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Your world / [Construction] The Amityville Horror
« on: March 08, 2016, 10:53:34 PM »
Houses don't kill people... right?

I am giving away The Amityville Horror House!
Please message me either on the forums as a PM, use the shoutbox, or send a message on xbox live. If you do not plan on using it as a haunted house, it will still look very nice as a Dutch Colonial Style dwelling for your avatars!

The Story

In the early morning of November 13, 1974, police responded to a domestic disturbance dispatch in the quiet town of Amityville, New York. Upon entering the house at 112 Ocean Avenue, they discovered a gruesome scene: six dead, killed with a shotgun in their own beds. Among them a couple and their four children.
The suspect: the sole surviving son, Ron Defeo Jr. 

He was taken into police custody, and confessed to the murders. During his trial he claimed to have been possessed by a demonic entity, which forced him to kill his family outside of his own will. On another occasion, he states that the demon possessed his sister Dawn, killing her three siblings and parents, and Ron killed her in vengeance.
Ron was nevertheless convicted of six counts of second degree murder, and was given six consecutive life sentences.

Fast forward a year later, the Lutz family purchases their dream house. George and Kathy Lutz, along with their three children Missy, Daniel, and Christopher, are eager to start a new life in a new town. Due to the house being vacant for almost thirteen months and the previous murders, the listed price was a bargain that the Lutzes couldn't pass up.

For twenty-eight days, the Lutz family lived there. By the last day, they were running for their lives. Here is a list of some of the paranormal experiences they encountered.

- The local pastor Father Delaney came to bless the house. When he tried to bless it, the holy water started to hiss and boil, and hundreds of flies flooded the room.
- Missy started talking to an imaginary friend named Jodie. Jodie would turn out to be a demonic pig monster with glowing red eyes.
- George would wake up around 3:15am every morning. It was the estimated time of the DeFeo killings.
- George and Kathy saw a demon's face appear in the fireplace flames before their eyes.
- At one point George walked outside one morning and saw Missy standing at the window. A demon was standing behind her. As George raced upstairs to her bedroom, he found her fast asleep and the rocking chair swinging back and forth.
- Kathy would wake up with scratch marks and welts, and at one point was levitated in the air at night.
- Cloven hoofprints were found in the snow on New Years Day 1976.
- One night when Kathy was tucking in Missy, Missy exclaimed that she scared Jodie away out the window. When Kathy approached the window, she could see two red glowing eyes staring back at her from the darkness of the night.
- Daniel and Christopher's window in their bedroom would abruptly slam shut on its own.
- George began to behave more and more irritable, and bore and extremely close resemblance to Ron Defeo Jr. He started drinking at the same bar Ron was a local at, and Kathy had nightmares of him murdering their children in their sleep.
- George described one encounter where Kathy transformed into a disfigured elderly woman with her flesh sagging off her face, and her rotten teeth protruding out from her cheeks.
- George discovered a hidden room underneath the stairs of their basement. The room was blood red, and was supposedly the passage to hell where the demons poured forth into their house.

Picture 1:All is not quiet in Amityville...
Picture 2: The Red Room in their Basement

On the final night, it was Hell on Earth for the Lutz family. Doors and windows were slamming, thunder and lightning were howling, slime ooze pouring from the ventilation, blood dripping down the stairs and walls, and a loud evil voice yelling "GET OUT!!!"
The Lutz family peeled out of their driveway and never returned to the house. They would send for movers to retrieve their belongings for them.

In September 1977, fiction novelist Jay Anson published a book documenting the Lutz family's encounter with the paranormal, dubbed The Amityville Horror. Working under the assumption that it was based on a true story, it was an instant hit.

By 1979, the first of eleven films were created based on The Amityville Horror. It was an unexpected box office smash hit, grossing over $86 million (one of the highest at that time). James Brolin, who played George Lutz, was given 10% of the revenue due to taking less money upfront. When the movie generated an unexpected amount of success, he was awarded over $17 million for his role. To put this is perspective, that would have been $55 million today. Harrison Ford was only awarded up to $20 million for his Star Wars The Force Awakens role....

The Controversy

Many skeptics caught wind of The Amityville Horror, particularly Jay Anson's novel. There were several inconsistencies and eyewitness accounts that plagued the Lutz family's story. Thrown in the mix were impending lawsuits filed by both the publishing studio and the Lutz family themselves, who all accused each other of defamation.

The director and producers of The Amityville Horror (1979) have gone on record to say that their film was entirely fabricated. They claimed that their purpose was to make it as scary and suspenseful as possible, so whether or not anything in the film is true cannot be deduced as real evidence. Since they purposely exaggerated accounts from the novel.

Jay Anson died a few years after writing The Amityville Horror novel, and mostly dodged skeptic's questions. He oddly brushed off their inquisition with "I am a fiction writer.", which seems to be the most damning evidence as to whether his story is true.

Broken down here are facts that contradict the "truth" of the Lutz family's story:

- The National Weather Center reported no snow on New Years Day 1976, denying any possibility of cloven footprints being found in the snow.
- The "glowing red eyes" was supposedly the neighbor's cat, whom had distinctly colored eyes that glowed when a light was shown on it.
- Neighbors to the Lutz family never reported any suspicious activity in the house. They claimed they would hear George and Kathy fighting and arguing over money quite often.
- Father Delaney, when interrogated by critics, gave inconsistent accounts of his visit to the house. On one occasion, he stated that he never even visited the house.
- After the house was sold in March 1977, the house inspection noted no interior damage consistent with the "Hell on Earth" descriptions in the novel.
- The Red Room was noted on the blueprints of the house. So it was not hidden or concealed in any way. George claimed that the Red Room contained the bones of Native American Indians whom were sacrificed for blood rituals. The local Native American tribes report no such history of being present in that location, nor to have ever done such acts.
- Ron Defeo Jr. frequented a different bar than the one claimed in the novel.
- The Lutz family fled their house on the twenty-eight night, leaving all of their possessions behind save for the ones the movers picked up a few days later. When the camera crew came in March to film a documentary surrounding the novel, they found everything nice and neat in their place. No oozing vents or stained blood, no smashed doors or windows, no presence of demonic activity.

The Lutz family was made out to be crafty con artists, wooing America with their false ghost story to gain financial wealth.

