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Development Updates / I have reached Bedrock
« on: March 28, 2019, 07:08:00 PM »
Hello everyone.

Seven years and nine months after the first release of Total Miner: Forge on the Xbox 360 Live Indie Games channel, I have reached bedrock and am unable to continue development. Add another 6 months for the development time before the initial release and this wonderful game has dominated my life for the better part of eight years.

It takes a tremendous amount of drive, energy and enthusiasm to work on an ambitious indie computer game. I no longer have the necessary drive to continue on this game.

I will keep the game open on the Steam store until the end of May, at a reduced price, and then remove it from the store, permanently. At that time I will also delete the TM twitter account, facebook account and end the hosting of this website/forum. I'll keep the youtube channel open.

I will do whatever is necessary to ensure the game is still playable/downloadable after removal from the Steam store.

For people who only know the game from Steam, I apologise for not being able to come through and get the game out of early access. The burden is too great for me now.

To all you 360'rs, thanks for the memories, it's been a blast. I couldn't have hoped for a better community supporting the game. I can't thank you enough. You've all given me so much joy. I will never forget you guys.

My friends, I wish you all the very best in your lives ahead.

Development Updates / 2.7 - PC - Dig Deep
« on: February 09, 2018, 10:58:55 PM »
A final testing build for Dig Deep is ready. If all goes well we're looking at a Dig Deep release around Wednesday.

Your Projects / [PC] Infinite Worlds Mod
« on: January 07, 2018, 12:18:22 AM »
I'm kinda surprised there has been no discussion of this:

Infinite Worlds

Guides / Console Command Documentation
« on: February 09, 2017, 02:43:55 AM »
This topic will document each console command. You can also view this documentation in the console via the help command.

Full Command List:

cls: Clear the console screen.
cmd: Execute a cmd file.
console: Adjust console settings.
exit: Exit the console.
help: Display help information.
inv: Current player inventory.
kill: Kill players or mobs.
list: List various game information.
msg: Send a text message.
notify: Add a notification.
player: Change the current player.
script: Execute an existing script or single command.
tp: Current players teleports.

Development Updates / Dev Live Streams
« on: October 24, 2016, 04:50:35 AM »
I'll use this topic to post any up coming development live streams.

Fun House / Funny clothes
« on: September 10, 2016, 04:43:05 AM »

Development Updates / 2.6 - PC Initial
« on: September 06, 2016, 05:54:41 PM »
Below is a full breakdown of the work remaining before we can release to PC Steam Early Access.
This list is not yet complete. I will continue to add to it over the next week or so and then post once it is considered a complete list.

Bugs to Fix - These bugs must be fixed before release.
Count: 24 [fixed 42] [new 32]

Low Priority Bugs - These bugs can be fixed after release.
Count: 36 [new 12]

Build P2P networking solution using Steam networking.

Finalize default NPC dialog.
Finalize default behaviour for free spawning NPCs (passive and aggressive).
Fix NPC free spawning logic.

Mouse/Keyboard/Gamepad support:
Finish key textures.
Ensure gamepad can be used to fully control new GUI screens.
Add virtual keyboard for gamepad users.

File Handling:
Convert from XNA to PC.

Graphics Device:
Ensure lost graphics device is properly handled.

Scalability and RAM:
Deal with scalability issues.
Perform a full RAM profile.

Steam/Game Cards:

Mod Support:
Continue expanding the TM Modding API. This work is not critical to release.
You can browse my test mod projects here:

Creative Features / Script Variables
« on: August 23, 2016, 10:55:54 PM »
I'm curious how are people getting on with these?

Are they enabling the power you hoped they would?

Is there any last minute tweaks I can do to them to enhance? Any built in vars I can add?

Let me know. Thanks.

Creative Features / [Scripts] Script Tips
« on: August 15, 2016, 12:32:20 AM »
Script tips: Post yours below and I'll consider adding them to this OP.

I'll start it off with the first few. I'll also be tweeting the ones that will fit in a tweet.

Script tip #1:
You can use a variable anywhere you can use a number.

Script tip #2:
Substitute a variable for it's value in any [text] message by surrounding it in square brackets, eg. notify [Count=[count]]

Script tip #3:
Format a variable text value to x decimal places in [text[var:x]] by specifying # of decimal places after a colon after the var name.
e.g. notify [Radiation=[rad:2]] means the text will show the rad value truncated to 2 decimal places.

Script tip #4:
A simple coordinate based hash:
var [hash] = [31] + [rel:x] * [rel:z]
var [hash] = [31] * [hash] + [rel:y]
var [hash] = [31] * [hash] + [rel:z]
and to limit the hash to x number of digits use modulus [%] with a value of 10^x (like for a pin etc).
var [hash] = [hash] % [10000] // e.g. will limit it to 4 digits 10^4

Script tip #5:
Use a history value anywhere you can use a number by first loading it into a var.
e.g: var [bla] = [history:bla], now use bla in another command.

Script tip #6: (2.5 only)
A simple gamertag based hash:
var hash = [hash:[gamertag]]

Script tip #7:
Many parameters can be omitted, and where appropriate will use a default value. (See help/docs).

Script tip #8:
All variables (vars) are 64-bit floating-point values.

Script tip #9:
History values are 64-bit integer values. To store a fractional value from a variable to history, first multiply the variable by 10^x where x is the number of decimal places to store. Then when you want to use the fractional value again, divide by 10^x when assigning to a variable.

Script tip #10:
Notify and HudText are very useful debug tools. If you're not sure why something isn't working correctly then placing notify or HudText commands in the right places to display the relevant data on screen (history, variables etc) is a great help to find out where the script is going wrong.

Script tip #11:
Wait [100]
Loop                // delay omitted = default [16] i.e. same as Loop [16]
is the same as
Loop [116]

Script tip #12:
var assignments are processed strictly left to right, there is no operator preference.

Script tip #13:
Press the Back button to instantly exit the script editor window (no need to go through the B menu). If you've made changes to the script, you'll be prompted.

Script tip #14:
Press the Start button on any command that specifies another script to open that script in another editor window. It will automatically create a new script if it doesn't yet exist.

Script tip #15:
Whenever you use Loop, consider the highest delay possible for 'good enough' function. The higher the delay, the less potential for script lag.

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