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Quote from: Craig
For Animated Avatars we have decided to keep the existing voxel based models. We will split the models into head, torso and limbs, so that these can be separately animated.

We will also be providing a cutdown creative mode where you guys will be able to build your own avatars, it will even support multiplayer so that you can collaborate on a single avatar.

It will allow you to build the model and define what part is the head, torso and limbs, so that the game can apply the correct animation to each part. It will probably also include a preview feature so that you can see what it might look like in game as you build it.
Sounds gravy

As pretty much everyone is going to make their own characters, & probably already want to get some prepared, there are some things we need to know..

Below is a list of questions which, when answered, will give us (well, me at least) a better idea of how to build our blokes.

Feel free to post any other questions here regarding animated avatars too
i'll edit this post to include the answers & any relevant info as it goes

Questions are in orange. Answers in white

Can ramps, half blocks or cylinders be used to build avatars?
Can water, lava, fire, ropes or ladders be used?

At least initially, no, I'll only be supporting standard blocks that do not have special function or rendering. That may change later.

Will we see the animated avatars wearing their armour?
Yes, this is a goal. How it's going to be done, I don't yet know.

Will Avatars be included in the share menu, or will we be saving/sharing the component model?
Avatars will have their own share menu item.

Will players go into a avatar making lobby / small world type of thing to build them, or will it be done in existing worlds using markers?
Avatar making lobby, basically a cut down version of the current lobby.

From what i've seen, avatars are made by building a large model then having it shrunknstuff..
If there is some kind of 'shrink mechanism for making avatars, Can that also be used for making static, placeable, custom blocks?

Yes custom blocks will basically be shrunken components.

What are the dimensions of the Boy (i'll consider the Boy as the base model)
Height of Leg, Body, Arm, Head?
Width of Leg, Body, Arm, Head?
Depth of Leg, Body, Arm, Head?

What will be the maximum usable height, width & depth?
What will be the minimum?

What will be allowed for the dimensions of each piece, And do they have to be proportionate to each other?

Will we be able to chose from preset animations with certain pieces, Or even remove all animation if we wish?

Will we be able to design the arms and legs seperate from each other to make things like shields, Tattered Clothing, Etc.

Will there be a Cape/Wing section, Or would things like that have to be part of the body?

Creative Features / Skilling Machines
« on: April 25, 2015, 08:42:24 PM »

Ideas / Adventurer Scripts, & Script Wands
« on: April 25, 2015, 07:43:22 PM »

An option for admins to select a list of individual scripts which remote players can select to run for themselves.

For example i make a script:
1. Notify [[gamertag] is lost and needs help!] [global]
2. Marker [rel:0,0] [Help player]
3. Wait [30000]
4. Marker [Help player] [delete]

-A script named 'Help\Lost' which the player can run anytime.
and allow adventurers to run it from the script menu

a couple more lil examples;
1. If
2.   HasHistory [Visited\Shop] [player] [true]
3.   HasInventory [player] [goldpieces] [>=] [25]
4. Then
5.   Inventory [shop,storage,coords] [player] [m👽ve] [fish] [1]
6.   Inventory [player] [shop,safe,coords] [m👽ve] [goldpieces] [25]
7. Else
8.   Notify [You must register at the iStore before you can use the Instant-Transaction service]

-A script which the player can run anytime to buy a fish from the iStore.

1. MessageBox [Help options] [a=[Lost][Help\Lost]] [x=[Info][Help\Info]] [y=[Rules][Help\Rules]]

-A script the player can run anytime to open a custom help menu.