However, some evidence still remains, shrouding the mystery in more enigmas:

- George and Kathy both took a polygraph test after being questioned about the truth of the events. They both showed no signs of lying.
- When the bodies of the Defeos were found, they were lying on their stomachs. None of the six victims appeared to have even attempted to escape their fate. Sources suggest some unforeseen force held them down while Ron killed them.
- None of the neighbors heard gunshots when the DeFeos were killed. The weapon of choice, a .35 caiber rifle, would have definitely been heard.
- Some critics claimed that the story was fabricated to escape their bank loans on a bad house. However, the Lutz family paid the mortgage up until it was sold in 1978, so they were still able to balance their finances despite not even living in the house they were paying for.
- When the film crew came in March of the following year of the book, they set up a stationary camera in the hallway on the second floor. When the camera crew developed the time lapse, they found a picture of a boy leaning on the railing. It is one of the most famous paranormal pictures to date.

Today, the 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville New York house still exists, but has been extensively renovated. The outside has been completely redone to stop would-be ghost enthusiasts from taking pictures of it. The infamous quarter-round windows on the third floor have been removed in place of plantation shutters. The house has also had a change of address to 412 Ocean Avenue.

Picture 1: 112 Ocean Avenue in 1976
Picture 2: 412 Ocean Avenue as it is today

Renovations for the 1979 film home in New Jersey, and the 2005 remake one in Wisconson, have both been remodeled for the same reason.

The town of Amityville has not been happy with the publicity either. Their historical site makes no mention of the Amityville Horror, and has forbade film crews numerous times from filming the house.
At present, none of the successive owners have reported any paranormal activity in the house.

Building and Filming the Lutz's Dream House

I started off by creating the exterior. I fashioned it as a blend of the current house's model and the 1979 version. Bevel siding was made by upside down stairs, and the cylinder texture gave it a nice 70s look.
I gave the house a remote location, contrary to the acutal house which sits on a narrow lot along the river, with neighbors about fifty feet from each other. The remote location fueled a more suspenseful atmosphere, as was also the design choices of the 1979 and 2005 movies.

The interior was a pain to create. While the exterior was done in under an hour, the interior took a good two weeks to finish. I tried to keep it as close to the original layout as possible. Even going so far as to pull up blueprints of the house on the Amityville Horror's website.

Picture 1: A changed layout of the property from the original.
Picture 2: Missy's bedroom, with the rocking chair...

After finishing the property, work was done on the special effects in the video. I set up a seperate map specifically for effects.

Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Bloody stairs and Children's Bedroom shotgun blast scenes. I set up some particle blocks on circuitry to get the desired effect.

Above: from left to right: Custom avatars created for the film. Pastor with his eyes closed holding a cross, Short Hole Face Jodie, Normal Height Hole Face Jodie, Red Scary Eyes Jodie, and George Lutz holding hatchet.
Below: custom designs of George in a sitting position, able to sit in a chair to watch some old timey footge ;)

One can see the textured wood flooring used for the particle effect for boiling holy water. It is activated by circuitry to power the particles. Also one can see the enlarged version of the "dial tone" phone off the hook, and iterations of the 3:15am alarm clock.

The designs for the characters were inspired from several sources. The pastor was to closely resemble the one in the 2005 Amityville Horror trailer.
Jodie is a conglomerate of several. She was taken from a Girl NPC, then changed to bone and grey for the ghostly look. Her outfit was fused to make it more like a dress, and her hair dyed dark brown.

Scary Red Eyed Jodie was created first. At first she had slanted alien eyes that didn't look menacing at all, but I tweaked it enough to be something truly frightening. As the Sea Captain says in The Simpsons, "Yarr, that'll replace -the whale- in my nightmares!"

Hole Face Jodie is a more developed version of Scary Red Eyes Jodie. I flattened and covered her entire face with bone, then began to construct the most unsettling thing I could imagine. She is an inspiration from the TV show Paranormal Witness Season 1 Episode 1 "The Lost Girl". That particular episode gave me the creeps, particularly when they pull up next to a girl dressed in white on the side of the road crying. When she turns to face them, she has a hole in her face as if there was nothing there.
Quite unsettling, which was the perfect backdrop for my Hole Face Jodie.

As for actual filming, it was quite the challenge. I started off by using The Amityville Horror (2005) trailer audio for my base, since it had a lot of creepier sounds than the 1979 version. I then interjected pieces of the 1979 narrator's voice into the audio (where the voice says "It has stood empty for a long while" and "For a growing young family, it is almost too good to be true."), as well as placed a sound clip from when they break into the Red Room, and the clairvoyant starts yelling "The Passage... to HELL!"

Overall, about 30GB of raw footage was taken to complete the project, a majority of it being B-roll footage of me flying around the map in different settings (exterior house shots daytime/nightime, interior shots daytime/nightime, and walking around with a torch in hand nightime).

If you have any specific scenes you want me to explain how I created them, feel free to post below. There are only three places in the film that weren't created in game (excluding intro and credits), so everything you see is very doable in Total Miner.
The SkyColor [0,0,255] script is your friend..... a very powerful tool. It's what got my car to move, and my scary demons to walk....

A huge shoutout to Ugh ThatZ NaZty, CrusadorZach777, CaughtJungle36, and Raptors 18 for their help being my stand ins for avatars! I definitely couldn't have finished the project without their support and dedication.

Ten points for Gryffindor for whoever can spot the Deputy Hippo, the Riddler, and the Joker in the video

112 Ocean Avenue Floor Plans
Some information behind The Amityville Horror House
Paranormal Witness Episode 1 Season 1 "The Lost Girl" Synopsis with Hole Face Girl

I loaded up my dig deep map for the first time after the v2.43 update, and I noticed that all of my script-based particles were off from their original coordinate positions before the update. None of the particle-block-based particles have been affected.

I've posted a few photos of the aftermath, for it seems all of them shifted either too far down or too far to the side. All particles were meant to be sitting on their respective shelves.

Was there a change to particle coordinate positioning after the update? Or would this be considered a bug?

Ideas / Ability to Lock X or Y Axis Movement
« on: January 28, 2016, 06:34:39 PM »
The Idea:

Similar to the locked height already in the game (not toggle-able, but still a feature of flying nonetheless), this will allow one to lock movement along the X or Y coordinates on the left analog stick.
Locking the X value will allow one to move along the Y axis unhindered, but not in the X axis direction. Right analog stick movement is still intact.
Locking the Y value will allow one to move along the X axis unhindered, but not in the Y axis direction. Right analog stick movement is still intact.


