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Ideas / Custom Cursor
« on: September 07, 2015, 10:23:29 AM »
It would be nice to have a customisable cursor (Dot with a circle around in the middle of your screen for those who don't know what I'm talking about)

Some cursor ideas I have:

- Dot cursor -
- Different coloured cursor -
- Different shape cursor -

I find the current cursor a bit too big, but that's just my opinion.

Total Miner Discussion / Experienced Total Miner Guide | For Dummies
« on: September 05, 2015, 10:00:49 PM »
Greetings Dummies!

Do you suffer from Total Miner Scrubness?

Well fear no more because uncle Law will teach you how to not be a dummy on Total Miner Forge!

Step 1: Chat - Do you leave your kinect mic connected whilst playing total miner? If you do, please ensure your mic is disconnected or in the bin (where it belongs)

If you use the kinect mic to communicate, please ensure that the kinect mic is close to your non stop moving mouth and that you have some sort of earphones connected so other players can't hear themselves.

Do you like inane chatter? Do you carry on talking till the second you get into bed? Well don't you dummy! The last thing someone wants to do is go through 15 recent players, muting them all until you finally get shut down!

Step 2: Different Game Modes - Do you make worlds that have the attribute RPG but has no content of role play what so ever? Change it! Now! The last thing you want is people hating on you (mostly me) for using a misleading attribute, if it says "Challenge", make a challenge world, not a rank world where the currency is something stupid like chances! That's a no! A no to becoming an experienced, total miner veteran!

Step 3: PvP - Do you kill new players who join for some fun and peace of mind? Don't! Killing fresh spawns is like stealing from a baby! You want to look like the boss whilst in PvP! You want to look like you're too good for them so you spare their life!

You need to focus when you're in battle, you need to keep an eye on the enemy so you don't lose them whilst they hop away! Have your sensitivity high and use correct weapons (just look at the weapon stats you dummy)

Step 4: Building - Do you lack the creativity in building? Fear no more! It's simple, make sure you don't make rooms out of sun blocks or uranium, it's best to start with a box or rectangle made of wood, stone of your liking, or a colour block! Then, make a pattern for the room (Symetrical block patterns on the walls or floor).

To finish of building your dummy box room you need to add detail! Best way to do this is by adding indoor or outdoor bushes or even place down a fountain.

To get building ideas, you can go outside (For the first time of your life), read books, watch films appropriate to your building ideas, use google images!

The best way though is to message me! Now just DO IT!

Step 5:Mining - Are you failing to make money on a world such as "DEATHMATCH V592758"? Fear no more! Just mind your business and make as many enemies as possible! Why you ask?! Because you want to be feared and look like you're going to James Bond their a**es!

Go for the lowest value blocks first, then work out how the system works, if people are constantly stealing blocks or fighting in better mines then you know you should peacefully stay in your place!

In worlds where peace is the main factor then spam the poop out of the mine/s and collect the most valuable blocks first! (Yes, that's how I get rich... And some other dirty deeds).

Step 6: Reason For Playing - Are you not sure what reason you're playing total miner for? Then find out by

A) Asking yourself if you're playing for fun
B) Asking yourself if you're playing to be the coolest non dummy player


C) Asking yourself if you're playing to be a hardcore Total Miner veteran!

Step 7: Ending - Are you still in desperate need of information on how not to be a dummy? Then message me or comment below your situation and I'll answer!

Now get building and slaying you dummy!

Gamertag: Your Law

Total Miner Discussion / Hunger Games | How To Improve Your PvP
« on: July 29, 2015, 05:52:05 PM »
Hello guys, as you may know, there will be a Family Guy Theme Hunger Games hosted by Swift, if you are one of those who made it and have an assigned date then here are some tips to improve your PvP performance...

Tip 1: Go to the bathroom before match starts - I know you may laugh but you don't want to end up dead just because you went to the bathroom for a leak.

Tip 2: Inform others - This doesn't mean tell everyone about it but instead tell your brother, sister, mum, dad, or grandparents to stay off the wifi for just a few minutes to make your connection better

Tip 3: Loot what you need: Just because there's a crate full of feathers, it doesn't mean you have to take them, you will find that your inventory will fill up pretty quick

Tip 4: Don't team - Although this is a rule already, I know some people are friends and maybe even clan members but please don't risk it because it is cheating

Tip 5: Prediction - Predicting is a great skill, predict where your enemy will be and predict their next move during combat

Tip 6: Crouch combat - Crouching whilst attacking is a great way to surprise your enemy, it is very hard to hit a small object. But staying crouched too long will give your enemy enough time to lock onto you.

Tip 7: Don't camp - I know some people had the idea to hide out the entire game till they are last... How are you going to kill the last fully geared enemy though?

Tip 8: Craft something - I'm not sure if you'll be able to craft in this hunger games but that wood you have? Crafting a wooden sword is better than nothing right?

