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Title: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: Stoneart on April 13, 2018, 09:42:11 PM
Hello Everyone!
Thanks for playing Total Miner PC Edition.

Craig would like to have your general opinion of the game thus far. (Preferably the Beta Edition)

So far, everyone has been great at posting their bug reports and blue screens. But we need to know what you think!
If you could please take the time to let us know how you feel about the gameplay, Both pro's and con's, It would be a huge help to the development process.

- Please make one post per player. Update your post later if you need to add or remove anything.
- Be honest. List both your likes and dislikes. Tell us how you really feel.
- Try to keep the post well organized. It will be much easier to read. List your Pro's in one category and Con's in another. (See example below.)
- Don't worry about posting the same dislike as another player. This will help to find common problems.
- It's ok if you have not updated to the beta. (Just state which version you are in.)
- A more formal survey will be issued again in the near future.

* Survey Template (Copy and Paste into your post. Feel free to add more to the lists.) *

Game Edition : (Retail or Beta)


Title: Re: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: Finest_Lad on April 13, 2018, 09:52:59 PM
its good except for the mouse movement. it seems to have some deceleration/acceleration which it is optimized for joysticks afaik
unplayable for me.
Title: Re: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: Lord Leo on April 13, 2018, 09:57:56 PM
Game edition: Retail

New menu
Runs more smooth than 360
Runs decent with low grade computers
Has decent mod support

No multiplayer
Multiplayer is a mod rather than in base game
I feel limited on scripts on pc
Mouse movement is wierd
Small world for a pc game
Title: Re: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: Gordinio on April 13, 2018, 10:02:12 PM
Game Edition : Retail

1: Steady feed of new updates/bug fixes
2: How easy it is to make mods
3: Dig Deep
4: The new avatar selection layout

1: New menu
2: New shop layout (Old one where items and blocks were split was better)
3: Pc controls (I know you can change them, but they just feel off)
4: No borderless windowed mode
5: No official multiplayer ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

I will add more and update this post as more things come to mind.
Title: Re: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: aGothicBunny on April 13, 2018, 10:04:55 PM
Both versions

1.i love the way the save data is managed
2.i like the menu before the game opens
3.i like how scripts are managed now
1. can't create custom inputs for all controls. hey fuerty try making a custom clipboard rotate DUHHH.
2. the new in game menu is kinda hard to navigate when it moves around the screen at first/ needs to be sized with a scroll bar.
3. when having another screen out totalminer goes to a blue screen and pauses.

I agree with gordinio's dislikes unfortunately and onions
Title: Re: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: AlienizdPixel on April 13, 2018, 10:21:25 PM
Game Edition: Beta

1: The new features introduced such as monsters spawning within caves and new generations underground for Dig-Deep are fantastic additions for the gamemode.
2: Modding support, while although still in development, already is seeming promising.

1: Camera will occasionally stutter and does not support Raw Input and optional Mouse Acceleration
2: While although the new title menu does not include it, the menu movement relative to the cursor can sometimes be disorienting and usually is not necessary (menu is capable of fitting to screen).
3: I dislike the default controls, while although they can be changed, not only do players seem to struggle to find where to do so, I also believe the default controls should be the most comfortable controls for the majority of players; trying to do such may be rather difficult, however some of the defaults I do not believe anyone agrees with (the Left Mouse Button being assigned for the Right Hand and vice versa comes to mind).
Title: Re: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: cY Agent 115 on April 14, 2018, 12:40:30 AM
Game Edition : Retail

1: Can't really say as i think the game is as it has always been which is a great game that i have fun building and managing maps in. i like everything but the dislikes.

1: Slow Updates and news on future updates.
2: I still can't kill a spider that comes out of a spider egg.
3: I feel like the multiplayer is a proxy version similar to that of playing arma's mod instead of it being a built-in server browser.
4: I still can't place blocks while crouched.
5: taking huge amounts of damage from a 2 block drop in legendary survival (ik its always been there but i have always hated it)
Title: Re: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: casual onion on April 14, 2018, 04:16:03 AM
- Retail Version -

1: The wide variety of blocks available, in particular the stone category as I use those quite often.
2: Value for money - For under £10 you get a game that for many of us will be continously played for years, as was the same with Xbox version.

1: I personally really don't like the new menu. My biggest gripe is that it moves, the old static shop menu is much better.
2: New Shop - blocks are on wrong place and it's less user intuitive. Why are bricks in stone? Clay isn't stone is it? Why not have man made category?

Updated to please the grumpy ones.
Title: Re: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: The White Rabbit on April 14, 2018, 05:00:25 PM
This is what I have gathered really.

-You can build things
-Craig looks really attractive in most pictures of him

- I feel like the multiplayer is a proxy version
- No official multiplayer
- No multiplayer
- can't create custom inputs for all controls
- Pc control
- can't create custom inputs for all controls

I don't want to sound like a snarky person however if Craig really wants opinions on the PC Port then repeating other peoples dislikes or just being vague isn't amazing help. You have to remember that the majority here will have played since the X360 era so there opinions are just going to be comparing new to old, it should be more beneficial for Craig to understand what new people like and dislike.
Aliens opinion is great it explains things that are more a hindrance and why it I rather than just point out the same thing as everyone else.

Sorry but that is just my opinion on this thread.

