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Bug Reports [Retail] / Unknown command HasActor
« on: February 20, 2018, 12:04:30 PM »

Changing "actor" to "player" makes it work as intended

Mods / [WIP] More Creatures 0.051
« on: January 10, 2018, 05:34:30 PM »
More Creatures

This mod adds 13 new mobs and 4 new items

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
A crab, what else can I say? It's a passive mob, not dangerous but beware of its claws

A smaller version of the crab, faster but weaker

The snake is a passive mob that attacks when it feels in danger.

Little insect that wanders around in search for food.

With its shell, the turtle it's very defensive. It is very slow and when it bites.... Well, you're gonna find out  :P

The bunny jumps around. Happily. When it feels in danger, he runs.

Very fast mob. Attacks with its mouth rapidily


Not much to say. Very slow and wanders around

A mob/item that you can pick up by killing it.

A mob/item that you can pick up by killing it.

You know it, lol. (It doesn't blow up because I don't know how to put script on mods. Make a script, for now, called "explode" with Explosion [prel:0,0,0] and the Creeper will blow up)

Video of the Creeper
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

He is one of the Ninja Turtles. Very strong. If I was you, I won't mess around with him.

A bird. It flies (wow genius). It's very weak.

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Turtle Shell

Used only for crafting items

Bone Shard

Used only for crafting items


Turn Bone Shards to a bone block

Bone Boots

A good alternative to leather



WIP (Gonna change the texture next update)

Mod Reviews
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

0.01: Release of the mod
0.02: Changed some mobs, fixed the ant (I think), added 3 new mobs and one behaviour
0.03: Changed some mobs, added 2 new mobs, one new behaviour and one item with its own crafting
0.05: Changed something (I don't remember lol), added 4 new mobs,  added 3 new behaviours, added
2 items
0.051: Fixed behaviours

To do
Squirrel ( @JAZZ 0R KILLER ;) )
More mobs
Mob behaviours (5/12)
Custom tools and armors
Mob drops
More type of the same mob

None at the moment

More Creatures 0.051

Thank you all for the feedback/suggestions! Keep them coming!

Guides / [PC] Guide: Transer 360 data to PC
« on: December 25, 2017, 01:14:53 PM »

This guide will help you transfer all of your Total Miner 360 data to PC

Install Horizon or Modio (Horizon is better than Modio but some antiviruses says it's a virus. Horizon is not a virus, make sure when installing it to not install any third party programs that are maybe malicius)

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Here's what you have to do on Horizon:
  • Open Horizon
  • Plug your USB on your PC
  • On the right you see "Device Explorer" open it up if it's not already open
  • Click the folder "Games", Indie Game and Total Miner Forge Data
    Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  • Once you opened your data, click "Contents"
    Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  • Now on the bottom click "Extract All"
    Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  • Choose the folder you created and you should have your data

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  • Take a USB drive and put it on your Xbox 360
  • Copy your Total Miner Data on your USB drive
  • Put your USB Drive into your pc and install Modio
  • Open Modio (It will look like this)
    Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  • Click "open a save" on the bottom
    Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  • Click on Browse
  • Double click on your save(Picture)
    Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  • Go to Advanced and click on "Edit Package Contents"(Picture)
    Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  • Create a new folder on your desktop (call it Total Miner data)
  • Go to Modio again
  • Select with your cursor all the file
    Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  • Put all of the files in the folder you created
  • Make a backup of your PC files (documents/My Games/TotalMiner)

Now click on one of the spoiler on what you want to transfer

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  • Go to document/My Games/Totalminer and you see the folder called maps
  • Open your folder in the desktop
  • If you already have created some world on PC, make a backup before doing anything because you will probably loose them
  • copy/move the "Maps" folder into the TotalMiner Maps folder
  • If you have made a backup of Your PC worlds, open the folder and rename them with a different number and put them in documents/My Games/TotalMiner/Maps
    Spoiler for Hidden Content:
In the end you should have all of your worlds of the 360 with your PC worlds

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  • Open your folder in the desktop
  • copy/move the "Com" folder into the TotalMiner Com folder
In the end you should have all of your components of the 360

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  • Open your folder in the desktop
  • copy/move the "Photo" folder into the TotalMiner Photo folder
In the end you should have all of your photos of the 360

Global Scripts
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  • Open your folder in the desktop
  • Rename "GlobalScripts.db" into "ScriptGlobal.db"
  • copy/move the database file into the TotalMiner folder
In the end you should have all of your global scripts from the 360

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
  • Open your folder in the desktop
  • copy/move the database file "ParticleEmitters.db" into the TotalMiner folder
In the end you should have all of your particles from the 360

If you have any question/problems, I will try my best helping you

Hope this helped!