Tip 9: Timing - Don't spend too long in one place, there's bound to be 7 other players that will pass through... Unless you're planning an ambush that is.

Tip 10: Combat - Whilst in combat, you can use different techniques such as circling your enemy while beating them down with a stick or gliding your character left and right in a random pattern to confuse your enemy whilst hitting them.

There are many more ways to be better in combat and surviving but these are important, so try some of these tips and good luck to those participating in the contest.

Let's hope that the 7 other players in my game don't read this :D

Questions and Answers / Large Island Surrounded By Water Question
« on: July 18, 2015, 07:48:51 AM »
How does one create a large island surrounded by water, I'm not very familiar with the 'Terrain' tool and I've been trying to get the result for a while now. I don't know if it's even possible now but does anyone know the rough terrain values for a large island surrounded by water, much like the look of the game "Boom Beach" where you have the sand from only one direction.

Let me know what I could do, even if anyone doesn't know, rough values or ways to make one :)

Thank You

Total Miner Discussion / Space Ship Ideas Needed
« on: March 27, 2015, 09:23:13 PM »
I'm making a map and I need some inspiration for a spaceship, I was going to ask for a builder but this will do. Has anyone got any of their own designs they could show me? I'm thinking something small or medium :D

Please don't bother telling me "Search up Minecraft images/ideas bla bla bla"... Just don't... because it's not useful to me.

Ideas / Silver Pieces | Silver Bars | Silver Ore
« on: March 16, 2015, 12:31:40 PM »
Used the search bar this time, found nothing using a couple key words.
So here it goes.

What if...

You had silver pieces!

Just like gold pieces, these would be lower in value. Obviously, the source of the silver pieces would be silver ore, then smelted into silver bars and so on. The default shops have the gold pieces item in them and they are pretty much useless so instead of saying "Buy 1 gold piece for 1 gold piece", it should say "Buy 1 gold piece for 2 silver pieces". This would add so much more economy into the game.

I don't think there should be silver jewelry, just a new currency, the source of it and some silver bars which could be made into the known tools we have today (Maybe a new defence weapon if we grinders are lucky).

Anyway. Feel free to add onto what I suggested because I didn't think this through in enough detail some others did.


Ideas / Zoning Sound
« on: March 16, 2015, 03:42:21 AM »
What if, you could script a sound effect (preferably from the Sound block options) and then put it into a zone.
This would be great for making RPG maps where having a doorbell doesn't mean that the next door neighbour has to hear it. Or something similar.

Also, with the default sound block you can only set a maximum of 100 blocks radius I believe, what if the area of land is 100x2? You don't want that 98 blocks being a sound. It's just... more efficient to put the script into a zone. :)

Script for sound not in a zone:

SetSound [x,y,z] [x,y,z] [volume] [soundeffect]
The volume will go from 1-10 and the sound effect name from the default sound block options.

Script for sound in a zone:

SetSound [volume] [soundeffect]
This is different because it will be put in a zone so it will only play in that zone, meaning you don't need coordinates.

Ideas / Generating Blocks/Chunks
« on: March 13, 2015, 08:25:13 PM »
Maybe instead of popping up. Could it not just work in the background.
90% of the time I've died, it's because it just pops up in your face when fighting or parkouring over lava.

Just... yeah... let it work in the background.

Ideas / Texturing Sunblocks
« on: March 05, 2015, 11:47:39 AM »
Right, I think you should be able to texture sunblocks which would be very useful for RPG maps. E.g - Building Medieval Maps, not wanting torches to be visible and sunblocks are... not medieval so what if you could texture a sunblock to match the environment.

Also, I've seen a building on the main menu built from a mystical green glowing block...

Anyway. I hope people support this idea because it would make creative builds more lit and still good looking.

Ideas / Item Durability
« on: March 04, 2015, 06:31:03 PM »
I would love to see a script command that allows you to mess with an item's durability. Fun for adventure maps and RPG maps.

For example, you press a button with a sign above it that says "Repair "item" for "price":
And you may have put a sign at the entrance saying that every repair can only be done to items with 50 or less durability.

This script will check if you have the money for the repair, if you have the item and 50 durability. Then it will take the money, and repair the item. Can also work by paying "x" for a quarter of the durability repair by "SetDurability [player] [item] [qty]"

"5000GP - Titanium Pickaxe"

HasInventory [player] [goldpieces] [>=] [5000]
HasInventory [player] [titaniumpickaxe] [true]
HasDurability [player] [titaniumpickaxe] [=<] [50]
Inventory [player] [take] [goldpieces] [5000]
SetDurability [player] [titaniumpickaxe] [whatever the full durability is]
HasInventory [player] [goldpieces] [<] [5000]
Notify [You need 5000 coins to repair this item]
HasDurability [player] [titaniumpickaxe] [>] [50]
Notify [The durability on this item is too high]

I don't know if the order of words is right or anything but this would make item repair shops more popular and easier.

Let me know what you think.

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