This setting could be activated by one of two ways:

- A pause menu setting: Start > Game > Lock movement (off, X axis, Y axis)
- A new button combination: Special Key + R3 or L3 (toggles between off, X axis, Y axis) with onscreen notification of which direction is locked.
  - - R3 feels more natural for pressing Special key and R3, however players may get confused as to which analog stick gets affected if R3 is pressed, but L is affected.
  - - L3 seems logical, since that is the stick being affected. However it's not easy to press up dpad at the same time, so it wouldn't be useful "on the fly".


- this will allow precision placement in a straight line without fear of drifting to either side of you. You can place blocks at fast speeds, since you can lock the axis and not move the right analog stick, effectively making every block you place at the spot you want (since there's no need for movement and only pressing the triggers to place the blocks)

- for video makers, this feature will allow you to make "rail footage" in which your character will stay in one direction while you are free to pivot your field of view. Without this, one would have to carefully balance flying in a straight line while simultaneously focusing on the object of desire. Also filming with no-clip and locked axis movement would give similar stability in not flying "off course" during the shoot.

For clarity, imagine if the gif below was a TM video. You as the camera can lock the proper axis (the axis going down the hill), and can rotate the right analog stick to track the skier (the other player/particle/ mob) next to you. You're still physically going forward, but you can rotate your view without steering off course.

Ideas / Occlusion Blocks
« on: April 03, 2015, 12:01:24 PM »
What is an Occulsion Block?

An Occlusion Block acts similar to a spyhole, in which the game renders the rock layers beyond it.
However, and Occlusion Block differs from a spyhole in that a spyhole renders extra features besides the skybox.
- Spyholes show cave formations, clouds, and other builds beyond the block in question
- Occlusion block only shows the skybox beyond it

In a crude example, as I cannot find a good picture of a spyhole, imagine if nothing rendered beyond the spyhole in the picture below. So if the Ramp was an occlusion block, you would see straight through the builds to the skybox.

Benefits of Using it?

- Can create dramatic ceilings and floors in one's builds.
Imagine walking into what looks like a simple box house, only to find a ceiling made of Occlusion Blocks, showing a dramatic planetarium-night-sky look on the ceiling?
Or perhaps the floor showing a bright blue hue from the sky, making one appear to be floating in the air!

- Can be used to decrease world load times
At least in the Far Cry World Editor system that utilizes Occlusion Blocks, people who placed these blocks around the spawn decreased the load times into their world, because the game doesn't render all of the shapes of the builds immediately. You essentially load into a room with the skybox visible only.

Perhaps this same concept would be applied to Total Miner. Though we would need confirmation from Craig if the game renders in things you cannot see (i.e. if the game still has to render builds beyond a barrier of Occlusion Blocks)

- It is Dig Deep Safe.
Since cave formations are not rendered in the Occlusion Blocks, players cannot be compelled to cheat with it by finding new unexplored cave systems. Only the skybox renders in the Occlusion Block, so they cannot see the other formations.

I would like to give thanks to JD Dragon who helped modify an idea of mine of a "Spyhole Block" to one of an Occlusion Block, which fits better with the three gametypes

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?

Ideas / Green-Screen Skybox
« on: January 12, 2015, 11:40:17 AM »
Green-Screen Sky Idea


My idea would be to have an option to change the characteristics of the skybox.
Instead of simply changing out the color gradient of the sky (the color hues that make up the horizon), this will remove the colors in the skybox completely, replacing it with a static color of one's choosing.

Example below:

Say the game is currently in night mode:

If one needed to change the color of the skybox to say green, one would go to

Start > Game Options > Graphics Options > Skybox Color

Once this is clicked, a menu of all the static colors in the game would be displayed (red, cyan, blue, purple, green, etc. Not including multicolored blocks like teflon, flourite, greenstone). The normal skybox hue will be the default "color".

If one selects the Green Skybox, this is what will occur:

But green clashes with the color of this particular build, so if one selects the Cyan Skybox, this is what will occur:

Or if the person needs a Red Skybox:


The sun and moon will disappear once a non-default skybox is selected.
However, the "scary sunset" sound will still occur, and the normal shadows of the builds facing where the sun/moon would normally be will still illuminate correctly.
I.e. even if one picks the "Black Skybox", during daylight hours the builds will still be illuminated with the same brilliance as if the default skybox with the sun in the sky was selected.


For players who enjoy capturing footage or pictures, this will make for an excellent green-screen effect. By removing the light blue/whitish hue horizon line and blocky sun, cinematographers can edit in a custom sky into their video with relative ease. Also people who edit their pictures will find the green-screen skybox to be quite useful as well, without the shading detail on the builds themselves compromised.

With the green-screen sky, the process to make a custom sky in one's videos and pictures would be much quicker:

Also with an added skybox color, players would be able to find more creative uses for their new colors in the sky. Even if someone isn't a video or picture editor, having a fancy red sky to accompany their horror map would still look really cool. Or a purple skybox to spice up their challenge map!

Feel free to leave comments or concerns.

Ideas / Toggling Overwrite Paste/Merge Paste as Left Trigger in Options
« on: November 02, 2014, 11:20:05 AM »
My idea would be to allow toggling what the left trigger on the controller does when a clipboard is selected.

Ive noticed that a lot of builds require more "merge pasting" than "overwrite" pasting, especially with terraforming large areas of earth. Often when using "merge paste", the game may not register the D-Pad Up button (either due to some malfunction with the controller, or from just being tired of holding down the two buttons simultaneously).
This would result in overwrite paste occurring, which unwontedly clears out blocks you just spent time working on.

This idea would allow one to go to the options menu and toggle the primary and secondary forms of pasting.

For clarification:

-Primary Pasting = using the left trigger only to paste when a clipboard is selected.
-Secondary Pasting = using left trigger + D Pad Up to paste when a clipboard is selected.

Now for how the idea would be implemented:

- By default, pasting would work how it does now (overwrite paste left trigger, merge paste left trigger + d pad up)
- If players find it easier to use merge paste as the "default" way, they would go to Player Options > Toggle Paste Primary.

- Default would look like this: "Paste Primary: Overwrite Paste"
- Pressing the A button on this option transforms it into "Paste Primary: Merge Paste"

Essentially this switches the controls: Merge paste is activated by left trigger only, and overwrite paste is activated by left trigger + D pad Up.

This would be beneficial for those who have already constructed builds, but need to paste components near them.
By having left trigger as merge paste, players could lay down components quickly without fear of accidentally overwrite pasting, thereby destroying the previous builds.

Terraformers would benefit.
As overwrite paste would simply clear out the rocks, hills, and trees that were already put down, having merge paste on the left trigger would create more ease. No more fumbling with two buttons at the same time. Mountains could be built in a fraction of the time!

