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Title: Untitled
Post by: Lunar on September 17, 2016, 05:02:30 PM
by Isaac (Scripts)

Chapter 1

A dark starry night is where I once dreamed of terrible sights, sights no person shall ever see. I cope with these sad, sad dreams of my future by laying in a fetal position on my bed, thinking of all the good things I have done, or the good things I could do. I slowly doze off into a deep sleep, having dreams about of all good things. Although, this doesn't fix the problem, instead, it evens it out. It has been 3 years since this started, and my emotions have been crumbling like paper ever since. My mother does not know of these odd dreams, but my father does, in a sense. My father passed 6 years ago, 2 weeks after my 10th birthday. Ever since the dreams have begun, I regularly visit his burial site, telling him about the worst of the dreams I have had in the past weeks. It hasn't seemed to help, but I still believe he can help me in his afterlife.

Title: Re: Untitled
Post by: CDJ on January 21, 2017, 08:42:42 PM
Chapter 2? Been waiting on it.