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Ideas / Direct Link to the Forums
« on: February 08, 2018, 10:52:01 AM »
Just an idea to potentially help the forums through the game.

So basically I was wondering if you could add a direct link (not just "visit us at this address") to the game?

I don't know how much this will help, but generally speaking people are quite lazy, and just seeing a link often does not mean they will take the time to type it in and visit the site.

So my idea is like this: add a tab to the game menu on the PC titled : Total Miner Forums. Within that tab could be relevant information about the forums (such as key/popular posts, contest information (since many people do not know that we have contests), and potentially benefits of being on the forum), as well as a direct hyperlink to the forums itself (if possible).

If not possible to have a direct link within the game, then simply creating the information tab so that people can see the benefits of joining the forums.

Fun House / Best Arguement Finishers
« on: September 10, 2016, 12:51:51 AM »
Alright guys i want to see the best way you've finished an arguement, or seen an arguement finished. post the best arguement responses you've seen here. I want some savagery.

For example: "I'm done with this arguement, you're a third rate builder"


Fun House / Most Time on the Forums and Blocks Place
« on: July 30, 2016, 03:33:45 AM »
Well guys who has the most? VOTE VOTE VOTE ::)

Video / The Adventures of Shatz and Gaggles
« on: July 07, 2016, 05:21:07 AM »
The name is not finalized guys, don't worry. I just wanted something funny.

ANYWAYS, the point of this thread will be to post my new and first ever total miner series on my own YouTube channel (lets forget about the silly hunger games eh?). I will not say what the series is exactly yet, just that the first episode was recorded and I will be soon getting to work on the edit for it (its gunna require A LOT of editing haha).

I am hoping for this to be a unique and original series for total miner, and i plan to put all of my editing skills into the videos. I know there are a fair amount of total miner videos that, no offense, seem very similar to eachother, and are not always the best quality. I'm not promising mine will be great, but from the little content i was able to grab in the first recording session I believe it will turn out well!

Now, I'll give you guys a little clue as to what this is. In general it will Trubstep and I in a party, hopefully with random assorted members with us each time (first ep includes Zoid, PWRBTTN and even Craigy boy). We will be playing total miner, but that really isn't the main focus of the video.

The first should be out in 1-2 weeks hopefully (i have 120 mins of footage to look through, edit, and put together in the next few days before I leave for vaca). hope you guys enjoy!

General Discussion / Mindfulness - The Way to a Positive Life Style
« on: April 11, 2016, 04:20:06 PM »
I know when someone says something about mindfulness, or anything of that "type" of ideal, a lot of people feel that it doesn't really work or it is too hard to get into, but in all honestly as long as you think about it, it is really easy to achieve.

Mindfulness in general, on a right down to the roots basis is living in the moment; not worrying about the past, or the future, just where you are right now - in this moment, and experiencing that moment; not taking it for granted. Anxiety, depression, worry, all of those emotions come from focusing on what happened in the past, or what will happen in the future, and it is ok to feel those emoitions, but then when you feel them, allow yourself to experience them IN THAT MOMENT.

If you live in the moment, if you live each day as that is the only day youve lived, experiencing everything as if it is the first time, and not allwing judgment to cloud your choices, life will be so much more... positive. Living and experiencing life as you go thorugh it makes things so much more interesting, happier, more positive.

Ive struggled in the past with some emotional problems, im not afraid to say that, and recently, as in the past few months, ive come to realaize that these negative emotions are just past or future experience enduced. You cannot let your past rule the present, and the future is just your imagination. live in the  moment, as it is. listen to the wind, feel the chair you are sitting on, listen to the conversation you are a part of, feel yourself breathing as a whole.

It can be a little hard to begin to be mindful of yourself and your surroundings, but once you are, you will experience life the way it should be - in the moment.

I started this mindset before I personally watched these videos, but a youtuber I know has her Major thesis surrounded in the concept of mindfulness, and she made a few videos about it that explain it very well. Here they are if you care to watch:

« on: April 10, 2016, 06:45:02 PM »



this is just a satire of most "contest" held by other players

General Discussion / [How To]: April Fools On The Forums
« on: April 01, 2016, 08:36:16 PM »
Having a Fun and Enjoyable April Fools on the Forums
One of the main things that will happen around this time of year on the forums is some form of April Fools Joke. Whether it'll be "1.8 is released early" or "the hamster that runs the forums is sick" (No gold members is not an april fools joke, it's actually legit) there are a few things you should know.