This idea would also not change how players normally enjoy the game either.
It would be elective to change the default setting, so no one would be forced to accept the new changes, if they find overwrite paste to be more effective.

This option would carry over to all your worlds.
Since it would be in player options, one could go to the Total Miner main menu and activate the merge pasting as primary, allowing the option to carry over to multiple worlds.

Thoughts, comments, concerns?

Questions and Answers / Player Jump Height While in Water?
« on: October 18, 2014, 11:20:15 AM »
I noticed that when there is a barrier equivalent to one normal block + one half block stacked on top of it, players can no longer jump over this while in the water.

Before v2.1, spamming the jump button would allow players to overcome the height difference in my little ponds on my map, but now players can't anymore.
Why is this?

Questions and Answers / Concerning Sunblocks With No Visible Faces
« on: October 01, 2014, 10:25:10 PM »
I had a question regarding sunblocks when no visible faces are apparent (i.e. when the block is buried and surrounded on all six sides)

Does the game still account for this block's light output?
When I was flooding, I noticed that the blocks were still embedded within the flooded layers. Do these blocks still draw some sort of rendering despite they are completely covered?

Just wondering so I know if I need to remove these blocks to not add to unnecessary costs with map rendering.

Video / Civilizations Trailer
« on: August 14, 2014, 11:47:18 AM »

A Dig Deep Experience: Civilizations Trailer

I decided to make a short trailer of my dig deep map Civilizations. The video isn't really intended to promote the map, but rather a fun video montage of several builds on the map.
I love the Stargate Atlantis theme song, so I chose it for the trailer.
Also a huge shoutout to Quadraphinic for helping with the moving character into the Stargate. We both thought it would be cool to have a robotic moving into the Stargate to explore.

Note that this is not all of the builds on the map!!!!! There are plenty more that had to be omitted, but I tried to add as many as I could.

I'm kind of disappointed the quality only came out to 720p, so it may look a bit grainy. I'm not sure what went wrong, but I'm scared to think the video footage was shot in that setting, which then I would have to remake the trailer to get 1080p :P

If you would like to see the builds in depth and explanations on how I built them, visit the "Your World" thread of Civilizations here: Civilizations

Your world / [Construction] There and Back Again: The Lord of the Rings Builds
« on: July 31, 2014, 10:53:56 PM »

This thread will be dedicated to my Lord of the Rings builds, as I attempt a long-term project to recreate Middle Earth on an infinite world.
My plan is to start with the major installations (i.e. fortresses, landmarks) then move onto the cities. Eventually I want to open up portions of it as an Adventure map to either throw the One Ring into Mount Doom, or journey as Bilbo Baggins to Erebor to reconquer the lost kingdom of the dwarves.

and with that... let us begin, but not quite in 'a hole in the ground'....

Begin your journey through Middle Earth by clicking the thumbnail of the build you would like to see.

External Links

Your world / [Construction] The Final Frontier
« on: July 31, 2014, 08:01:05 PM »

"The Best theme park around! Safer than Disney's Animal Kingdom! No one died yet!"
- The New York Times

"$18 for a hamburger and drink?! What a ripoff!"
- some tourist

A Handy Guide for Theme Park-Goers

Welcome to the The Final Frontier, the theme park of tomorrow, today! This exclusive park, set high above the Earth, allows tourist will barrels of money to relive their favorite space movies and video games! From a Galaxy Far Far away, to the grim dark future of the 41st Millennium, each and every tourist will come here, empty their pockets full of money, and cry waterfalls as they long to return next year with their vacation money.

After your make a transfer flight in Atlanta, The best place to park your ship is, well you guessed it, the parking lot! Be sure to leave some room for our other guests. The pay stations tell you with a notify script exactly how much it costs to park there.

The Gate Entrances are modeled after Universal Studios Florida Archway and Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Port of Entry. See spoiler for comparison.
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Visit the information kiosk, and they will direct you to where you want to go. Through the Golden Arch gate lies the Star Wars rides, and through the Lighthouse Gate lies High Charity: the Halo and Dawn of War rides.

More pictures in the spoiler below:
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Convenient ATMs courtesy of JD Dragon 7
Notify Scripts used.

The alpaca who was given a pilot's license can't find a place to park

This map uses quite a number of Notify, Teleport and Paste Scripts. Most of which open doors, teleport to new realms, and give NPC speech without having to utilize or talk to them. I have divided the rest of this thread into the different rides available. I will point out the basic objective, as well as provide my own commentary on its construction and uniqueness of the ride in relation to the others. Every ride utilizes a different technique.

So hold onto your butts, set phasers to 'medium well', and engage the hyperdrive. Because we are boldly going where no one has gone before!

Our first stop is High Charity: the Holy Covenant City. Here showcases our first two rides in question: Halo ODST Prepare to Drop, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Hulk.
Present within the city is also the Chamber of the Hierarchs, which allows tourists to travel to the Star Wars exhibit, and the Mausoleum of the Arbiter. The Mausoleum is meant for anyone wishing to engrave their name in the sands of time. For there are no "Hall of Fame" leaderboards up here. Just those with money, and those whose kids spent theirs.

Features the Forerunner Keystone

Spoiler for more pictures:
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
The back side. The pink Phantom is where one is teleported to
Inside the Chamber of the Hierarchs.

"Here lies the Vanguard of the Great Journey. Each Arbiter born and consumed in times of extraordinary crisis." - The Prophet of Truth

Here is our first ride! Your mission: board the Covenant Carrier, set the charges in the control room, and eliminate all hostiles in your way.
Boarding the Carrier is conducted by dropping in an ODST Drop Pod over the target. You have two choices: the hard one that requires dodging, or the easy side; which is just falling straight down without any consequences. Once inside, you and your fire teammate must make your way to the control room and blow it up.
Good luck, be the soldier we need you to be.

Some of the actual drop:

More pictures in spoiler:
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

In the grim dark future, evil lurks in every corner of the galaxy. Some so terrifying, your children won't be able to sleep without a spotlight for weeks!
Well here at the Final Frontier, we have capitalized on this fear with our ride Space Hulk. This ride was inspired by the cinematic cutscene from Dawn of War: Chaos Rising, in which the heroes must board the Judgement of Carrion to discover a lost logic engine.
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
On this ride, you and a squad of Teminator Marines must board the Space Hulk, find out what happened to your Apothecary Galan, and escape the ship. But beware, the space hulk is a maze of dead ends, traps, and bloodthirsty monsters...
No light is aboard the ship, so you must use the Amulet of Starlight to see.