..if this idea is stretched a lil further you could allow players to assign admin defined scripts to items too, like make-shift magic wands.
for example.. i write a script;
1. Health [rel:-5,0,-5] [rel:5,2,5] [add] [100]
& craft a wand using Obsidian Gemstone & a stick or someotherfishystuff - or have proper items like a bob wand, spider wand ect
then assign a script to the wand.
When that scripted-wand is used it will give 100healthpoints to everyone in a 5 block radius of the caster/user
..could have the coordinates set to act on an area in-front of the player instead, for example casting harmful scripts at your foe.. something like a CaveIn with deep red fog, hail & decreasing health points for anyone in that area for a while

or things like setting your wand/script-stick to set a cage 10 blocks infront when used, trapping creatures or griefers.
or maybe you'll want a wand to stock your clans archers with more arrows..
Create a fog of war so your medics can get in there and heal your injured clanmates..
spawn creatures over there.. a wand to plant mines, place a house, destroy a block, set something on fire.. Teleport your crew back to yours.. the guy infront to jail.. conjure ducks into your neighbours kitchen.. Spawn flowers around your feet.. Spawn a block for a few seconds.. make the sky colour change, cause a cavein, hail & fog.. make it rain fish.. allow everyone access to their own cctv cam scripts when they want.. or wtvr else you wanna do with it.

the scripts players could assign to their wands would be limited to the AdventurerScripts selected & made by the admins. Remote players cannot edit the scripts, only assign the ones the admins have allowed.
Admins could also prevent players being able to assign scripts to wands, but instead create the wands they want in the world.

Which also paves a lil way for a 'magic skill which allows your wands more durability & access to any scripts which may require more IsSkill qty values.. allowing the higher skilled magicians access to the more advanced scripts to select from.
If IsSkill [ex] then the wand will run script y when it is used, else it'll run script z, ect

Creative Features / [Blueprint] Automatic Hall of Fame
« on: December 31, 2014, 09:06:17 AM »
Automatic Hall of Fame

Use these gadget to have your players gamertags automatically entered onto your wall of fame, so sending codes is no longer necessary and admins no longer need to manage it manually.

Version 2

Creative Features / [Blueprint] Button acting as a Switch
« on: December 31, 2014, 09:05:04 AM »
Button as a Switch

A simple script useful for toggling the state of anything, using a button.

I use variations of this script in a lot of reset scripts.
e.g. If IsBlock (or HasHistory) Then (toggle, wtvr).

It's also one of the easiest ways to toggle multiple lights on or off..
-A few scriptblocks around your house running one of these scripts will allow you to turn all the lights On or Off by pressing any one of the buttons, No Logic gates required.

The Script

-Run when scriptblock is powered On. When button is pressed

Code: [Select]
1. If
2.   IsPowered [xyz] [true]
3. Then
4.   SetPower [xyz] [off]
5. Else
6.   SetPower [xyz] [on]

Creative Features / [Blueprint] Entry Fee / Pay per use
« on: December 31, 2014, 09:03:50 AM »
Entry Fee / Pay per use

This script can be used to set an entry fee.

This example is set to charge players a fee each time they use it, but with minor modifications it can be set to a one-off fee, so players pay once then can access it however many times they want thereafter.
Or set any fee for however many times they can use it.. It's up to you, of course.
It is easily customisable, allowing any script to be run any amount of times for any set fee.

Buying a Key:

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Stock & sell keys from an economised shop.

This the easiest method to set up but is far more difficult to manage overall. Not my recommended method.
Players can drop or swap keys & only 16 variations of key can be used in a world -which means only 16 unique locks.

Buy a Button:

Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Players could buy a button or switch from an economised shop.

This is not my recommended method but just showing it is an example.
It requires making edit zones, edit permissions & economised shops.
This is probably the most difficult method to initially set up but works effectively & requires no maintenance once done.

-Make a small edit-zone so players with edit perms can put their button in place.
-The button will be used to power a script to set the power on & off, allowing access for adjustable lengths of time.
-Make the script also remove the button so players have to buy a button each use.


1: Will clear the button away
2: Will set the power on for the safe to open
3: Optional/adjustable delay.
4: Turns power to the safe off. An optional & adjustable time limit can be put in place
-A 5th command line could be added to restock the safe after each use.

Creative Features / [Blueprint] Combination Lock mkII
« on: December 31, 2014, 09:02:55 AM »
Combination Lock

The Scripts

This scriptwork can be replicated into any world.
Note: Replace all forward slashes with backslashes. The forum board doesn't display the backslash.