When there is something going on on the forums, that may seem suspicious, dont be the guy that goes well out of the way to prove it is a prank. Yes, it is fun to have a couple people who are against it, but usually the people who dont believe it, legit fall for the prank.

Its about fun, its a tradition here. Dont ruin the fun, often times if a prank is ruined early, you spoil the "main event" of a prank.

Another thing you need to know is that if you intend to set up a prank, tell a few people about the prank, so they will be "in" on it with you. The more people the better. There have been times where there are ten people in on a prank, and are all convincing others of it.

Also, message bob and criag if the prank revolves around a game feature. some pranks are considered "untouchable" and shouldn't be joked about.


The most important thing is to have fun, and dont get offended. far to many people get offended by a simple harmless joke that we play. If your not in the "in" circle of the prank, make your own the next year, often times you'll be a part of it later on, its just tradition to be fooled at least once ;)

*oh and one more thing, dont always do it ON April fools, some people think far to into everything that happens on this day ::)

Clans & Friend Requests / [How To]: Clans
« on: March 17, 2016, 12:56:05 PM »
How To Create a PROPER Clan Thread

Welcome guys, and here I will introduce you to the clan section of the forums. This section is not the most ACTIVE section we have, but that isn't due to lack of people posted, but rather a lack of knowledge on how to run a clan (or enthusiasm to do so). I in no means am a perfect representation of how to run a clan, I have made clans that have become inactive in the past. But that doesn't mean I do not know how to run a clan.

Before you start a clan, there are a few things you should make sure you are willing to do:

Be a Leader

Often times, a person will start a clan, and then they will do nothing, or very little to support and set up the clan itself. If you want to be a clan creator, you have to LEAD your clan. Set up events, builds, chats. Don't be another name on the list of inactive clans. People look to the person who creates the clan for clan actions, and if that person is slacking off, the rest of the clan will as well.

Explain Yourself and Your Clan

You NEED to explain what your clan is about. IN DETAIL. No one will want to join a clan that is just "hey im looking for good builders with mics, join me - here is my GT".

Explain what your clan is looking for in it's members, what you plan to do in the clan (group builds, games, outside things other than total miner itself), and Set. Things. Up. If you cannot set up a simple meet up, then your clan will fail - simple as that.

A good way to moderate clan activity is using the much underused *Groups* section of the forums. Here you can post when you will doing your clan activities, and feature you clan work (as well as the thread itself).

You should also explain yourself - talk about your experience in TM, and what you will bring to the table as a clan leader. Feature some of your own work if it is a building clan, that way we can see that you're not just looking for "skilled builders"to do your work for you.

If you cannot get pictures, well there are plenty of forum members who have capture cards on the forums, im sure if you ask in the shoutbox, or in the QnA section someone will be more than happy to provide pictures for you.

Overall Appearance

You want your clan thread to look professional. Use proper grammar and spelling. Don't be afraid to use colours and pictures (just do not go over the top). If your thread is professional, well organized, and described well, people will be attracted to join it!

Activity and Members

I know it can be hard to keep a clan active - there are so many different time zones and schedules - it can be hard to organize group actions, but if you know what you are doing, and get to know the members of your clan, it can become a lot simpler.

Enlist some friends that you know/trust, and have them act as admins for the clan. If you cannot set something up due to your own schedule, perhaps your friend can, and maintain an active clan while you are busy.

Above all else, be mutually inclusive. If you are kind and accepting, your clan experience will be much more fun and enjoyable for not only you, but everyone else as well. Yes, there are always going to be those people who do not fit into a certain clan, but you should always give someone a chance. Even if your clan is for "professional" builders, dont reject someone who is willing to learn from you, sometimes people just want a learning experience from those who "know what they are doing". We were all at that point, none of us were amazing builders from the start.