This concludes the Halo exhibit, the rest of the rides are in the Star Wars zone. To access the rides, one must board the Inquisitor Super Star Destroyer. Here you can relive your favorite space battles of the Star Wars Universe. There is an Episode I, III, and IV ride.
I will introduce the rides in order of complexity and difficulty to ride.

One of the most unique experiences about these Star Wars rides is that they utilize Fly Zones. To operate, a player is given fly permission and allowed to fly through concentric platinum rings. If the player goes too far outside the rings, he/she falls to their death.

Another key feature is the Notify script. Pink notify script blocks are laid out around the ride for ease of finding. Once looked at, the notify script will activate, usually dialogue from the Star Wars movie. This allows one to continue flying at light speed, look at the script block, and continue flying while reading the dialogue. This ensures one does not have to stop the fun to read the NPCs!

Examples from the Trench Run:

If you have seen the Star Wars movies (which you better have!  >:() you know the objective is to fly through the trench and destroy the Death Star. I will be uploading an example flight to demonstrate this more clearly later.

Spoiler for more pictures:
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

"Remember, the Force will be with you. Always..."

This ride is the space battle over Naboo, in which Anakin Skywalker must pilot his newly acquired Naboo Starfighter against the Trade Federation Droid Control Ship.
There are two paths, one with sentry turrets trying to kill you, the other with even more turrets trying to kill you. You get aboard the ship, crash land, push a really big "DO NOT PRESS" self destruct button (I dont know why a ship comes equipped with such a button :P) and escape.
The player is still bound by the fly zone features of the Ep IV Trench Run.

My personal favorite of the map! This space battle takes place above Coruscant in the very beginning of Episode III. Take to the skies with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi as you attempt to rescue Chancellor Palpatine from the new threat, General Grevious.
This behemoth is quite the roller coaster. There is a drop through the wreckage of a fallen Munificent Class Frigate, a 180 degree turn, fighter attack, and a twister turn from missiles. It is highly recommended that one complete Episode I and IV's ride before this one to get the feel for maneuvering.

Relieve your picture addiction below!
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Shot from falling through the wreckage

Once inside the Providence Crusier, break Chancellor Palpatine out with a Get out of Jail Free card, and make your way to the command deck. Blah Blah Blah Grevious escapes, and you escape!

Palpatine is the Zombie, General Grevious is the Robotic, and Count Dookuu is the Skeleton

What theme park isn't complete without an overpriced dining restaurant?!?! Head on over to the Palpatine Smokehouse, located inside the Imperial Star Destroyer shootin' lasers at the Blockade Runner.
Here you can try the Bantha Beef, Geonosian Tomatoes, and other food you would never dare try unless you were trapped in the walls of an amusement park. The Pizza is courtesy of JD Dragon 7!

A good view of... next to nothing from the window seat :P
Also I designed the central drink fountain from my Three Broomsticks Restaurant I built in Diagon Alley on my Civilizations map! I liked the design of the cylinders ontop of crates so much, I ported the idea over to here.

There are some problems with the map. Currently the map sits at 10.2MB, so it's quite the map to try to load into. The different rides are scattered across the edges of the map, so many people have a hard time loading them in. Also there is a bug with the doors, where one key can open any locked door on the map. That and some people say their key doesn't open the doors at all :P

So in conclusion, this counts as my Adventure/Challenge map that incorporates my love of the Star Wars, Halo, and Warhammer Universes. I don't really host it that often, seeing as I have bigger fish to fry. So if you would like to see the map in person, send me a PM via the forums or xbox live.
Also I have way more pictures of this. Let me know if you want to see more.
I will be doing a demonstration video of the Star Wars rides to show everyone exactly how it is supposed to work.

Hope you enjoyed your visit, see us soon!

External Links:

Ideas / New Creative Tool: Mirrored/Symmetric Flipping
« on: May 18, 2014, 11:34:48 PM »
Currently a copied set of blocks or component piece can only be rotated 90 degrees laterally via the special key.

My idea would be to add a feature that would mirror the clipboard blocks.
For example, take a look at the butterfly picture below. Imagine if the butterfly was made of voxel blocks, and only the left half was completed. Currently you must either build the right side by hand, or copy/paste each 1-block-wide piece over to the other side.
With the new feature, the left side can be mirrored to resemble the right side, being able to paste it symmetrically.

This feature could have countless uses. One could mirror half of their constructed castle to make the other side, building ships could be symmetrical, modern skyscrapers, etc. All of this could take half the time in creative mode to construct, since only half of the desired object must be made.

To build off this idea, a feature to rotate the object 90 degrees on the longitudinal axis would work just as effectively, if not better than the above idea. This would allow the same feature as mirroring for symmetry (since one would just rotate 180 degrees longitudinally), but also allow one to turn the object on its side while pasting.

Your world / [Construction] Civilizations
« on: March 18, 2014, 08:20:12 PM »

"A stellar map! Better than Call of Duty Ghosts! 13/10!"
- IGN Entertainment

"I approve of this map."
- Barack Obama

"Why are all the Orks standing in lava in those pictures of my fortress?"
- Sauron

The Gate-Traveler's Guide to Civilizations

Welcome to Civilizations, the epitome of my Dig Deep building experience! Here I will be showcasing the wonders of my oldest map, from Ancient Mesopotamia to the 41st Millennium, from The Nile Delta to Middle Earth, and a Galaxy Far Far Away. I will be showcasing each major build on the map, all fifteen of them in order as they were built, and will give insight into its historical value, portrayal in media, and my own commentary on its construction.

This dig deep map was started during v1.0 of Total Miner, almost 3 years in the making. Over 95% of my Total Miner playtime has been through this map. Sorry to burst your bubble Liam, but the map will forever be in Original SD texture ::). Too much had been built by the time v1.8 was released, and so a lot of the builds would have to be changed to switch to HD. Hogwarts would look like Santa's Christmas Village with red Rhyolite and white Marble.
Each major project has involved clearing the land, erecting those monoliths, and constructing underground. As you will see, the beauty isn't just what's on the surface, but what's underneath them. Just below your feet is, in my mind, the real jewel of the map. If you ever get a chance to explore the map, be sure to check every corner and every pathway. For you might miss an entire underground system of demons, or the lost realm of Poseidon!

