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Title: Questions for a year old script
Post by: Godlyvex5 on July 23, 2017, 09:06:08 PM
I didn't want to necro that thread, so I started one here. Basically, in the script coming up, there are two expressions, Sin, and Cos, that the game can't evaluate. Does this mean I have to recreate the equations? Or is the game supposed to already know sin and cos?
This code is really cool. Especially when you have a display intersect circle command.

Var (pi) = (3.1415926)

Var (vectorX) = 50 + (pos:x)
Var (vectorZ) = 50 + (pos:z)

Var (radians) = (radians) + (1) (the 1 can vary)
Var (degrees) = (radians) * (180) / (Pi)

Var (x) = (vectorX) * (cos:rad) + (pos:x) + (number equals length)
Var (y) = (pos:Y) + (1)
Var (z) = (VectorZ) * (sin:rad) + (pos:z) + (number equals length)

Script (your intersect) (wait) (vars:x,y,z)
Loop (20)

(Your intersect Script)

Var (x) (y) (z)

Intersect (I used sphere) (x,y,z) (.5) (display)
Script desired effect