Hopefully this helps you create and maintain a clan, if you follow the general guidelines, anyone can create a good clan ::)

Gaming / Dark Souls 3
« on: March 16, 2016, 03:06:43 PM »

Welcome, to the official Dark Souls 3 thread. There is MASSIVE hype for this game right now, and it is less than a month away now. Now, there is an official SPOILER WARNING for this thread as a whole. Before the game is release, we will most likely talk about what we expect in the game, and once it is release, we will most likely discuss different bosses and game aspects that could be potential spoilers.

APRIL 12th - Release Date (march 28th in Japan)

Here are the opening credits for the game, again - spoiler warning.

Who else is hyped as hell for this? Let's discuss!

Fun House / DRAMA ALERT - *NEW* Total Miner Series
« on: March 09, 2016, 12:35:45 PM »
Welcome one, welcome all to the new total miner forum thread series! Drama Alert will be the host to all things drama, controversy, and general tom foolery of the forums.

Episode one - What is your favourite drama moment that you remember?

Mine - Callum. all that needs to be said ::)

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Keep in mind, this is the fun house, this post is basically a general mockery of how often drama tends to pop up on the forums, and how people react to it. People seem to take things far to seriously. People need to learn to take things easier, and stop being such drama queens haha. Have fun with this topic, I fully expect it to get out of hand, knowing you all, but prove me wrong, show us here that we can talk bout all things dramatic without having to involve the "higher ups".

Creative Features / Several Different ideas I have; help?
« on: December 08, 2015, 04:47:00 PM »
Okay, well as some may know, scripting is not exactly my strong suit, but I find them very interesting, and I understand how they work, just not exactly how to write them. For a map I am making, I have several scripting ideas, but one - I am not sure if the are possible, and 2 - I do not know how i would necessarily write them. Yes I know I am a tester, and I should know these things, but I never really needed to :P

Anyways, the map I am making is a recreation of Dark Souls. Here is a link to the topic, if you are interested in it (has not been updated in a while) Dark Souls: Prepare Yourself.
Basically I am trying to recreate the general atmosphere of Dark Souls, but I cannot do that without different scripts.

The first script I thought about creating involves a leveling system. Basically, if you have not played Dark Souls the leveling system works this way: You kill an enemy and they drop "souls", you then use these souls to level up at the savepoint system (bonfire). What I intend to do is have the mobs spawn via a script, and have them either drop an item (which will act as the soul) or fill up a HUD bar (by this I mean each mob a player kills will fill the HUD bar - I will have a very high maximum, so they wont lose a soul count). These souls will then be used at the checkpoint system for a player to choose what they level up.
Preferably the second option will used, but I do not know if it is possible.

The second script I wanted to involve is the stamina system. Several concepts will revolve around this, so it is a rather large script. Firstly, i want to include a playerswing script tied to specific weapons, this will lower the stamina bar with each swing, and then if the bar is depleted, they can no longer swing ( I know, not possible, but if you have an idea as to how I could create this, it would be greatly appreciated. The second thing would be sprinting, or rather access to a "speed zone" and that access will deplete then stamina, and you cannot access that zone if your stamina is below 10. Obviously there would have to be a regeneration to the stamina HUD aswell.

The third script is a magic system, but it would revolve around the leveling system implemented. If player does not have ___ level in ___ skill then they cannot use the spell.

The fourth script would be a basic "starting script" It would be the class choice, player chooses a class, recieves the levels tied to that class, as well as the items tied to it.

If you guys are able to help walk me through this, or even want to help with them, I would appreciate it alot :) I know some of these scripts will be huge in length, but I intend to create a working dark souls map, and it cannot be functional without these scripts. I know this community is awesome, so any help would be great :D

* few other concepts i intend to include - using particles create the "sword" in the bonfires, and then also possibly creating the bosses themselves out of particles*

General Discussion / A Big Happy Birthday For Craig
« on: October 21, 2015, 08:55:23 PM »
Happy birthday to the developer of of of my favorite games of all time!

Hopefully it is filled with happiness and jorous times, enjoy you time off :) Much deserved!

Have a good one Craigy boy!! 🎂🎉🎉

PS I heard Craig loves karaoke birthday songs

General Discussion / A painful experience.
« on: September 02, 2015, 01:59:15 AM »
Well, seeing as I'm pretty active here, I felt you guys should know what I did this week. I was camping up in northern Ontario, and doing some cliff jumping. Me a a couple buds spotted a big 65-70 foot cliff and went to check it out.