Picture 1: View from atop of Hogwarts.                                                 Picture 2: Chibi Town, first hell

I would like to give a special shoutout to MysterioFan99 for taking the time to photograph my world! Without these excellent screenshots, I would not be able to convey my pride that I take in this map. He was very helpful (and put up with my nagging ::) ) so once again I thank him!
I would also like to thank EpiikReaPz, Mr. Dig Deep, DatGamerLogan, Derfen Steve, muD, and a blue gecko for placing NPCs down near the Stargate spawn! I try to extend the offer of allowing any forum member who enjoyed my world to place one down and comment about the map. I love reading over them in my free time, as it means a lot to me to show my friends my map. If you have joined the map, and wish to place down an NPC, drop into the world and let me know!

If you would like to comment on something in the original post, please shrink down the quote by deleting away what isn't necessary to what you want to discuss. There will be a lot of information posted, and I mean a lot! It would only provide a huge scrolling problem for viewers if you were to simply re-paste everything I have written.

Now let us begin!
"Chevron One Engaged!" *Dial sequence starts....*

Stargate Command

This wasn't my first build on the map, but since players spawn here might as well discuss it first. Stargate Command was actually a more recent build. I had wanted to redo the spawn zone, moving it from atop of surface Stargate to one underground. The SGC is located directly underneath the original spawn, as to not disturb the other underground constructions.
"Chevron Three Engaged!"

It features General Hammond, who briefs new players to the map, as well as provide crucial information regarding the map: read NPCs and turn on the map. I cant tell you how many people get lost in the structures because they didn't read the NPC that told them to go left, or if they had the map turned on they would see the exit in the dark room :P
I also added a glass map plotter, which displays some of the pictures found in the many builds on the map.
And last but not least, I put up my Total Miner World Alliance Flag on the back wall!
"Chevron Five Engaged!"

I plan to expand the SGC in the hallway section. Perhaps I may add an Asgard or Replicator reference in a room somewhere. The problem is that the build is located in the heart of one of the "busiest" underground sections, so hopefully I have not run out of room already.

Picture 1: The Gate Room from the view of the control room. I tried adding clamps to the side, depicted with opal.
Picture 2: A view of the surface-Stargate, with some generously-donated NPCs. There is a door below it that says "Ecchi Kings only". I wonder who the Ecchi King is?...

"Chevron Seven Locked and Engaged!"
*Loud unstable vortex sounds, then fades into water splashing sounds*
"Wormhole established! SG team, you are cleared for off-world travel!"

Alright, it is time for us to embark. I hope you brought your camera and a change of underwear, because we will be exploring worlds like no other....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Total Minor Version 1.0 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chichen Itza/Mayan Temple

Picture 1: Easily one of my favorite shots. Mostly because I like how Barad Dür leans, giving a looming presence.
Picture 2: A nice shot of the front side from the Stargate

In the beginning, there was only digging. Mindless, peaceful, digging. The surface was littered with archipelagos of sand, grass, dirt, and flowers. I assumed the only purpose was to dig, dig, dig.

And then I had a thought....
What if I try to build something? Sure, I've tried to build dinky one-room houses before, but never anything grand.
And what could I possibly build that is "grand"?

Gold. Lots and lots of gold. That's sick to have. Why not build... with gold!
What to build? A temple.... made of solid gold!

This idea sparked the first, and certainly not the last, mega build that I would attempt on the map.
I scoured the surface to find the biggest mountain to lay it on top of, and coincidently it was the very middle of the map. I spent weeks trying to collect enough gold, making strafe run after strafe run looting cave systems of their precious stones.

When it was "complete" I had only two sides done. If you look at Picture 1, that is the exact angle one could look at to see  the completed faces. The other two panels had trees and mountains growing on them :P But it was sufficient, and cool enough to show all my friends my latest build! I added opal at the top to resemble a sacrificial altar.
Then, I decided to make a small room inside the pyramid. Digging out the newly-placed grass blocks, I carved a staircase to a small room, in which I made a golden bathtub, and a smaller room with a drop to Hell. At the time, I had only made it to the first hell, so as a token of my success, a quick-drop there was added.

The "real" Chichen Itza is not made of gold, but rather stone. It is found in the Yucatan Peninsula in modern-day Mexico. Remains of the Mayan civilization that collapsed mysteriously, millions of tourists visit the temple yearly, especially to see the "serpent crawling" during the spring equinox. The shadow casted on the temple side gives the illusion of a snake slithering down its slope as the sun moves across the sky.

To this day, 3/4ths of the pyramid is covered by native gold blocks that I dug up. The rest was bought. The only renovations that have been done since its construction would be the andesite stair-blocks to scale the pyramid. The small rooms have been left untouched, partly due to sentimental value and the fact that I have other fish to fry.

The Zuggurat of Ur

Picture 1: Shot of the Ziggurat from in front of the Stargate.
Picture 2: A side shot from in front of the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

I must address this first, as many get it wrong. The city is called Ur, and you pronounce it as "Er" in the word "Ernest". It is not a text message abbreviation of "your" :P
Now, this temple was built by Sumerians about 4100 years ago in what was known as the Fertile Crescent, modern-day Irag between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

After constructing the Mayan temple, I had decided to pursue a "historical world wonders" route in building projects. I chose the Tuff block because I liked the grey-blue tint that it gave off in the light. A massive quarry was dug in the tuff layer in order to fund the required building materials to make such a huge structure.
Then I had an idea: make the Ziggurat hollow. Before, I filled the Mayan temple's volume with dirt and grass, but now I didn't need to. This opened up more possibilities to create rooms inside the temple. At first levels 1 and 2 were just winding passages, with a cherry metal tub like the gold one in Chichen Itza. Then the bottom level was made into a paradise, complete with a flowing water spring and rushing waves.

Upon first building, the bottom level also featured a Red Marker from Dead Space, but since then I removed it in place of a shipwreck. The marker was going to have a drop to second Hell, but I never put one in.
Renovations include removing the windy passages into a library. This was done after the v1.8 update, because I was inspired by YoungSykotic posting a picture of a library setup during 1.8 testing. I also have added more foliage in the paradise bottom level, and plan to make a mini Fountain of Youth. Will probably add an NPC saying "the Fountain of Youth tastes like eggs mixed with water :p" because really it's true :P I've taken several trips to St. Augustine, and the water smells and taste like there's Sulfur in it.

Picture 1: A Starbucks logo I created using four paintings. It doesn't look as nice in Original SD, but the NPC tells you to change momentarily to see her beauty
Picture 2: The bottom level with a shot of the shipwreck and the rock spewing water.

