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Grub's Script Ideas
« on: June 27, 2014, 07:06:06 PM »
This will be a topic I use to archive my script ideas and get input on them from others! Feel free to use these ideas for your scripts as well, I made them public for a reason :P I am fairly new to scripting, so this OP will seem quite blank at first. Hopefully over time I will get more script ideas jotted down and have them all placed here. Each script idea is going to be put in a spoiler of it's own to minimize the starting size of the OP.

5-Button Code Locked Door
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
There are 5 buttons,

-On the first button, if you hit the wrong button, a light will flash stating you hit it anyhow.
-If you got it right, a light will flash that tells you thatyour imput was recieved, along with removing the first component and script set of button 1 and replacing it with the second button row.

-On the second button if you get it wrong, the light flashes stating it got your input, and replaces the 2nd row with a blank row that will be false for the next 3 sets. After you press the 3rd set of those 3, it goes back to row 1 and gives a red light saying you got the code wrong. Also sends you back to the first button.

-If you get the right button, the light flashes stating it got your input and will replace the second row with the 3rd column of buttons.

-Get the 3rd one wrong,light flashes a set of 2 false sets will be waiting that acts like the 2nd attempts failed run.
-Get the 3rd right, a light flashes, and the fourth row will replace the 3rd row.

-Get the 4th wrong, light flashes, one false set replaces it, a red light will then state you got the code wrong after pressing it. Also sending you back to the first button
-Get it right, light flashes and you proceed to the final set.

-Get the 5th wrong, light flashes you got it wrong, then puts the 1st button back in place.
-Get it right, the light flashes green, and the door stays open until you activate a script on the otherside, closing
it. You can freely open the door from this side.