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Title: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: Nefty on January 16, 2019, 12:23:46 PM
Before replying to this thread please:

I made a follow up video to clarify some things. This will be the final video.
Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: 007gadgetcookie on January 16, 2019, 01:18:27 PM
When you mentioned people who are creating maps for multiplayer. Where was I!!! Where was I!!!!    I crya everytime....... XD only joking. Or am i 0,0
Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: Spark on January 16, 2019, 04:38:52 PM
Before replying to this thread please:

  • Watch the entire video through, dont comment halfway through cause I explain what I'm thinking as I go.
  • None of this is meant as disrespect or to cause drama, but it needs to be said.
The first 8 minutes really touched me. I grew up with this game aswell, met so many great people and interacting with the community has made me learn english so well that my friends always ask me how am I so skilled with it.

The other day I looked at my old posts and felt ashamed but also felt the nostalgia. The nostalgia of those great people who right now are not with us and the great moments I have passed with the community.

This game really has a spot in my heart and to see the community being silent makes me sad. Sad about people leaving the game because it hasn't gotten an update in a while.

The video here explains well the situation and I agree with almost everything you said.

Craig needs to be more active with the community, like you said. He has to be more active on the forum and on discord.

@Craig with this I don't mean you have to code every single day on this game. If you keep being this silent, people will start to assume that you stopped caring about this game. I know that you care and I feel optimistic that with multiplayer the community will grow once again and be more active as ever but please, don't keep us in this state of silence.

You made my childhood and I'm truly grateful for that. Thank you.
Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: casual onion on January 16, 2019, 04:52:33 PM
Like Nefty, I grew up with TM. It sparked an interest in architecture that I didn't even know I had. I met some great people along the way (Gord!) and in some respects it's kept me interested in my lifelong goal of running JG. I honestly don't care for any of the shooting arrows at wolfs malarkey. All I'm interested in is building maps that, if it actually existed, would be somewhere I'd live.

As for hosting, it's been great meeting loads of folk and if anything, it's made me a bit more confident. I wouldn't have dared say a word to someone on an Xbox live party back in 2014 if I didn't know them but now me and Gord send each other birthday and Xmas gifts lol

Yes, it's a shame seeing 90% of the well known players on here gone (GK, Dryym, my best mate Fuertey, Swift, Jeff, Zoid - I could go on. I don't like been told the game is dead because to me, there's still some life in it. At least I hope it is or Huttondale is a waste of time XD

And also, without TM the highly successful Dig Deeper channel wouldn't exist.

Looking forward to updates from my main man Craig and hopefully, 2029 is the year TM makes a comeback. And remember, TM and Craig go together like Jam and Bread  ;)

Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: Nefty on January 16, 2019, 09:57:33 PM
I made a follow up video to clarify some things. I apologize for things I got wrong, and for things that were inappropriate. This will be the final video I make on the subject.
Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: Gary on January 16, 2019, 10:04:46 PM
It's a frustrating situation that we are left in, waiting without much contact for a game that we all love so much. Hopefully we see some new developments soon...
Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: Jared on January 17, 2019, 09:46:05 PM
Like Spark stated, the beginning of Nefty's video was a gentle breeze through memory lane. When I first joined Total Miner, I started with two best friends from Castle Miner. We played countless hours of creative, and they even assisted in the creation of my first two challenge maps. We fell in love with Total Miner and officially made it our favorite game. Eventually, with the creation of Corridors, I received the prestigious Zeus placement thus obtaining the old version of the demis. Almost a year later I became a tester for the game, and I guess that was the last gasp for those friends because they removed and blocked me. One removed me almost immediately after BaldyGargoyle placed Zeus.

What's my point in this? My point is throughout the years and time I spent playing Total Miner I started as a basic noob of the game. My arrival on the forums though was met with essential members teasing me for simple questions that I guess they were tired of hearing. My first month on the forums I was too embarrassed to post or chat without having a member who's been here since the .com age tease me. It was hard, and it was not until I reached a little over 100 posts.