The Valley of the Kings

Shot from the Temple of Olympian Zeus

Yes, I know the name is technically inaccurate, as there are no pyramids in the Valley of the Kings. I just like the ring of "Valley of the Kings" better than "Egyptian Pyramid". The Egyptian Pyramids were some of the greatest engineering marvels of all time. Developed during the 3rd through 18th dynasties, the Pyramids represented the height of the King's power (Pharaoh comes from the word Par-aou, which means "House of God" as the King is a living deity). Djoser was the first, which a step-pyramid was constructed in his honor by the mastermind Imhotep. The step-pyramid wasn't actually enterable, but served really as a large tombstone overlooking Djoser's real gravesite.
The three pyramids made by Khufu, Kafra, and Men-Kau-Ra are the most famous at Giza. However, many people don't realize that the middle pyramid with the "cap" on it is not the largest. It is actually the one behind it, Khufu's. Kafra's might look bigger, but this is due to it sitting on higher ground.
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

The build has been extensively renovated over time. I have added a hole in the side above the burial to allow starlight in. This was put in place by the Egyptians, who believed the essence of the King would shoot out like a rocket towards the heavens. The Opet festival barge has been added, a reference to their most important festival at Karnak and Luxor where the King renews his divinity. In fact, anyone who performed the ceremony would be crowned King. Horemheb in the 18th dynasty was not of royal blood, but took over the kingship when he completed the tasks at the Opet festival.
Also featured is a statue of Horus kneeling with a spear.

Picture 1: The Opet Festival barge. It would float down the Nile with the statues of Amun, Khonsu, and Mut to Luxor.
Picture 2: A statue of Horus. I didn't know what to put there.

The pyramid has a false burial chamber upon entering. I came up with this idea in order to segue into the best part of the build: the guard statues of Anubis and the Temple of Amun.

Picture 1: Anubis and the papyrus columns upon entering the secret passage.
Picture 2: Statue of the Kings at the Temple of Amun.

Upon falling into a secret passage, players would come across a large lava pit surrounded by a forest of papyrus columns. Standing guard are the statues of Anubis. Extensive renovation allowed me to carve out of the sandstone rock two enormous king statues. This was inspired by Ramesses II's Temple of Amun at Abu Simbel about 3200 years ago. Between the two kings is a hieroglyphic of "Ka". Ka has a spiritual divinity meaning, in which kingship is placed upon the shoulders of the Pharoah. Ka actually looks like two hands placed on the shoulders of someone. In hieroglyphic form, it is drawn almost like two hands pointing in the air.
Sample pics below.

Spoiler for Hidden Content:

I had to a Mummy Returns reference, so at the end of the secret passage is a small sarcophagus with a skeleton saying "Death is only the beginning!" The mummy says this on the Revenge of the Mummy ride at Universal Studios Florida. Also look down when falling down to the first hell. There is a surprise.

This was the first build that utilized the space below the structure. The previous two builds used the space inside the build itself; the bottom paradise fits within the dimensions of the Ziggurat. In the Valley of the Kings, one burial chamber sits within the walls of the pyramid, while another site about a hundred blocks below. This was a crucial step in dig deep construction, to be able to utilize the space underneath.
No longer will builds be forced to confine to the limited space on the surface. This epiphany was momentous.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus

A shot from the Stargate. You can also see the tank in the background. I had to move that four times when building.

Upon first building, it was called the Parthenon. Then I realized nothing about the build was accurate to the real Parthenon, so I renamed it to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, which also has nothing to do with my build :P. The actual building I modeled it after is one of the best-preserved Greek builds in Athens. It can be found in the ancient Athenian Marketplace today, just down from the Theater of Dionysus and the Acropolis.
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

The Temple of Olympian Zeus was started by Peisistratus in the early 500s BCE, but was only semi completed by the Roman emperor Hadrian in the second century CE.

I started with a statue of Zeus sitting on his throne inside the temple. I think I got that from watching the Disney movie Hercules, with Zeus looming over onlookers. There is a secret passage behind his throne (had to put an NPC down directing people that way, because frankly people are too lazy to check behind it and leave) that leads to Atlantis. The staircase down has a fire/ice look, and upon entering the Atlantis build it becomes a wall of water.
Overall Im a bit disappointed by the build, because it didnt turn out quite how I wanted. I imagined an aquarium-like walkway, where players could see Atlantis through the glass and walk at their own leisure. However when I first made it, glass was not as see-through as I thought, so then people had to swim. Lighting issues underwater prevented being able to see the build. When v1.8 came around I upgraded the tunnel with a water block surrounding.

Picture 1: Zeus on his throne.
Picture 2: Atlantis with a glass catwalk to simulate walking on the ocean floor next to it.

Then comes the best part. Renovated during the v1.9 update, players drop into Poseidon's Falls, an underground complex of ruins, mermaid statues, and waterfalls. This used to be a small room in which a picture of a Trident hung on a wall. Now that trident is part of the waterfall, which flows down into a dark cavern. I was inspired by Poseidon's Fury ride at Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure with the gushing water effects and flame equipment. The water flowing out of the statue's mouth is from the same statue above Mythos' Restaurant at the Lost Continent.
Future expansion will have the Styx river and Hades below it all. For now it's just a long tube with lava.

Picture 1: Shot from the secret entrance with the Trident symbol on the waterfall.
Picture 2: Gushing water from statue's mouth, Mermaid statues, and ruined columns.
Picture 3: Overlooking the entrance to the area at the gazebo-type building.

Overall I am neutral with the build. Atlantis was a bust, but I really enjoy walking through Poseidon's Falls. Perhaps I can find a way to change up the Atlantis build to make it better.

This concludes the original four temples that I wanted to build. I thought I was done building at this point, since were arranged by surrounding my spawn zone. There simply wouldn't be enough room to place more temples on as grand of a scale as I had wanted. Or so I thought....

Your world / [Construction] Wrath of the Empire: Super Star Destroyers
« on: February 28, 2014, 01:29:37 AM »

Author's Preface:

I would like to start off by saying welcome to my Wrath of the Empire thread page!
Here I will be showcasing Total Miner constructions of Super Star Destroyers that I have built. I will provide background information on the SSD themselves from the Star Wars universe, and the process of how I build them. I will interject my own feelings and thoughts on how I built it, challenges I faced, etc. Feel free to use this thread to discuss the Star Destroyers if you would like (your favorite ship design, questions regarding the Star Wars lore, which Wookie could pass as an imperial officer, etc.)

I would like to give a big shoutout to Quadraphinic and Mechawho for their help in taking pictures of my build! Without them, I couldn't have been able to show the community my creation. So once again I give my thanks.