Title: Re: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: Jesse on April 15, 2018, 03:42:25 PM
Game Edition : (Retail)

1: (World Renaming) I like how in the new pc edition of total mineryou are able to rename your world in game. Makes it easier for me, since i typically think of a name in  game.

2:  (Modding) I like the fact other players can mod the game. It brings personal touch to the game and allows for people to not shove thing down everyones throught on why we need super unicorn sledgehammer 5000 wonder wands. I hope to see this expand in the future maybe custom music,ambient sounds,title screens, etc.

3: (Creative Commands) I like how when you need to do a creative command with marker blocks the command stays right on the start menu when you press it again make repetitive work much more quicker in a sense.

4: (Controller Support) I love the fact that there is controller support for players like me who have feel more better using a controller over a keyboard and mouse. Don't want to see me using a keyboard and mouse. 0_0 I look new to tm:)

1: (Bounds out of array) I feel this could be vague maybe an option for suggestions on what to check for. Like make sure 0's are all correct in blueprintdata etc.

2: (Shops Practically Pointless) Feels pointless to get both the block and item shop as they open both shops one. Maybe just make the shop blocks a shop block to feel a little more appropriate may feel better in the long run.

3: (New Pause Menu) The style of its fine however placements of some things feel odd and can confuse any player, Theres times i still go looking for a option to sometimes never find them.

4: (Monkeys) The fact theres no monkey's /mm /dk (totally joking) ;)
Title: Re: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: Majormciver on April 16, 2018, 04:34:39 PM
I believe the main issue is really just polish, the game would be 100 times better if it just had more polish.
Title: Re: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: crazytater94 on April 16, 2018, 11:49:41 PM
Game Edition : Retail

1: It runs way smoother than Xbox.

2: Loving the mod support, and it's pretty user friendly after a little time spent with it and comparing your coding with other mods.

3: Has the same great feel I know and love from the Xbox Version when using a controller.

1: When changing the mouse sensitivity, I don't feel like it changes the menu's sensitivity, which poses a huge problem for a controller, because the option you are trying to hit is impossible to land on.

2: [Removed]

3: You have to find the file number for each photo/world that you are trying to delete. We could use the delete world option in-game again.

4: There's no TOTAL MINER TUTORIAL world in the system files... Perhaps someone should make one ::)

5: It needs the ability to modify game music files, to allow custom sounds for music to play in a world. (While keeping the option to have your music volume set).

6: It needs more cowbell...
Title: Re: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: The Algordo on June 28, 2018, 07:40:14 PM
Game Edition : Beta

1: Dig Deep Changes
2: New Items + Weapons
3: HUD adjusting / UI Aesthetic
4: Smooth Running, fast rendering

1: The obvious and most important one: Lack of Multiplayer; it’s the last major piece of the puzzle in my opinion
2: The new menu looks very clean, but navigating around it is extremely difficult
3: I actually don’t care for how most the mobs attack each other in Dig Deep. To me, at least it makes them seem a bit less threatening. I can wait for them to kill eachother and just pick up the pieces.
4: mouse controller acceleration is not really affected by settings. It could just be on my end too though.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Aaaand just as I posted this I realized this post is very old. Sorry, please ignore it hahaha unless it is still relevant and useful. I just hit it from the discord because it was directly above Craig’s last summer sale post
Title: Re: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: Lee155 on July 31, 2018, 08:30:07 AM
Game Edition : (Retail)

1: There are now monsters within the caves for Dig Deep
2: The many different supports for resolutions
3: Mod support and creation
4: All of the music is great to listen to when playing
5: The rare items are so exciting to get

1: No multiplayer.
2: Nearly all the skins are already unlocked
3: Mouse movement, in-game it feels off and weird. It's a different sensitivity to in-game and interfaces.
4: So many of the blueprints I find in Dig Deep are "Gold Pieces"
5: Unable to rotate a clipboard.
6: The lack of information about new updates before they come out
7: The Fact that when binding certain controls, such as noclip, it must include a special key. I would like to be able to not have to bind noclip to two keys.

I know this post is pretty old I just wanna put my opinion where hopefully someone will see it and it'll make a positive change, thanks for reading and hopes this helps.
Title: Re: Opinions Wanted About PC Edition!!! (Please Post)
Post by: verisimilitudedude on August 06, 2018, 12:17:24 AM
I absolutely love the pc version so far! Although, I think it would be pretty freakin' sweet if there were a feature whereas one could modify the traits of weaponry, armors, etc.

1: The Dialog is quite the tool you have constructed.
2: The Behaviors are quite the thing. I guess you could say I am impressed.
3: The new start menu UI is pretty freakin' sweet, although I still use the old one. The old one is much easier to navigate.
4: Could you imagine something more amazing than the UI? Well, I can, the ability to create your own mods. How about adding a Workshop through steam?
5: Multiplayer is pretty epic, the thing I get the most kicks out of is being able and host my creations for others to enjoy. (really flawed, and doesn't work well)

1: Well, multiplayer is very flawed.
2: The community members seem to know more about the progress of Total Miner than some of the staff? Although, the staff can verify later that it was true?
3: Why should I care about such a thing, because I am human! Ever consider switching game engines?
4: Smile, because global stats are gone, and there is no ability to combine it with VAC in steam until after Multiplayer is out!
5: If there was one thing that infuriates me, well, I cannot add voice to the dialog of the NPCs! Kills the buzz man ;(