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Title: Click Master(Point to Click Improver)[1.2]
Post by: FatbFFA on February 13, 2019, 07:05:42 PM
Click Master 1.2

Why was this made?
This was originally created for a one hour game jam between me and my friend on 2/12/2019. I have spent today(the day after) polishing it up a bit and decided to put it out there as a utility.

Whats this for?
This would be great for any gamers wanting to get the point to click speed up.
Also if you wanna just show off how good you already are :P.

How to use
When you load up the game you will be presented with 2 input windows. One for how many times the window will move before the end and another value for how fast it will switch spots.

I'd love to see what scores you can get at what speed!

UPDATE 1.1 (

SUGGEST IDEAS BELOW (http://"Download")