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Total Miner Discussion / Re: Instanced Chests - Need your help
« on: June 11, 2013, 08:23:56 AM »
but I think you should make items visible within the chest to everyone. Here's why, if they are invisible, and you have more than 5 people storing stuff within the chest how will anyone know when the chest is reaching maximum storage (aka getting full)?
No. Every Xbox connected to the session has it's own inventory for an instanced chest. When other players on other Xboxes add or take stuff from the chest, they're only affecting the inventory on their Xbox.

That reminds me, the current system won't work for multiple players on the same Xbox. Might need to address that.

Ok, got it. I still think maybe limiting the amount of items each person can store in them would be prudent. Otherwise there is no incentive to building or picking a home/base of operations and crafting your own chests for storing your items.

Total Miner Discussion / Re: Instanced Chests - Need your help
« on: June 11, 2013, 07:34:57 AM »
I like option 2 best, but I think rather than make items invisible, you should make items slots appear locked within the chest to everyone. Here's why, if they are invisible, and you have more than 5 people storing stuff within the chest how will anyone know when the chest is reaching maximum storage (aka getting full)? Maybe make that space locked, similar to shop items in dig deep which have not been unlocked via finding blueprints. The space would look locked to everyone except the person who stored that item.

I do however see a problem with people simply using these as their own personal storage and not building their own locked chests. So maybe limit the number of items that a gamertag can store in it to say 1 row maximum?  Just a thought.

Ideas / NPC's that store Items.
« on: May 15, 2013, 03:30:06 PM »
Ok so I don't recall seeing this Idea posted before, but if it was please forgive me. With Total miner continuing to expand, many people are building RPG and story based maps. I would like to see the ability to have NPC's store Items. Example: I build a RPG map, and I wish the player to progress through the story by reading books, scrolls, and NPC chat. When the player reaches a certain NPC, they press interact button, receive dialogue and read it. After closing the dialogue the NPC drops a sword, pickaxe, or other desired item which the player will then use to complete part of the story. The other alternative is, instead of the NPC dropping the item, maybe the last page of dialogue would be similar to a chest/crate/bookshelf  allowing the player to remove the stored item/items.

When the map creator places an NPC, they get a menu choice, to select the NPC options they wish to enable or disable, such as: Text Dialogue, Drop item(opens new menu to select the desired drop item), Stationary NPC, Passive movement NPC, Aggressive movement NPC, they then pick which NPC they want to place.

I know this isn't groundbreaking in the idea department, but it would improve the immersive experience to story/RPG based maps. Instead of having to use chests/crates or other storage items, the NPCs would deliver the necessary items to progress through the story.

would xbox system memory be useable for back-up. its only a couple of hundred megs but its better than nothin i figure xD

I'm not entirely sure, I have 2 xbox 360's, both of them are first generation. As in I got them when the 360 first came out. The Systems I have have 3 options, USB ports, which can accommodate any USB style storage device, Memory card slots, which use memory cards designed to fit into the slots, and lastly the Microsoft Xbox 360 Hard Drive. Some systems come with the Hard drive, but the cheaper version of the 360 does not. So many parents who could not afford the more expensive systems opted for the lower priced 360. The newer Black, and slim 360's I believe do have smaller storage on them, I'm not familiar with these newer 360's. I would suggest you check it out for yourself. While in your 360 dashboard, go into system settings, then into system memory. If you see the few megabytes you are referring to listed as a system memory option then yes, you should be able to copy your Total Miner Save data there from the hard drive, or other storage device. If it is not listed under the system memory options, then it is most likely used by the 360 for some nefarious purpose that we are not privy to.

Hope this helps.  :)

Bug Reports [Processed] / Re: blueprints are glitched
« on: April 25, 2013, 01:56:17 AM »
 I  re-checked yesterday's game save, reloaded it several times, only to find that the blueprints are invisible/ghost. After looking carefully at yesterday's game, I realized I did not infact acquire the Iron Hatchet. I actually have 2 blueprints for Iron Pickaxe. I remember picking up the 1st Iron Pickaxe, and the Iron shovel, 100%, so I'm assuming the 2nd Iron Pickaxe blueprint was supposed to be the Iron hatchet but possibly replaced it in the blueprint generation stage of loading? (sorry for the guess/speculation) I know speculation doesn't really help you  trying to sort out the bugs so I will keep it to a minimum. Anyhow every blueprint I tracked down using the blueprint finder after I picked up the duplicate iron pickaxe was invisible. I had autosave on, and I'm quite sure that the game saved itself in this ghost/glitched state.

