mod group then you are welcome to join the TotalPixel Mod Community within our discord server. I will leave the Discord mod room below for those who would love to mod and become a TotalPixel.

Maps And Components

We are always looking for people who can build maps, game modes or even components that can be used on the server, showing off their work and helping out with the map. If you have the skills to make a cool and interesting game or component pack then you are again welcome to join TotalPixel on the building side of things. But you may be asking "But how can we help if we don't have multiplayer?" the answer to that is you don't haft to be on to build it. send the map or component, and i will be adding it to the map. Just like that!

If you have any questions towards anything you are welcome to message below or DM me for more information. We have much planned in the future and we can't wait for you to see it all. Also, we have a trailer coming soon so stay tuned for that!

If you are wanting to join the Discord to know updates and more information, then ill leave a link below to join:

Your world / [WIP] Mobs in map
« on: January 11, 2018, 01:35:07 PM »

Your world / [Other] TOTALPIXEL - The Universe at Your Fingertips
« on: January 07, 2018, 06:55:13 AM »
TotalPixel - A Universe At Your FingerTips
And created for those who dream big.

Hello. My name is Ryan.
For those who don't know me. i'm a talented designer that can create incredible maps, minigames and so much more. Although most people will not know me. My dream is to be different from those who wish to blend in. Creating beauty and fun in totalpixel itself. Once multiplayer is out. Players from around the world can see the creations that “myself” and “others” have created.

Over the few last months i have changed the layout and text on this topic a lot. But this will be my last update for a while and possibly my final update. Most of our updates and future plans will be shown on our dedicated discord server and if you wish to join then i will leave the link below:

Now I've created this server in hope to show my creations and others and bring this hole new universe into play. We love trying to make every moment experienceable and exciting to everyone who plays TotalPixel. From the moment you come on is where you will begin a new adventure, every time. Having Endless fun and exploring the wonders. That we and other online players have come up with.

The TotalPixel overhaul information.

(Please note, everything listed here is the complete version of the dream for TotalPixel, and is not the current state of the server)

Aim of server: you play to gain coins that yourself can use to purchase, upgrades, plots, items and so so much more.

You have the choice upon playing 8 modes that we offer.

- 4 are classic modes
- 4 are mini games
- Unannounced selector toggle that includes 2 big modes. (Hint: RPG type modes)

What are classic modes:
Classic modes are older created maps for E.G. Clicker. We use them older maps and we uniquely edit the contents of that and we improve it ways that make the experience better for all to play.

Each mini game and Classic mods will have there own currency dedicated to that lobby. So every time you win a game or proceed to a new level. The current will go to that dedicated games lobby currency. Overtime your have an option to transfer so much of your currency into bigger used profits (aka the main hub currency) That currency can then be used to purchase premium pets, plots, themes, upgrades, skins, powers, particles, sky tints, face tints, new death messages and just so much more than what I’ve listed.

The list truly goes on.
Now that is just listing the main goal for currency.


cosmetics menu:
When you play you also are able to gain XP that is very important to the hole upgrade system. 

(Also this system is also in each lobby but only accessible to its lobby game. And isn’t transferable to any other lobby including hub)

Every time you reach a special XP number or purchase premium packets or unlock packets from mystery chests or crates.
You unlock new items that yourself gets forever and not all but some items will have special uses like rare particles, tints and much more.

So to simplify the system for unlocking,
- you can only unlock items via specific XP levels/ chests / crates / loot boxes

- You can unlock also specific ones threw winning a type of game and unlocking certain things to unlock the channels for gaining it.

- also please note that some of the unlocks you can get are also ranked.

- Player rank (VIP, MVP etc)
- Player purchasing (mystery chests etc)
- Common, Rare, super Rare

Mystery chests:
(Only obtained via main hub)
Mystery chests are only obtained if you purchase rare packages using Mystery Dust or by playing a game to unlock one to open up. (Please note you can’t purchase any as they randomise in the system except mystery dust purchases.)

We have a clever system that will have you to either gain your special ranked chests a day (A daily Ranked Reward)
Alongside The Daily XP system.

You can also earn chests if you win a game or get specific skills / role in a minigame / Game

Mystery Dust is to buy special Exclusive chests that include special
items, trails / New items etc

Also new systems that will effect your progress in the mystery box systems.

- a notification system to tell you if u got stuff to open

- When you purchase or win a box / cheat or etc boxes come In Common, Rare, super Boxes

- also if you already have an item unlocked when you open your chests. It will give you the item in XP

Player plots:
Housing is your very own plot of land in which you are able to build freely via the blocks you can unlock from mystery boxes. In housing, you have the ability to invite other people over to your plot and there is no limit on how many people you wish to invite over! Make sure to be careful though as they will be able to break blocks. So Trust people you wish to have your housing code.

Here is also what to expect from the housing menu:
Housing Menu

*       Blocks

When you first join your house, you are given a set of 10 basic items to start building with. You are however, able to get obtain more blocks through the use of mystery boxes. In all mystery boxes, you have a chance to get a common, rare, epic, or legendary building block that you will be able to use whenever you want.

There are also a few blocks that can ONLY be obtained by purchasing a theme.

*       Rewards

In this menu, there are 200 different rewards that you can obtain by doing stuff on your plots. With each reward, you have the possibility to unlock new blocks that you can use on your land.

