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Your world / [Challenge] Trub's Chaos
« on: August 02, 2017, 04:52:52 AM »
Trub's Chaos

Trub's Chaos is a lovely original Challenge Map set in space! After Trubstep Industries accidentally blew up planet Earth, Trubtavium Recordsmith VII hand picked a select few to send aboard his fleet of Star Sailors until a new planet is built or found.

On board, guests are provided various trials to pass their time on board. These trials were specially designed and crafted to provide mostly stress and hardly any relief for passengers! So what are you waiting for?! Wake up from cryogenic sleep and get to work!

New challenges are worked on whenever I'm hosting. This will probably be the last map I do on 360.


- Dear God, why the hell did I bother waking up from sleep. This is torture!

- I thought I was doomed after being stranded on Earth, but then I got picked for this fleet and realized I was right!

- The food is nice.

Images so far . . .

The main corridors of the sailor you'll be staying on!

A jumping trial with a twist, every time you make it to the end of the platforms, you are sent back to the beginning and the route becomes trickier. More rounds are added as people get further in the trial.

An old idea I finally followed through with. It's skyblock, but the goal is to craft an Item and Block shop!
This was taken during someone's trial!

Fun House / Happy Birthday!
« on: March 16, 2017, 02:35:07 AM »
Happy birthday to [insert name here]! There! Now you don't need to make your own birthday topic! Happy birthday! Everyone! Say happy birthday to [insert name here]!

Your world / A1 Steak Sauce
« on: October 28, 2016, 05:21:08 PM »
A1 Steak Sauce

A1 Steak Sauce is my latest Dig Deep venture. A1 Steak Sauce is the name for the multi-purpose underground fortress that is being built on the map! We definitely do NOT have nuclear weapons stored within the facility. Currently since there isn't too much on the map to do, I am allowing visitors to roam free with edit.

What are some of the plans I have in store?
For one, the facility is planned to expand the 3km depth of your typical Dig Deep map. Many locations underground have been marked in a little note document as key points that I plan to make use of.

The surface will be filled with a city of sorts. Mixture of styles hopefully!

Photos will come soon, as well as more info!

Ideas / Involving Keys and Lava Buckets
« on: October 22, 2016, 08:08:20 PM »
I have two little ideas for PC release.

The first one:

How about letting people submit their own key ideas and designs? Maybe some people aren't committed to making an entire texture pack, but would enjoy the idea of having a tiny piece of their artistic ability in game? Players could submit a key texture and name and if Craigy Moite likes it, he can add it to the selection of keys in game!

The second one:

Just a simple artsy and atmospheric idea. How about having buckets of lava produce a light source when held. This'd be similar to held torches giving off light, except lava buckets would do it as well!

If you enjoy the ideas, just leave a like, please don't reply if you have nothing else to say besides "+1." Critique and idea expanding is welcomed!

Fun House / hosting my world!
« on: September 25, 2016, 04:05:44 PM »
come play rate 5

Ideas / Robotic Description
« on: August 21, 2016, 01:17:22 PM »
Since this is the last update, I believe it'd be smart to change the unlock requirement of Robotic to mention that it'd be no longer available, considering this is the last update. Unless of course we all still enjoy sarcastically answering how to unlock it when newbies ask about it. ::)

Your world / [Construction] Just Build. Ha
« on: August 20, 2016, 04:00:32 PM »
Generic Introduction!

     Just Build. Ha, is a community free build map I whipped up in my spare time. The map is heavily inspired by RF's Communicraft series, specifically the second instalment. Anybody is welcome to build on the map. Your work is zoned so only you can cause harm to it! Many have already built up and made their marks on the map, including our lovely Developer, Craig!

Nifty Features!

     For starters, this isn't some plot based free build world. When I say free build, I mean pick a spot anywhere on the map! In the sky! Underground! If it's on the surface, you'll be sure to have the ever expanding routes of this map snake over to your build, providing visitors a more simple and navigable time exploring.
     Ranks! Yes you heard me, there are ranks. These can be acquired through various activities and participation in the community! Let's have a look at these ranks shall we?