Bug Reports [Retail] / Scale bug
« on: December 23, 2017, 05:50:17 PM »
In any command with a scale value (HUDText, particles...) if you put in a value between 0.200 and 0.999 it will not make it smaller but instead it makes it bigger

For example, If i put in a HUDText command a scale value of 0.8, the text will get twice as big

Your world / [Challenge] TotalWare
« on: December 20, 2017, 02:36:53 PM »

Welcome to TotalWare.

TotalWare it's a challenge world with fast paced minigames similiar to WarioWare.

If you win a minigame, your name will displayed in chat and in "The Winners" HUD, you will gain coins (main currency of the world) and your wins will be counted in your stats.

Coins and crates

With coins you can buy crates. Open them to get cosmetic items that will improve your look.

List of crates
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

List of what you get in crates
Spoiler for Hidden Content:


List of Minigames
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
15 Seconds Minigames
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
30 Seconds Minigames
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
1 Minute Minigames
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Infinite Time Minigames
Spoiler for Hidden Content:


Complete achievements to get coins, crates and more

List of achievements
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
WIP Prize:
Spoiler for Hidden Content:


Spoiler for Hidden Content:


The world is: 0% done

This post is still WIP

General Discussion / Thank you
« on: November 07, 2017, 04:32:33 PM »
I was looking through my old posts and oh my...

My English was really bad.

Reading shameless posts and comments I saw something that I wrote that put a smile on my face:

Edit:tell me If there is something wrong on the grammar
I'm not English so I need to Learn it

This quote got me thinking: "Why have I improved?"

And the answer to that question is because of you. Because of this awesome community.

So I gotta say this, thank you.

Total Miner Discussion / My mind is blown...
« on: July 14, 2016, 10:29:15 AM »
In someone's world, you can buy things with real money.

This really makes me mad

Here the picture:
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Question for you: Do you accept this things? Why yes? Why no?

I wanna read your answers.

Fun House / Happy Birthday Creepz
« on: January 14, 2016, 10:02:42 AM »
Well, Happy Birthday Creepz! ^-^
You're one of my best friend and I wanted to make this topic for your 29th birthday!

Here your cake :)
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
I ate it  ::)

Ideas / Item icons on Sign, Npc Bubble chat, book and HUDbars
« on: November 22, 2015, 05:03:40 PM »
This is a simple idea

[Item:Name of the item]

If you put this "command" on the sign, npc Bubble chat, book or on a HUDbar, a small image of an item will appear

For example:
How to make cooked fish


[Item:rawfish] A Fish

[Item:furnace] a furnace

[Item:coal] some fuel

Put the furnace down and open it.
Put coal in there and put the raw fish
You will get a cooked Fish! [item:cookedfish]

Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Hope you like this idea! ^-^

Ideas / Tintcolor for CCTV
« on: November 05, 2015, 09:46:22 AM »

This is a simple idea

Tintcolor script for CCTV
It will be useful for some world that uses CCTV

That's all for now!

Questions and Answers / Is this a bug or what
« on: November 01, 2015, 05:04:52 AM »

Look at the stained glass

Is this normal?

Questions and Answers / SetEventScript question
« on: October 30, 2015, 03:45:22 PM »
Force English format when parsing numbers.
Renaming Auto-Save files makes them unloadable.
Admins option to Kick host (removed).
Network packet bug with Teflon.
SetEventScript not working for all blocks/items.
SystemShops and TextChat permissions re-enabling.
Pressure Plates not activating for remotes.
Tooltips toggle on Options screen.
History/HasHistory script command bug.
Scripted MsgBoxes required A, X or Y option.
Arcade Block mining sound.
Total Rush Glitch fixed - Highscores reset.
Underwater/Spectating glitch.
Script to Script coord issues.
A proxmity detector issue.
Texpack paintings LOD not loading for same texpack on 2nd world load.
Many other minor bug fixes.

