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Your world / [Challenge] Plenty of Challenges
« on: July 15, 2018, 11:06:47 AM »
Been working on a map with tens of dozens of challenges of parkour, puzzle, and fun for a while, why not make a post for info on my progress.

Course 1: (Puzzle)(Parkour)

Level 1: Basic Jumps - 100%
Level 2: Plastic Woods - 100%
Level 3: The Corn Maze - 100%
Level 4: The Snowday War - 100%
Level 5: PacMan - 100%
Level 6: The Lab - 95% (Playable, needs polished)
Level 7: The Ally - 100%
Level 8: The Bridge - 100% (Might remove and replace Level 8)
Level 9: Super Mario - 90% (Playable, needs polished)
Level 10: Spooky Woods - 100%
Level 11: The Floor is Lava - 100%
Level 12: The Office Vents - 100%
Level 13: The Castle - 100%
Level 14: Trump Tower - 100%
Level 15: A Deathmine - 85% (Not playable yet)
Part 2: Corruption of Levels 1 - 15.

Course 2: (Puzzle)(Parkour)

Level 1: A Simple Jump - 100%
Level 2: The Woods - 100%
Level 3: The Maze - 100%
Level 4: Upside Down House - 100%
Level 5: The Skys - 100%
Level 6: Underground - 100%
Level 7: The Graveyard - 100%
Level 8: Fire Escape - 100%
Level 9: The MineShaft - 100%
Level 10: The Ice Cave - 100%
Level 11: Kidnappers House - 100%
Level 12: The Kitchen - 100%
Level 13: Truck Load - 100%
Level 14: The City - 100%
Level 15: A Simple Jump - 100%

Course 3: (Puzzle)(Parkour)

Level 1: The Woods - 100%
Level 2: The Farm - 100%
Level 3: The Court Yard - 100%
Level 4: The Dungeon - 100%
Level 5: School - 100%
Level 6: The Maze - 100%
Level 7: NukeTown - 80% (Not Playable)
Level 8: 1v1 Obstacle/Parkour Race - 100%
Level 9: The Dance Club - 100%
Level 10: The Castle - 100%
Level 11: Construction Site - 100%
Level 12: The Lab - 100%(Might remove and replace)
Level 13: The Ship Yard - 100%
Level 14: ?
Level 15: Total Rush World - 50% (Not Playable Yet)

Course 4: (Puzzle)(Parkour)

Level 1: Lilly Pads - 100%
Level 2: Rain Drops - 100%
Level 3: Grave Yard - 100%
Level 4: Fire Maze - 100%
Level 5: Pumpkin Patch - 100%
Level 6: Train Ride - 100%
Level 7: Time to Eat - 100%
Level 8: Bedroom - 100%
Level 9: The Docks - 100%
Level 10: The Building - 100%
Level 11: Getting Caught - 100%
Level 12: Escaping Home - 100%
Level 13: Ice Breakdown - 100%
Level 14: Broken Bridge - 100%
Level 15: The Woods

Course 5: (Puzzle)(Parkour)

Level 1: Easy Stuff - 100%
Level 2: Dark Maze - 100%
Level 3: Doll House - 100%
Level 4: The Building - 100%
Level 5: Subway Station - 100%
Level 6: Miners Edge - 100%
Level 7: The Bathroom - 100%
Level 8: City Run - 100%<br>
Level 9: The Bedroom - 100%
Level 10: E sy St  f - 100%

Course 6:(Parkour)

Level 1: Grass with Spring - 85% (Playable, needs polished)
Level 2: Sandy Deserts - 100%
Level 3: Snowy Ice - 100%
Level 4: Death by Fire - 75% (Not Playable Yet)
Level 5: Shadows - 0%

Course 7: (Parkour)

100/One Hundred 15x21 blank rooms of parkour starting with simple as possible ending with professional skill level. 100 rooms.

Course 8: (Parkour)(Some Puzzle)

4 Doorway spawn with the players choice of which order to they want to play the challenges.
Part 1: Begginer - 100%
Part 2: Intermediate - 100%
Part 3: Advanced - 100%<br>
Part4: Expert - 75% (Not Playable Yet)

Course 9: (Parkour)(Some Puzzle)

4 Doorway spawn with the players choice of which order to they want to play the challenges.
Part 1: Begginer - 100%
Part 2: Intermediate - 100%
Part 3: Advanced - 100%
Part4: Expert - 100%

These are all the challenges. I plan to also have some fun activities on the sides.

PR Jump Records
Puzzle Secrets

Basically I will just keep adding and adding challenges of my own and sometimes other peoples challenges if I really like them and I get their permission to add to my map. I&apos;ll keep adding to this map everytime I feel like making a challenge of parkour or puzzle or both.

I hope one day I get to host this on PC and when ever someone feels like just playing a challenge map one day they can play this map for a fat minute and have a good time.

Plenty of challenges of all skill levels are on this map so that hopfully every one can find joy in it.

Ill update the post if I make any changes to the map or made great progress on it.

