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NGS -National Gaming Society
« : July 16, 2015, 06:39:17 AM »

Hello everyone my name is DandiestDisc on XBOX but on the forums my name is XboxGeneration1 ! NGS is a clan that is currently looking for members and players who can build decently, script decently, or fight decently!
However There are Rules!
  • 1. Do not kill each other for no reason
  • 2. Do not lie about information to other members !
  • 3. Do not swear for no reason, and Do not be Disrespectful

High Ranking Members:

Leader: DandiestDisc
First Lieutenant: Templar Greed
Second Lieutenant: Brother D King
Third lieutenant: System Error

You can move among-st the ranks in our clan if you are active. However there will be certain other ways that you will be able to rank up! If you join the clan  we want to let you know that we set groups of 5 people through out the clan with one captain and co-captains that report to me!
If you start to have any trouble with your group members you will be moved, and spoken with to see what the conflict is!

N.G.S. now has over thirty-four people in the clan and all thirty-four of these members are consistently active! Whether they are on different platforms they still help to contribute to our small community of members within our clan , you may welcome our clan's form of control we use two types of control Democracy and a republic sort of leadership the representatives are the captains of teams and we all annually take votes on certain ideas!

To Conclude this I would like to say that people should join N.G.S. because if you join N.G.S. you are not only joining a small little clan but you are making a difference in everyone's life whether they're in or outside of N.G.S. . Lets say you decide to join we might assign you to a team based on your traits and skills and say that your team is supposed to group up on a server and help to fight against another clan you are helping by fighting and stopping anything bad that is happening!
« : November 21, 2015, 02:40:55 AM xboxgeneration1 »


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