Spoiler for Scripts:
Script 1:
-Run when player presses button 1. When scriptblock is powered On
Code: [Select]
1. History [Button/1] [player]
2. History [Button/2] [clear] [player]
3. History [Button/3] [clear] [player]
4. History [Button/4] [clear] [player]

Script 2:
-Run when player presses button 2. When scriptblock is powered On
Code: [Select]
1. If
2.   HasHistory [Button/1] [player] [true]
3. Then
4.   History [Button/2] [player]
5. Else
6.   History [Button/1] [clear] [player]
7.   History [Button/2] [clear] [player]
8.   History [Button/3] [clear] [player]
9.   History [Button/4] [clear] [player]

Script 3:
-Run when player presses button 3. When scriptblock is powered On
Code: [Select]
1. If
2.   HasHistory [Button/2] [player] [=] [1]
3. Then
4.   History [Button/3] [player]
5. Else
6.   History [Button/1] [clear] [player]
7.   History [Button/2] [clear] [player]
8.   History [Button/3] [clear] [player]
9.   History [Button/4] [clear] [player]

Script 4:
-Run when player presses button 4. When scriptblock is powered On
Code: [Select]
1. If
2.   HasHistory [Button/3] [player] [=] [1]
3. Then
4.   History [Button/4] [player]
5. Else
6.   History [Button/1] [clear] [player]
7.   History [Button/2] [clear] [player]
8.   History [Button/3] [clear] [player]
9.   History [Button/4] [clear] [player]

Script 5:
-Run when player presses button 5. When scriptblock is powered On
Code: [Select]
1. If
2.   HasHistory [Button/4] [player] [=] [1]
3. Then
4.   History [Lock/1/Open] [clear] [player]
5.   History [Lock/1/Open] [player]
6.   Notify [Correct Code Entered!] [local]
7.   History [Button/1] [clear] [player]
8.   History [Button/2] [clear] [player]
9.   History [Button/3] [clear] [player]
10.  History [Button/4] [clear] [player]
11. // Add any extra commands you want here. Open a door, give items, power a safe, wtvr..
13. Else
14.   History [Button/1] [clear] [player]
15.   History [Button/2] [clear] [player]
16.   History [Button/3] [clear] [player]
17.   History [Button/4] [clear] [player]

Player is left with [Lock/1/Open] History mark after entering the correct code.

You can copy & paste the whole combi-lock. If you do; make a copy of the button 5 script and edit it to give a [Lock/2/Open] history mark instead of [Lock/1/Open]

Creative Features / [Blueprint] Switch acting as a Button
« on: December 31, 2014, 09:02:06 AM »
Switch as a Button

Toggling the power state, for a set time.

The Script

This scriptwork can be used any world.
Spoiler for Script:
-Run when scriptblock is powered On

Code: [Select]
1. SetPower [x,y,z] [on]
2. Commit
3. Wait [2000]
4. SetPower [x,y,z] [off]
5. SetSwitch [x,y,z] [off]
6. Commit

Set the [xyz] coordinates to whatever you want to power, Or change the command to something else.
Line 5 will reset the switch back to the Off position after the wait command. Set the [xyz] coords to match the switch.

Creative Features / [Blueprint] Inventory Presets
« on: December 31, 2014, 09:01:14 AM »
Inventory Presets

Examples of pre-set inventories.
Used for quickly equipping players with pre-defined items.

For Avatars:
This version is designed to equip different avatars with different inventories.
Useful at the start of adventure/rpg worlds where the players can choose a character.

The Script

This scriptwork can be replicated into your Creative world.

Spoiler for Script:
-Run when scriptblock is powered On

Code: [Select]
1. Inventory [player] [clear]
3. If
4.   IsAvatar [boy] [true]
5. Then
6.   Inventory [player] [add] [pizza]
7.   Inventory [player] [add] [stick]
8. Endif
10. // To add more character support: Copy & paste lines 3-8, then edit the avatar & item names.
11. // Example:
13. If
14.   IsAvatar [girl] [true]
15. Then
16.   Inventory [player] [add] [itemshop]
17.   Inventory [player] [add] [goldpieces] [1000]
18. Endif

The script clears the players inventory first so it doesn't matter how many times they mash the button. But because it clears their inventory before restocking, it is recommended to use this script only at the start of the world; Otherwise players will lose their inventory.
If you want to give particular avatars a set of items without having to clear their inventory, either include a history mark in the script to query, or use iChest's

-Add waypoints to direct the different characters to the place they should start their quest.
-Add a History mark so other scripts can query which character the player originally chose, and whether or not they are currently using it.

