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Description: Please feel free to download our mod.

If you wish to know if you can reuse this mod as your own
or other information. Please look below this in order to find it out:
(Formerly entitled Information for Third Parties Using TotalPixel’s Mods)

The information given here, are for TotalPixels authorised designers, customers, and other parties wishing to use TotalPixels Mods in Personal Versions or reference materials.
(Can I reuse this mod as my own version ?)
If you are a Member of an TotalPixel Personal Usage Party and have been provided with special Mod usage with your usage agreement, please follow those rules. If your Mod usage does not provide usage guidelines, then follow our rules on discord. By using an TotalPixel Mod, in whole or in part, you are acknowledging that TotalPixel is the sole owner of the Mod you are using. So please although we cannot trademark / copyright  the mod please knowledge that  we take our mods serious and we want to make sure that everyone has usage to all mods we create. and are credited for the original creators.

If you would like to reuse this mod as your own. Please talk with one of the higher staff member either on the mod page that its released on or contact a high staff member in order to get Usage Rights.

(Need help installing the mod ?)

If you have any issues with this mod or need help installing this into your Mods Folder then you can contact our
discord below:

Or follow the following instructions:

Download the .rar file, and open it using Winrar, .7zip or whatever archiving program you use.
Extract the folder to C:Username>Documents>My Games>TotalMiner>Mods
If there is no Mods folder, simply create one and extract the files there.
Start the game, and go to Setup > Manage Mods
Then activate them. In the setup screen, you can select whether these mods apply to all worlds or only new worlds.

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Posted by: 007gadgetcookie October 07, 2018, 07:33:12 AM

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