Most would say that Total Miner is dying; however, I disagree. I believe Total Miner is in a period of intermission, but if nothing is done soon, like a lot of Twitch live streams after interludes, the viewer count will die. I believe the game has two major problems that can be fixed. My first point was Nefty's main point of his videos on how the development team is being silent throughout the progression of Total Miner. My second point is the toxic community Total Miner has with a lot of members we should look up to; however, they enjoy teasing and bullying members. Over the years and even recently these immature acts have gotten worse.

More updates from Craig would be helpful as stated previously.  Almost three months without notice is a bit upsetting. I am hoping that Craig will break this silence streak sometime this month. If not you are only proving Nefty's point of not being in communication with your audience. Craig, you know I respect you but the longer you are silent, the more offended we feel as a community. As for the members who enjoy showing your "power" by making fun of new members or members who have different opinions. Young kids play this game and having them teased on an indie game forums website is second-class. It's driving our audience away.

Finally, I would like to speak on why Nefty aka Jeff named drop me. First, thank you Nefty. My goal as a tester was not only to join fellow community member worlds but to answer questions and show that the team cared. Not saying the team never cared; however, there were a few testers in my experience who enjoyed more of being "popular" over helping the community in my opinion. Regardless, I loved my testing team family and hope one day if Total Miner makes it to consoles to rejoin the team. I do apologize for the long post; however, I felt it needed to be said.
Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: Jesse on January 18, 2019, 11:10:33 PM
I held off Replying to this because i felt it would be better if i made a video on the subject. To get my point across more then what i would if it was a text post. I Do not wish to take away from nefty's video on the subject. I honestly at a point didn't want to post this here for the fact that it might take away from nefty's video. i got second opinions that told me i should to contribute to the Current discussion going on at the moment. If you choose to hate me after saying the things i said so be it. I hope my point comes across as best as it could. And i hope something gets done about the matter. Thank You.
Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: The Map Cartographer on January 19, 2019, 03:17:24 AM
I will be honest and this is my experience for years on TM.

It simply lacks maintenance, from the last update from TM 360, instead of fixing the bugs more stuff was added and more problems and issues were added to the pile. 360 is the only place where console players can play TM and it does not work. Sadly I'm not sure what happen was it 360s decline or was it the dev team but either way its really not good.

Survival Mode is one of the big reasons why people play these games, and TMs survival mode and Dig Deep are just bad I tried billions of times over to get my friends to play it, they just leave survival because it is not modular. Staffs in survival mode could of been the best thing to counter the empty design but they do nothing.

Survival is an empty space with nothing in it. It does not help how checkpoints are done in that mode, it was made even ten times harder for new players.

Dig Deep is far worse in my eyes because it just copy pasted caves just going down with no diverse elements.

PC version has bugs that made making maps at this moment near impossible.

NPCs cannot be used at this time and its been a long time, making adventure maps cannot be done at all.
(I know because I cant release any map I made and they are all stupidly piling up.)

Why do I play this game years later because I am passionate about this platform

This is one of the best games ever created, you cannot get the same level of love and devotion that the TM team give this game they are always adding new things and they really interact with their fanbase but there's too much of a focus on adding new stuff instead of fixing stuff.

What can be done?

- Just focus on bug fixes at this time maybe add a second update or third patch update till the game is fully polished and stable then more stuff can be added.

- The community as well needs to come together and needs to interact I barely see anyone around I had to wait 4 weeks for somebody to tell me that my download works.

All these ideas are just an emotional reaction but this how I honestly feel I care about the games quality.

What can be done? what do you think?

The p
Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: amos on January 19, 2019, 06:16:35 AM
After reading the thread and watching the videos, gosh, I can hardly wait for Craig's eventual return.

I wouldn't get too depressed guys.  Pretty sure he's not about to leave everyone hanging.  He seemed pretty resolved to get multiplayer added to PC.