So I restarted Trial Island today, same settings. Tried to emulate as much as I could remember of my steps yesterday. So far as I can tell, Blueprints have not moved around. I'm back up to Iron gear, only this time I found Iron Hatchet, Shovel, Pickaxe and Sword. However when I got down to
Depth: 795 (333, 127) again the Blueprint is invisible. Same results as yesterday's game but this was a fresh start game loaded today from a fresh xbox boot up from the dashboard. If I run around the square the pointer follows the location of the ghost blueprint. After I post this I'm going to Dig to the 900 level so I will edit this once I reach that Depth to post if that one is also a Ghost.

Edit* Ok, just ran around the 900ish lava level found 5 Ghost blueprints, tried everything I can think of to make them appear, placing torch on the spot, placing other blocks, mining everything around it, nothing. So I'm guessing this is glitched until a future update. Going to try a different Dig deep world, in hopes they aren't suffering from the invisible/ghost blueprint bug.

Edit #2 I forgot to add this yesterday, my settings were as such. Loaded game fresh from dashboard. Local (Silver XBL account) Trial Island, made a copy so I could save. Loaded it up, turned it off of Survival and turned on peaceful. Ran to deforested area where tree stumps remain and collected 100 wood. Loaded up on free wood pickaxes, made a lot of ladders, ran to (256,256) and proceeded to dig straight down. Tunneled when I reached a level where the blueprint finder was pointing N,E,S or W. Both times I was able to get Most of Iron gear. But all blueprints below 795 are invisible.

Hope this helps in some way.

Originally posted by 1_byte_of_6_gigs:

Thanks for the Credit Warhelios.  :)

It's good to see the community is still working to help one another.

For anyone reading this post, make sure you stay pro-active, protect your data, many people don't and wind up regretting it WHEN something goes wrong. Your 360 Hard Drive has moving parts in it, anything with moving parts WILL wear out. Get yourself a USB or Thumb drive. You can get a few Gigabytes of storage for $20 american, not sure on other countries prices. This is more than enough to back up not only your Totalminer Game Data, but the Game it's self as well. If you can't get one yourself, beg, cry, whine, do chores, nag, bother, bang your head on the floor while sobbing like an infant, and plead with your parents to help you out. Tell them it has multiple purposes. You can use it at school computer class, you can use it at home on your PC there, and you can use it on your 360, as well as any other device which accepts USB storage.

Rant over, Oh .... and on a side note, It's good to be back, Keep up the good work Craig, and Thanks for 1.8.  8)

Bug Reports [Processed] / Re: blueprints are glitched
« on: April 23, 2013, 09:30:38 PM »
I can confirm this Bug. Just started Trial Island today, I've managed to get Iron pickaxe, shovel, hatchet, sword, the next arrow sent me to 800ish depth, so I dug down, found the spot the blueprint is supposed to be and it's empty. So I Dug across the map until the pointer found another close blueprint, it sent me down to 900ish depth, this spot was also empty but the arrow points at it. Both spots I can circle around and the arrow will change direction orienting as though a blueprint is there. If I dig below, or jump above, it's the same story, the arrow follows the spot where the blueprint is supposed to be. I'm not sure if the blueprints are randomly generated for each player. I think I remember Craig saying the first time the map seed is generated that the blueprints are randomly distributed. But just incase this changed I will post the coordinates for the 2 missing blueprints. I haven't looked for more than 2, as this is all the time I had to play today. Have to get up early tomorrow, and worked a bit late today.

Ghost/Invisible Blueprints:
Depth: 795 (333,127)
Depth: 909 (260,206)

If they are still randomly generated each time, and you get time, could you reply, that way I won't waste time looking for coord's for them, and will just try to describe the glitch.

P.S. I'm going to restart Trial Island later tomorrow night, to see if it fixes this, and if so I will post more in this thread later.

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