If you would like to comment on something in the original post, please shrink down the quote by deleting away what isn't necessary to what you want to discuss. There will be a lot of information posted, and it would only provide more clutter to the thread of you were to simply re-paste everything I have written.

Now, let us accelerate to hyperspace!
To a long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

The Eclipse Super Star Destroyer

Hehe, Love this picture. Makes the ship seem menacing...

The Star Wars Universe
Finished development six years after the Battle of Endor, this behemoth was the largest vessel ever created by
the Galactic Empire up to that point. Spanning over 17 and a half kilometers long,
the Eclipse carried no less than 1,200 turbolasers, ions cannons, and tractor beams.

Eight hundred fighters and bombers were ready to be deployed at a moments notice, and 700,000 officers served aboard it. This vessel was immense. To put the size in perspective, the largest Rebel Alliance ship at the Battle of Endor, Home One, could fit inside the Eclipse's hangar. The Imperial Star Destroyers looked like ants in comparison. In the spoiler below is a nice comparison chart:
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
However, its deadliest weapon lies at the bow of the ship. Armed with a mobile version of the Galaxy Gun, the Eclipse could crack a planet's crust, rendering the surface uninhabitable. Not as potent as the Death Star's superlaser, but effective in striking terror in the hearts of New Republic forces nonetheless.

The sign says "Aim away from face"...

Report from first contact of the Eclipse:
"The hyperspace tunnel opened, and this black thing came crawling out from between the stars… We thought it was a ghost ship, until it opened fire." - New Republic Informations Officer

The Eclipse was meant to be Emperor Palpatine's flagship, but did not live to see it's construction. Or so we thought... after numerous unsuccessful attempts, the Emperor was cloned, reborn again. He would take his seat aboard the dark Destroyer, wreaking havok on New Republic worlds.

The Eclipse Super Star Destroyer was destroyed during the Battle of Pinnacle Moon in 10ABY, in which Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo managed to curb the "force storm" that the reborn emperor was amassing to destroy the New Republic forces. The force storm collapsed on the Eclipse, and was destroyed.

Somewhere in the dark reaches of space, there are reports... reports of another sleek, ebony ghost ship. Few survive to tell the tale, but according to their encounters, another Eclipse dubbed the Eclipse II may be on the prowl...

source for the above lore:

The Total Miner Eclipse

My inspiration for undertaking such an immersive build project came from an eclecticism of sources. For starters, the forum member James showed me his rendition of the Executor Super Star Destroyer, and so it catalyzed my desire to create one.
The thought of building the Executor has always been in the back of my mind, but I decided that I wanted to build something new. Something that I haven't seen anyone attempt yet.
The Eclipse was my golden ticket to the chocolate factory that is Total Miner Creative Mode.

I used about six reference pictures, each giving their own slightly different design. Some had odd-shaped command decks, some had more engines than others, and one was missing the superlaser!
So I tried to take the best elements of each to form the shape of my build.

Originally the Eclipse was supposed to be over 800 blocks long! :@ As I was measuring this distance out, it became apparent how impractical it would be. I trimmed it down to its final size of 350ish blocks for two reasons: 1) To be able to see the entire ship without having parts fade into the distance fog. 2) To have the build be usable in the future. I felt that if the ship were 800 blocks long, it would take up so much room on one's map that it would be useless as a build piece. It's nowhere near to scale of my 100ish long Imperial Star Destroyer (the Eclipse probably wouldn't fit on the infinite maps in v2.1 if it was 1:1 scale), but at least it is the biggest ship I got.

Ship under construction with guide lines.

I started construction with the bottom side first. I usually start with the top, but i have come to realize that I cant see the bottom when constructing because it's too dark :P
Made the bottom hull of the ship, then constructed the superlaser "sail" on the bottom side.

One of the biggest challenges I faced while building was making the etched-out top deck. Shown below, the black etchings are not done through copy/paste. I had to cut into the deck by hand, and hand-make each one. Took a while to come out the way it did, and I am pleased.

Before                                                                                        After
Another problem I encountered was fitting the back pieces and bottom hull together. It's hard to see in the pictures due to the optical illusion that it is uniform underneath, but in fact the two pieces never actually meet correctly. One side is flat, while the other is angled. Fortunately it is hidden in the dark so no one can really notice.

Made the engines red because... it's evil >:D

As for the interior, I was pretty lazy to say the least. I made what was necessary, and cut a few corners. I knew I wanted a hangar, a command deck, and hangar control room.
I made the hangar first, and even added Diamondback's forklift! Except I colored it grey from the yellow one he gave me.

I made the Sith Empire logo in red on the wall above the hangar door. Because it's evil! >:D

The Hangar Control Room:

The Command Deck:

Put up a nice chair for Palpatine to sit. The grey chair on the right side next to the windows. Right under the air-conditioning vent ::)

Even the Stormtroopers know I'm lazy in making interiors. I had to make the pathway to get to the Command Deck via a shaft that requires flight upwards. The speech bubble says, "The Empire has poor interior planning. Well at least this ship doesn't have a small thermal exhaust port that's two meters wide"...

So there you have it! This is my first, and certainly not my last, Super Star Destroyer construction. It will probably be the biggest one though at 350ish blocks, as the Emperor needs to have the biggest and baddest ship around.

Directed by George Lucas
Directed by Walt Disney Pictures


Site Suggestions and Bugs / Future Script and Circuitry Subtopic
« on: February 07, 2014, 09:04:44 PM »
My idea is to have a subtopic labeled "Scripts and Circuitry" under the Total Miner discussions.

This would benefit forum surfers who are interested in the following:

- pinned posts about the basic set-up of circuitry
- pinned posts about setting up a script and how to write them

Most Importantly - questions asking for advice on how to set up the script or circuitry involving a specific scenario.
For example, members could post a topic like "Im trying to implement a challenge puzzle using mob spawners and switches. Mobs spawn at ___, player walks towards ___ and must activate switch X. [insert other complex details regarding how the challenge works]. Can anyone help me on how the script commands should be written and when they should be executed on the script block? Where power should be set up, and frequencies? Where mobs should spawn to give fairest challenge?"

This would alleviate clutter in the "Questions & Answers" thread by allocating all of the script and power discussions into one subtopic. This would also allow Total Miner players who are knowledgable in uses of scripts/circuitry to post their advice and help others in one specific place.
The subtopic wouldn't have to be implemented right away, could be held off until the v2.0 update comes out.

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