- Blue and Yellow clan emblems are reserved for everyone! These folks are the Builders and with such a name, are granted the ability to build on the map!
- Blue and Orange are your Regular Builders. (ooo!) These folks are regular visitors and builders of the map, simply put it, if I see you on the map often, you'll be sure to receive this clan emblem soon enough!
- Blue and Black emblems are reserved for our forum members! If you are a forum member and happen to visit the map, just let me know your account name and you can become one of the exclusive bunch!
- Gold Stars are your Key Builders. These lovely folks have put in much effort, dedication, skill, and overall are great people to be around! Technically listed as staff of this map, you can look to them as exemplary players of Total Miner!
- Invaderman emblems are reserved for the admins of the map. Simple as that.
- Bomb emblems are for griefers. Speaking of which, we are harsh when it comes to possible griefers. Unfortunately, due to the less like-minded community members of our game, the staff of this map is not lenient when it comes to "Just breaking a few grass blocks while flying." We are always watching, and are very paranoid.
- Any other emblems are given to staff members who aren't admins, but provide help in other ways.

Our Staff!
Your staff members of this map are:
- Trubstep Record (Your Cynical, Sarcastic host!)
- Get Inn the Jet (Donator of the Communicraft Fountain for our spawn! Does the Timmies Runs!)
- IEnter the Void (Trub's trusty right hand man and magician's assistant!)
- Fuertey (Why not!)
- PWRBTTN (He does scripts and gives Trub back rubs!)

These are your current Key Builders:
- Northre (Great individual and nifty builder!)
- Xenogears 666 (Took the call in time/s of admin absence!)
- Ugh Thats Nazty (Always there for picture taking needs!)
- dryym (Fancy guy, fancy friend!)
- Jack of Shades (Cause Jack of Shades finally joined!)
- Knyght Alyor (Helpful when it comes to any fixes I'm making for the map's mechanics!)

Spoiler for Images:

     I do hope you all come enjoy the map sometime, texture slots are few now, but with the upcoming 2.5 release, there should be plenty to go around!

Disclaimer: Creative is given only to those deemed mature enough to handle it.

Ideas / Last Chance for Our Dear Friend
« on: August 11, 2016, 08:42:31 PM »
I do believe as a parting gift for 360 updates of Total Miner, we should be given the ever exclusive dirty root of a vegetable that our dear friend, Fergie has asked for. Adding it simply as a scriptable item like the fruits would suffice, we simply deserve potatoes after asking for them all these years.

Ideas / Set Marker Limits
« on: July 30, 2016, 11:32:50 PM »
This idea is more of an anti griefing idea rather than a creative addition. Essentially, adding a Set Marker Limits option allows hosts to put a restriction on how big of an area creative commands can be used. For example, you could set the size of a usable area to 32x32x32, or simply a diameter of 32. This would ultimately force griefers to take longer in order to delete work, but still allowing players to use the Creative permission.

"But Trub," you might be thinking, "Why would I give someone untrustworthy the ability to use markers to begin with?"
Well, constructive criticizer, many people enjoy opening up maps where they let people build freely. These players greatly benefit when given the Creative permission, as it allows access to shops at the push of a button! It also lets them use markers to speed up building time.
So instead of having to: a) make sure a player is trustworthy with creative commands, OR b) watch over players like a hawk, hosts can limit how large of an area markers are capable of deleting and filling.

If you have any C&C for this idea, please respond. If the only thing you have to say is "+1," just leave a like on the OP. Thanks for reading.

General Discussion / Happy Canada Day!
« on: July 01, 2016, 12:59:07 AM »
From Wikipedia...

Canada Day (French: Fête du Canada) is the national day of Canada, a federal statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the Constitution Act, 1867 (then called the British North America Act, 1867), which united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire.[1][2][3] Originally called Dominion Day (French: Le Jour de la Confédération), the holiday was renamed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was passed. Canada Day observances take place throughout Canada as well as among Canadians internationally.

Happy Canada day, folks. From your Canadian fans of Total Miner. Plenty of activities to look forward to in my town later today!

Enjoy this video on how to be Canadian. I legitimately believe it covers everything you need to know.

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