We scoped out the area, made sure that the water was deep enough (I couldn't touch the bottom of I tried) and the cliff itself was a perfect straight drop.

I gathered my courage a jumped off the cliff, but landed in a sitting position. Ended up fracturing a lower spine vertabrae. I am perfectly fine otherwise. I can move everything, have strrght in my whole lower body, but still fractured a vertabrae. I was very lucky.

To anyone who ever wants to go cliff diving, especially if it it high, you have to make sure you maintain form when you hit the water. Legs locked, in a pencil dive (if your jumping that way).

Your world / [Construction] CommuniForgepleCraft 4.0
« on: August 25, 2015, 01:53:45 AM »

Welcome one, welcome all, to the fourth map in this legendary series!
This map is now a WIP
Recent Updates

Due to Copyright issues, the name has changed from Communicraft to Communiforgplecraft


A History Behind It All

If you did not know, Communicraft is a Community based map, and it has been here since 1.6. My sole purpose in creating my Communicraft maps is to have a map in which the Total Miner Community can come together as one and create something magnificent.

Communicraft 1.0 was made back on the old forums originally, and it blew far past my expectations. Although originally it was a "anyone can build" type of map, I soon changed it to forum only, and that was quite possibly the best decision i made on that map. Once i got the forums involved, the map blew up! Communicraft one had countless amounts of players joining in and building. It even earned me a Zeus placement, gifting me the Demigods.

Communicraft 2.0 was in my personal opinion my most successful map, and the best in the Communicraft series (which is why I am returning to the style of the map). Communicraft 2.0 had even more forum members arrive, and I believe that is where I fully started testing my building capabilities. The map entered into the War of Worlds Robotic Competition and, along side some drama, the map was chosen as one of the three winners. Communicraft 2.0 gifted me Robotic. As the map grew in size, and as the 2.0 update neared release, it was time to create a new Communicraft.

Communicraft 3.0 was by and far my most "architecturally sound" map in the series. I went full out in my builds, and tested myself to see how far I could go. I went into a new route, and plotted the map; instead of the usual Communicraft open world, I had organized it into plots. The map looked much more organized, and it had many beautiful builds, but it was to rigid. the plots took away the Communicraft feel (in my opinion). But it was still the Communicraft map that I invested the most "building time" into.

There have been a few Communicraft additions made by other players:
Dig Deep Communicraft [abandoned]
Survival Communicraft [WIP]


Plans For 4.0

I recently started working on the full release of Communicraft 4.0. Taking nothing but the name from prior maps, this map will be completely fresh, with new builds and scripts. I am drawing from past experience and returning to the open world concept; i.e. you can build where ever you please and I will cater to your build placement with my road design and layout.

As with the previous maps, Communicraft will remain form only. When you get onto the map itself simply send me a message with your forum username, and you will receive all building permissions. Keep in mind for anyone new to the series, this isnt my first rodeo, if you abuse the privileges i give you, you'll not get them back. I am generally a very trusting person, but abuse that trust and you lose it.

I will try to incorporate any ideas that you guys give me, so feel free to lay them on me! In past maps i have create entire new sections to fulfill player needs (sky biomes, mega builds, pixel art etc...).


Basic Rules to Follow
Do not grief. That is a given
You must have a forums account. If your reading this, well done! You've passed.
You will not be given save or grief perms, no I dont care if you want water, ask me to place it.
Do not take credit for builds that others made. I.E. do not paste down something that is not yours.
Have fun.


Pictures and Videos


Credits Due and Given


Statistics and Such

World Visitors: 109
World Rating: 5.0
# of Ratings: 13
Most Consecutive Players: 13
Total Man Hours Played: 48.0
Blocks Cleared: 8496
Blacks Placed: 27,613


General Discussion / Happy Birthday Trubstep!
« on: August 05, 2015, 01:16:04 AM »
Since it's 2am 1am and I have nothing better to do at the moment, I'll take this time to say happy birthday to Jet Trub! I've known him for quite some time now and have come to call him a good friend of mine! So let's all celebrate one of the forum's few Canadians' birthday!

[Insert Confetti]
[Insert Cake]
[Insert Canadian Flag]

He totally wont notice that i copied his happy birthday post to me

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