Questions and Answers / Lag and Underground
« on: July 11, 2018, 10:25:57 AM »
I have a world where I cleared a large space underground and blocked the games day light and put buildings underground with sun blocks. I also have buildings on the surface above the underground buildings. Ever since I added the underground part to my map I've been getting a lot more a bad lag spikes. Is my game lagging because of the underground part of my map? If s, is it possible I can reduce the lag spikes by filling underground back with grass and pretend like I never messed with clearing space underground? How effective would it be? Note this is happening to me on the xbox360, not the PC.

Questions and Answers / Original Camera Option.
« on: December 30, 2017, 04:27:48 PM »
On Xbox360 there was a player option to change your camera option to Original or Momentum. Now in PC there is no Original camera option, it just gives you momentum. Not many people used Original Camera Option so I'm not sure if too many people here will know what I am talking about. Is there a way Original Camera option can be added back to PC? I'd like to fly and not slide around so much.

Questions and Answers / How do I play?
« on: December 23, 2017, 01:54:54 PM »
Hello. I just bought TM PC but I not know how to move or any of the other controls. Ive never played any PC game before until now. Someone tell me the controls please.

Site Suggestions and Bugs / Too many ads!!!
« on: December 05, 2017, 07:55:31 AM »
 Every time I go on the forums with my phone, an ad will pop up every 30 seconds or less! Even now as I am typing this, ads will interrupt me. I have no idea if you have the power to fix this or not but if you do, please try to look into this or something.

Your world / [Adventure] Which Zelda Remake?
« on: October 09, 2017, 06:43:41 PM »
Attention Zelda fans! With the completion of my challenge map me and ixDraftz have been working on for nearly a year, I am now in need of a new project. I am a big fan of the Zelda series and I've decided I want to dedicate as much time as it takes to remake a Zelda game on total miner. I am having trouble deciding which one to remake on Total Miner so I am asking you guys which one of these Zelda games you would like to see remade on Total Miner.
You're probably asking why Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask isn't in the vote option. Those games have already been remade on Total Miner. There would be no point of remaking it if someone else had already remade those two almost perfectly.
Don't think I'm just another player talking about a big project that I am just going to abandon in a months time. I am dedicated for as long as it takes to remake one of these Zelda games. Really the only Zelda game in the vote option that would be unimaginably hard to remake is Breath of the Wild. That game is so huge its not even funny. People that have played that game would understand. Anyone of these that has the highest vote I will put time in to remake. If there is a different Zelda game you want to see remade in Total miner that isn't in the vote option please post a comment.

Ideas / Total Miner Speedrun
« on: September 16, 2017, 04:54:08 PM »
I like Total Miner.
I like Speedrunning games.
Why not have a speedrun leaderboarda for Totalminer?

How it would work is you have to get all the unlockables fast as possible on brand new digdeep and survival maps. Obviously Refugee, King, Astronaut, Ninja, Medic, Angel, Goldenkinght, DemiGod, and DemiGoddess would be excluded from speedruns since you can't get those unlockables without other people.

No I'm not saying add a leaderboard in the game. That would be silly. I'm saying maybe we have it on the forums. You make a video of you getting all of the possible unlockables fast as possible and post it on the leaderboards.

It would be interesting to see the different strategies people come up with.

Questions and Answers / Reason for change in signs?
« on: July 31, 2017, 05:28:35 AM »
We use to be able to walk through signs but now they have been solid for a while and we can't walk through them now. Anyone know why this was changed?

Total Miner Discussion / [Game] Modders that greif. Watch out.
« on: July 19, 2017, 09:06:19 PM »
Guys there are new Modders in the total miner forge community that go around on maps and greif then for no reason. (Mine as well) watch out for these gammertag.

Unfortunitly I cannot post pics of the forums but I have posted pics on the discord under the #modding chat that proves these two are modding tm

For PC will we be able to have one part of the map have the Game difficulty be peaceful and have another area of the maps game difficulty easy or normal at the same time? I think that would be cool.

Ideas / Transparent Ice
« on: July 06, 2017, 12:29:59 AM »
This game needs an Ice block players can see through

Ideas / Custom music
« on: July 03, 2017, 01:59:53 PM »
It would be cool if we could add any music we want into our maps.

Total Miner Discussion / [360] How to fix a :Net error.
« on: June 12, 2017, 08:59:16 PM »
Net errors are those things that prevent you from joining some peoples servers.
Here are some tips of how to get rid of your net errors.

1. Unplug your router and plug it back in.
2. Test your Xbox LIVE connection by going to system settings and going to network settings.
3. Do steps 1 and 2.

Questions and Answers / Transferring maps.
« on: June 11, 2017, 09:43:56 PM »
If we transfer our map from xbox360 to PC, will the rates, visitors, time played, and any other game stats transfer over too? Also will the scripts transfer over too?

Ideas / Textures
« on: June 11, 2017, 02:10:12 PM »
There is no...

Book texture for multi-texture block
Invisible barrier texture
Water or Lava texture
Teleporter texture
Cloud texture.

If I find more I will update this.

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