*       Sky Colours / Face Tints

When you get your house you can purchase exclusive sky colours that yourself and others can see with. But you can only obtain these when you purchase themes. Now if the other players dont own any of the colours after leaving the plots. It will disappear automatically.

*       Themes

When you purchase themes that give your plot a cool vibe and overall look. When you purchase these themes you can unlock new Sky colours / Tints, New rewards, blocks and o much more.

In total on release of the themes feature there will be 20 new themes to start off with.

*       Upgrades

Weather selector - Allows you to set the weather at your home
Sunny - Unlocked by default
Raining Regular – (Once purchased you dont unlock it forever)
Regular - 12 Mystery Dust
VIP – 8  Mystery Dust
VIP+ - 6  Mystery Dust
MVP – 3 Mystery Dust

Hail Stone /  Storming
Regular - 12 Mystery Dust
VIP – 8  Mystery Dust
VIP+ - 6  Mystery Dust
MVP – 3 Mystery Dust

Regular - 12 Mystery Dust
VIP – 8  Mystery Dust
VIP+ - 6  Mystery Dust
MVP – 3 Mystery Dust

Plot Size Upgrade - This upgrades your plot size from 20x20 to 30x30 to 40x40
Note:your current builds will be lost, if you upgrade!
Regular - 50 Mystery Dust
VIP – 40  Mystery Dust
VIP+ - 20  Mystery Dust
MVP – 10 Mystery Dust

- All mod models will have a refresh every few months to keep up with detail, colour corrections
- New packs will be made in order for future gamemodes and other cosmetic things
for the fun side of the server

- Achievement overall
- Bug Fixes will frequently happen
- A lot more interesting and fun Achievements will be happening.
- You will be able to gain Achievement Points as well as the current XP gain, these points can be used in a
new menu that you can spend to get new. Game boosters, New cosmetics Limited New Special made packs
and so much more. From the cosmetics menu or a special character called Bob who can be found in the main hub.

Game boosters can be from More coins per game or XP boosts and much more.

To gain a booster up the chain of Coin x Booster = DoubleC

You gain them when you reach specific XP levels.

Minigame /  Classic Adjustments:

- New maps will be added replacing older maps every few months

: - BlockWars: (MiniGame)

- A new Prestige option will be welcomed threw a new menu interface. Unlock and upgrade new
trails, items and other fun and interesting items. These can be unlocked via specific levels and having the correct money.  All of this can be purchased from the games lobby shop.
- having Custom game mode Achievements
- Gamemode adjustments
- New power ups that can be collected
- New and more interesting Fun modes within the Gamemode

- A all brand new customising option to create your own area packs.
( You can unlock new item slots to add specific items to your custom pack)

- A option menu to change levels from Easy To Super Hard.
- Unlock new Parkour chest that you can gain from achieving new parkour challenges

MiniGames in general:
- Some games will gain alters (packs) that can effect the players gain. Example ( More XP, Gold) when playing the game.

- Lots of bug fixes to fix some issues that can accrue when playing
- Bobs Supplies Drops are unique packages you can unlock to purchase three different ranks. And once you use it you must repurchase it again. But once you buy one it moves it to the lobby cosmetics menu. You then equip it and use it in game.

- A menu that can transfer funds into another games money. (Also lobby)
- for specific game modes, you can buy starting packs that can help start off
in the 1st place


(Hub Stool Stations)
- Buyable extra fun items
- New limited Hub Side Quests
- introduction to server


pets are NPCs who did nothing but follow you around all the time. But with our system everything has changed. There is now a lot more you can do with your pet, and much more to understand about them that meets the eye

To access the pets menu. You can use it only in hub atm. Using the bone item with a animal logo. In this menu, you will see all pets (not just the ones you own).

PETA and You: Caring for your Pet
There are currently 5 Pet Statuses:
Super Happy

These 5 Statuses indicate how your Pet is feeling at the time when your on. and heavily contribute to the Growth of your pet.

Overtime once your pet gains enough XP to level up it changes form to be bigger and badass looking.

You are also able to unlock clothing and other cool stuff like particles etc. When using mystery chests. (Only)

Introducing Avatar Outfitters!

A new and exciting way to have fun,
while playing minigames.
Buying permanent skins that can be used
to show off to your friends or even online

Currently this is in the works and will
not be on release of the server. But near the future of the server.
Skins can be fun and interesting complex avatars that you and
other online players can enjoy. along side Pet Companions.

Your world / [Other] TotalPixel Server (Hypixel Inspired) - Coming Soon
« on: January 06, 2018, 03:01:26 PM »
Hello Everyone.

I am here today to talk about the upcoming server TotalPixel.
This server is inspired by Hypixel and TotalMinerDude Map TotalPlex.
This server is going to be a fun and thrilling map that allows players to have fun.
We hope that you can join us when Multiplayer comes out.

What you can play:

- Line (MiniGame)
- PaintBall Warfare (MiniGame)
- Maze Runner (MiniGame)
- Build Battles (MiniGame)
- Factions (MiniGame)
- TDM (MiniGame)
- Parkour (MiniGame)


We also have lots of custom made mods for the map, lots that we cant tell you about yet but if it comes to it then the mods will be open to download.
(Textures of the items also need to be done)

If you would love to participate and help out with this map then you can!
Design mods, components and much more than can be used on the map.
If you do have anything, please leave the link to it.

To leave it im going to show you a little example pics:

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