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Ideas / Maximum Amount of Money Held In One Stack (Increased)
« on: August 20, 2017, 01:26:16 PM »
Personally I dislike the maximum amount that gold pieces (money) can stack to (64,000) this limits alot of servers to always use a stack or multiple stacks to buy random items.
But using one stack to hold all the money would make it easier to know how much in total a player would have.

Obviously increasing the money stack amount beyond 99,999 would cause GUI errors, such as numbers overlaying each other.

So to avoid this GUI error when the money stack amount = 100,000 change the visible value to 100k
And when the money stack amount = 10,000,000 change the visible value to 10m
But when you scroll over the money stack you can see the full amount in the bar below your hotbar.

Please please please, make this change to PC edition if it ever comes out, I made this suggestion because of OSRS hehe xd.

Fun House / [Other] Total Miner: Forge (PS4 Edition)
« on: June 02, 2017, 12:08:14 PM »
Checking the last updates from this forum about the PS4 edition there isn't much to go on other than, waiting for product code or something.
Well here is more information regarding the PS4 edition of Total Miner for you PS4 players! :D

Ideas / Total Miner Forge PC Ideas!
« on: February 01, 2017, 12:22:41 PM »
I have two small ideas that I think should be implemented into Total Miner: Forge on PC before release.

★Unlockables (the skins i.e Zeus, HermesWraith, Boy)
I think all unlockables should be tied to someone's steamid or something relating to their steam profile this is so no one can modify the game files to unlock skins.
(steamid: A SteamID is a unique identifier used to identify a Steam account)

★There should be a music menu, listing all in-game songs and should contain options such as.
Be able to turn off or on specific songs
Edit the time between each song plays, time values: "User Input" and "Random"
Be able to edit the random value, for example: "3min ≤ Random ≤ 6min"

Total Miner Discussion / [Dig Deep] A Question.
« on: October 11, 2016, 12:33:45 PM »
Me and my friends have recently bought a month of gold membership due to a recent hype train starting up again which crashed through my living room wall, this was the hype train of a dig deep map on Total Miner. We're planning to go to maximum depth and find every last blueprint, however while every else is doing that I'll be secretly trying to gain something my friends are not interested in, the Demigods!
I thought this would be simple and easy, however my fate is twisted, since I might not be able to get Sage while playing with my friends.
You see, I went on to my old dig deep map, I held 5 wisdom scrolls in my hotbar, although this was true, my progress towards Sage only presented 4 out of 49 found. I knew that the extra wisdom scroll I had (the 5th) was found by my friend. So that was cancelling out the progress hitting 5 out of 49.

So my question is, if I found 48 out of 49 of the wisdom scrolls on the entire dig deep map, then he found the last scroll.
Would my progress towards Sage essentially stop at 48 out of 49?

Total Miner Discussion / Total Miner Forge - Coming Soon To PC...
« on: December 27, 2015, 07:09:36 PM »
When Total Miner: Forge was announced for Steam I was extremely happy and excited nearly everyday for months I would search up Total Miner: Forge in Steam but my joy was killed everyday by this message - "No results were returned for that query." Finally after a very long time I given up hope...

i cri ever tim wen it says "No results were returned for that query."  :,( :,(

Your world / 250+ Hours of work GONE >:(
« on: October 29, 2015, 08:48:56 PM »
So a while back I discovered this amazing dm that had 20+ ranks! And straight away this lit a fire in me to build my own amazing dm map, so I set forth spending 80+ Hours deciding the theme and layout then scripting till my hands and head fell off but finally my map was created with my own style and creation I hosted for more than 150+ hours hitting 450+ rates and exploding with joy of how successful my server became. But then I stopped playing the game and started playing Fallout 3 since there was so much Fallout 4 hype however I got soo bored I finally gave up and went back to total miner, unfortunately I found out that my server has been completely copied and ripped off by the one and only -removed-.  :!  :!  :,( :,( >:( >:( /-: /-:

Total Miner Discussion / [Dig Deep] How I Completed Dig Deep!
« on: July 24, 2015, 08:00:06 PM »
Every time I've started a dig deep map I've always started it with my friend since it makes the digging and mining two times faster, three times faster if ya got 3 friends with ya. Anyway obviously the first thing me and my friend did was run around the whole world to find all the surface-prints. Then as soon as we finished that. My friend suggested we should make a staircase-mine so we did that and it was tiresome work but once we hit around 400-depth we made a base inside the
staircase-mine it was THEE BEST FUN EVER! Since our base kept on destroying it self every rumble, but shortly after the 3rd rumble we discovered that placing wood as a ceiling would stop the rumbling. So we did that every where! However even though blocks wouldn't fall every rumble we still crouched and hid in our 1 by 1 holes in the walls, it was great fun!

After we made the base we carried on mining to 600-depth but it was tiresome returning to that base at 400-depth! So I made my own base at 600-depth, but now money was the problem, tools were breaking, money became shorter and shorter mining and selling was the way to do it but it wasn't generating money quick enough so one-day as I was looking at all the prices in the block shop I realized that logs sold for more than planks but I then realized that you could turn those planks into doors and sell those! This method was like discovering fire! Me and my friend locked ourselves in our bases for hours just doing this to make money!
Buy logs, craft planks, craft doors, sell doors! By the end of it I had a chest full of money. And about a thousand taps on the A button.

800-depth (We got to basalt I think I don't know what depth is basalt but we made it to basalt) Our new method of making money was now mining basalt and turning it into furnaces and then selling those furnaces of course. One morning I noticed that my blueprint spinner was constantly pointing up, the following morning I discussed this with my friend and we came to the conclusion, "WE MISSED SO MANY BLUEPRINTS AND NOW WE HAVE TO GO BACK!"
We mined and mined, tunnel after tunnel, discovery after discovery but then at the end of it all we emerged out with the Ruby Pickaxe blueprint and we thought we were OP as mtn dew and Doritos!

1000-Depth we hit the first hell! I rapidly dropped into a ravenous pool of lava, however pvp was off so I was fine :3
After I dropped in my friend did, we discovered many diamonds, many rubies but then when it came to leaving we had to find the exit and that was NOT easy.
See the exit was a one-block hole in the ceiling of hell and that was impossible to find! Another thing we split-up so not only could we not find the exit, we couldn't find each other! After hours upon end we caught sight of one-another jumping and that's how we found each other!
But the problem now was finding a way out! Luckily though we had a third guy join us and he stood by the hole and told us the co-ordinates!
We found our way out but our bases were too far apart so again we made our bases however transferring items from our old bases to our new ones was not easy we had to make at least five trips back and up"
After we moved in we were entirely exhausted of playing total miner for 2 days in a row so we gave it a rest.

We forgot about total miner and stopped playing it for a year.
2013 arrives and I'm all bored so I try out total miner again, I'm addicted!!!
However my friend was not on so it was only me mining down. D;

1200-Depth there I was all alone just mining my days away...
1300-Depth still no sign of my friend coming back so just more mining...
1600-Depth eventually I accept that hes not coming back, so I carried on mining away...
1900-Depth This was it I decide to wait for my friend so I go back for some blueprints, I've gotten all the blueprints I've missed...
2013-Depth I HIT MAX-DEPTH I WAS SOO HAPPY!!!! But disappointed that my friend wasn't there.

Creative Features / Scripting: Changing Inventories
« on: July 23, 2015, 06:56:59 PM »
I have two different servers a parkour server and a mining server, when they enter the parkour server I want the items they've got from the mining server to disappear from their inventory and then when they re-enter the mining server I want there items to re-appear into there inventory.

Can someone please tell me the script for this?

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