For Admins:
Make some quickly accessible scripts for admins to run, so they can quickly equip themselves with set inventories.

Spoiler for Admin scripts:
-Saved script. Run by admin.
Code: [Select]
1. Inventory [player] [clear]
2. Inventory [player] [add] [titaniumsword]
3. Inventory [player] [add] [titaniumshield]
4. Inventory [player] [add] [titaniumarrow]
5. Inventory [player] [add] [elvenbow]
6. Inventory [player] [add] [fish] [100]

-Saved script. Run by admin.
Code: [Select]
1. Inventory [player] [clear]
2. Inventory [player] [add] [sledgehammer]
3. Inventory [player] [add] [marker]

Edit & add to suit.

Creative Features / [Blueprint] Checkpoints
« on: December 31, 2014, 09:00:34 AM »

The Scripts

This scriptwork can be replicated into any world type.
Note: Replace all forward slashes with backslashes. The forum board doesn't display the backslash.

Spoiler for Scripts:
Script 1:
-Run when player reaches Checkpoint 1

Code: [Select]
1. If
2.   HasHistory [Checkpoint/1] [player] [false]
3. Then
4.   History [Checkpoint/1] [player]
5.   Notify [Checkpoint] [local]

To add more checkpoints:
Copy the Checkpoint/1 script (above) to a new script, then edit the history marks & script name from Checkpoint/1 to Checkpoint/2.

-Run when player reaches Checkpoint 2
Code: [Select]
1. If
2.   HasHistory [Checkpoint/2] [player] [false]
3. Then
4.   History [Checkpoint/2] [player]
5.   Notify [Checkpoint] [local]

Spawn script:
-Run when player enters spawn zone.

Code: [Select]
1. Wait [150]
3. If
4.   HasHistory [Checkpoint/2] [player]
5. Then
6.   Teleport [player] [xyz]  (Enter checkpoint 2 coords)
7. Endif
9. If
10.   HasHistory [Checkpoint1] [player]
11. Then
12.   Teleport [player] [xyz]  (Enter checkpoint 1 coords)
13. Endif

To add more Checkpoint support:
Copy & paste lines 3-7, then edit the history name & teleport location coordinates.

Code: [Select]
1. Wait [150]
3. If
4.   HasHistory [Checkpoint/3] [player]
5. Then
6.   Teleport [player] [xyz]  (Enter checkpoint 3 coords)
7. Endif
9. If
10.   HasHistory [Checkpoint/2] [player]
11. Then
12.   Teleport [player] [xyz]  (Enter checkpoint 2 coords)
13. Endif
15. If
16.   HasHistory [Checkpoint/1] [player]
17. Then
18.   Teleport [player] [xyz]  (Enter checkpoint 1 coords)
19. Endif

Note: I use the Wait [150] command to allow players to respawn properly before being teleported to their checkpoint. Without it they will teleport immediately after spawning, which often kills them again.

Checkpoints can be given by:
-Talking to an NPC. (If HasHistory [player] [talk:npcs name])
-Reading a book. (If HasHistory [player] [readbook:Title])
-Entering or Exiting a Zone. (as shown in the video)
-Pressing a button.  (Powers a scriptblock)
-Flipping a switch.  (Powers a scriptblock)
-Stepping on a block. (Scriptblock acting as a pressure plate)
-Looking at a block. (Scriptblock powered On when looked at)
-Going near a block. (using a proximity detector to power a scriptblock)
-Crafting an item. (If HasAction [ironpickaxe] [crafted] [true])
-Collecting items. (If HasInventory [player] [item] [>=] [qty])
..or any other way which the player can activate a script or receive a history mark.

Can be modified to:
-Use alternative triggers to teleport players to the checkpoints. Rather than using a spawn zone to automatically take them to the furthest checkpoint, you could have buttons to select which one they want to choose; Essentially creating 'Fast Travel'.

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