He just missed his estimated time as usual.  ::)
Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: The Map Cartographer on January 19, 2019, 07:40:26 AM
Being down about it wont do anything its best to find a good solution to the problem, I presented my idea its time for all our ideas as a strong community. Even though I may seem very critical but thats how I think. Lets keep this TM train going shall we? this may seem weird but make a sandwich in the morning its sooo good.
Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: BrosDeBurrito on January 20, 2019, 03:11:31 PM
I strongly agree with what your saying. We the community are the foundation for this game, without the community the game is just a tumbleweed. Craig really is the only thing that can keep what's left of the community alive.  I do hope this game will see a revival once Craig finishes off multiplayer. I'm really looking forward to hosting the map I spent 100+ hours working on, truly hoping it wasn't all for nothing.  I really appreciate the effort you have put into bringing light to the topic that has been kept in the dark for so long. It has been ignored far too long, thankyou for reading my comment sorry for all the rambling.  :D
Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: TheDestinedCrab on January 21, 2019, 08:57:25 AM
Wow. This is one of those topics where everyone seems to be having a heart-to-heart about their TM child hoods lmao. Iím gonna join the therapy session with some of my own views.

Iíd say Iím relatively known in this community and honestly it was a huge part of my early childhood. It was at least 5 years ago that I started playing TM - if not 6 years - not only was it a brilliant game but it became an escape for me. Letís say a year has passed by and I decide to join the forums, honestly I will have to say I was disappointed. I will have to agree with Jared where he earlier stated that the community can - repeat can - be toxic.

Now Iím not going to say I was an angel when I joined the forums nor am I going to say I am now. I am however going to say that the abuse I received when I initially joined the forums and sometimes even now still, was and is damaging to my character. I will add to this that I joined from an early age and my maturity was not what Iíd hope it is now. Anyway, the point Iím making is that there are people who have been in this community for a long time and some of them seem to rank themselves higher than most and honestly itís just childish and stupid.

That aside, TM was a game I played on 360 for many years. I grew friendships, skills and even knowledge through the game. I had a sense of pride for the portfolio of maps I had, I became best friends with a game rather than people. The people that I felt most comfortable around were made of pixels. Every time I felt down I knew I could enter a world of my own imagination and clear my head. Total miner saved me from overthinking a lot and thus improved my life.

PC edition was released and I was gifted total miner (Thankyou!!) and whilst weíre on the subject of gifts I might as well throw in my thanks again to Derfen for purchasing me XBL gold a while ago! We all knew it would come without multiplayer and we were happy. The Piknet multiplayer mod came out and though I have yet to use the mod others seems pretty happy with it. The BETA thing came out and started crashing loads of peoples games lol and that set the community together as we all tried to figure that out.

Friendships are being destroyed, forgotten about. A game that once bought people together is now setting them apart because we arenít hearing much from the development team. Donít get me wrong the respect I have for Craig and anyone else in the background of the development is huge but when will we hear future plans. Not the plans of ďone day there will be multiplayerĒ or ďIím having another breakĒ we wanna hear when youíll be back from your break, your priorities etc.

I for one do not believe this game is dead but I do believe the community itself is starting to crumble.

This is not a dig at anyone,

Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: The Map Cartographer on January 21, 2019, 10:00:24 AM
This is a good starting point because we are discussing real issues seriously for the first time.
Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: The Map Cartographer on January 21, 2019, 10:05:15 AM
If somebody like you can come here and talk about how passionate they are about this game then the game isn't dead, it has true audience. I'm gonna release a map on how Total Miner can improve its separate survival mode, the most flawed mode in my eyes.
Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: STARKILLER7851 on January 30, 2019, 04:35:05 PM
I started Total Miner on the Xbox 360 as the majority of the community did, and it was a heck of a lot different from Minecraft. What I liked about TM was that unlike the latter, there is a vanilla economy system, in which I can sell ingots for gold, which I can then use to buy better equipment. All in one block. Without this economy, I would never have had as much fun as I did. Craig, if you're there, please say something to us about what's coming! It's been so long since we last heard from you!
Title: Re: What Happened To Total Miner
Post by: Vexon X1 on February 01, 2019, 09:08:41 AM
Hopefully we are just in a slow period right now. Granted some aspects of the community are becoming part of the past, but I really do hope the best for Total Miner. Especially considering the game has (almost) been out for 10 years. I am personally really passionate about this game just like many people here and have many fond memories of it since buying it in 2011.