What are the items that don't work for SetEventScript?
I tried with a tomato and it doesn't work
Edit:it works...i'm just stupid *facepalm*

Questions and Answers / Hashistory [] [global] doesn't work?
« on: October 20, 2015, 01:13:31 PM »
Why Hashistory [] [global] doesn't work?

I tried many times to use Hashistory with global but it doesn't work.

This is my script:

HasHistory [voted] [global] [>=] [1]

It should work but it doesn't

Edit:It works.
I deleted the [global/player/clan] and it works
Thanks Fuertey!  :D

Total Miner Discussion / =-Particle Emitter-= Tutorial/Guide
« on: October 14, 2015, 10:36:18 AM »
Welcome to this topic.
Here i will show how to use the Particle Emitter block and Create something cool with it
Particle Type
On this menu,we have some premade particles.
You can use them and change them
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
This will determine the Duration of the Particle
Once you clicked on it,it will prompt the Xbox keyboard.
The minimum number is 0,001.
The maximum number is 8
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
1 second duration

5 second duration
Emit Frequency
This will add more Particle per second
Example:if you put duration 8 seconds and emit Frequency 0.1,this will happen
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Emit position offset
This option allow you to move the Particle where you want.
This option is used to create some sort of Weather effect
Example:the SnowMachine use this option
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Emit Position variance
This option allow you to add randomness to the Position offset.
This is option is really usefull to make cool things
Example:I created this!
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Pics got broken.I will put it later
This option allow you to make your Particle movement fastly
Example:i don't know what is this
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Velocity Variance
This option (like the Emit position variance) add randomness to the Velocity.
I never actually use this but you can create cool things  ;)
Example: Sparks use this option
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
This is option allow you to change the gravity to the particles
Example:SnowMachine use this option!
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Rotation Speed
This option allow you to rotate vertically the particles
More info
If you put 0,particles will not rotate
If you put 1,Particle will rotate clockWise
If you put -1,Particle will rotate anti-clockwise
Example:Helirotor use this
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Start size
This option allow you to change the form of your particles
You can change your particles to rettangles,squares,cubes and parallelepids
Example:You can make something big
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Or something small
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
End size
This option allow you to change the size of the particles at the end of the Duration
Example:Chimney use this option!
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Wind Affection
This option allow you to determine how much the wind affects the particles
The wind will move the particles if you turn it on
Example:almost all the templates use this option
Colors option
This allow you to change the color of your particles
More info
R,G,B,A what does this mean?
RGB are the primary color
R means Red
G Means Green
B means Blue
A is the transparency of the particles.

Hope this guide/tutorial helps
Bye  :3

Questions and Answers / Clan Banner.How they will work?
« on: October 09, 2015, 02:16:10 PM »
Update 2.4.

New Block: Particle Emitter.
New Texture Pack - Original Remade.
New Arcade Block Game (Total Rush).
Total Invaders reskin.
Musical Notes, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti added to Ambient Sounds.
Player Text Messaging (shortcut key Dpad Up + A).
Clan banners on player nameplates.
Setup screens added for each Creative tool.
Panes no longer connect to crops.
Dynamic clouds.
Wind - Affects clouds, particles, crops and flora.
Naturally falling leaf particles.
Worlds using the Work In Progress attribute do not prompt players for a rating.

2.41 Changes:
HUD now displays clan banner image.
Text Chat notification and permission is now on by default.
Scrolling added to the Preset text message list.
Walking while crouched should not broadcast noise.
Locked movement when opening an Arcade game.
Opening some screens while flying up/down can lock the up/down movement.
Text alignment fix for text messages on Dig Deep.
Remote avatars swinging hand.
I wanna ask some question:

1)How this is gonna work?You have to create them or select a premade one?

HUD now displays clan banner image.
How this is gonna work?like this?
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
This is only an example.Please,don't judge it!

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