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Author Topic:  The Blocks Crew  (Read 2130 times)

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The Blocks Crew
« on: February 27, 2018, 12:37:07 AM »
The Blocks Crew

What is it?
This group is for our upcoming or already established youtubers. We work together to support one another. We also give each other suggestions for the videos. We also stick by a strong motto of "There is no I in team." We do have some requirements when you join which Iíll will get into a bit. This is for the game Total Miner and for the players of TM to meet other fellow players with similar interests of making youtube videos for the game Total Miner: Forge. We don't deal with drama if you have beef with another member we are not responsible for solving it. If nothing gets resolved actions have to be taken, We plan for this to be professional for people to get things out of this group.

  • Must be 16+ or older
  • Must have a decent mic
  • Absolutely NO trolling
  • Don't promote your channel in another members video unless you were authorized
  • Must have 10+ Subscribers and views
  • Must be a PC Total Miner Player
  • Must do a collab with another member at least once a month (Group Collabs Count)
Group Collabs
Monthly Monkey will do a big group collab for members of the TBC only. That option is only optional. If you want to just do a small collab here and there with other members you are free to do that but however the group collab could get you exposure from not only monkey but various other youtubers. You are free to record the group collab but it is guaranteed that  Monkey will be recording every collab. This is a chance for members to get exposure as well as help out the team in general.




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