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Title: Any word on a update for TMF?
Post by: Zone on September 06, 2018, 05:28:25 PM
First off, I'm not trying to be annoying with the Dev's or anyone but been few months now without any word on a Update or even some news on what's happening with TMF. I was thinking back in June there would be some kind of news on the update by now but TMF Twitter hasn't had news nor has the Forums. There is people starting to think TMF is dead along with never going to get a update, I know these updates were like this back on the Xbox 360 but there was Online for the game so it was keeping players from asking but now unless you use a mod to make a server it's pretty much a waiting game. So the question is.. Has there been any news on the update or anything with it? Is the game dead or is it not getting anymore updates? if not will it be within this year? Having limited news along with 3-4 updates a year isn't helping players think better for the game.

As I said before, Some of the stuff said could be hard and seem bad but this is the truth and I'm not trying to come off as annoying or hateful but there needs to be some kind of News or something.
Title: Re: Any word on a update for TMF?
Post by: Northre on September 07, 2018, 05:51:29 PM
Craig is still occasionally active on the forums but you're right, there really hasn't been any official news recently on the update. The devs haven't been making fast progress but but they are making progress this game inst their main priority, it's more of a hobby. I think it's a matter of being patient