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Ideas / Speed [actor|clan] [number]
« : January 10, 2020, 06:38:04 PM »
What it is:
    A script command.

What it does:
    Changes the speed of a mob, player, or players in a clan.

How it could be used:
    A speed system that relates to how much health a player has.

    A weight system that slows a player down.

    Speed potions.

    Slowness potions.

    Sprint script.

Example in script:
    Health < 50
    Speed [actor] [.5]

    A script that can be used to change a player's or mob's health.
    [1] is default speed.

Your world / [WIP] Wildlands
« : April 06, 2018, 01:49:35 PM »
Wildlands is (or will be) a battle royale map. Currently only the world has been done (slightly custom made) and the drop script (which will randomly place crates)

5/13/18: Created an effective crate system for speed, removed guns, added swords for more fun, starting on duos and squads (untested), working on automatic game end\start (untestable), working on dropping method, and finally working on an in-game currency.

4/6/18: Finished Map, and Crate system.
Have any questions? ask! (sorry for such a small post I will update it soon)

Bug Reports [Retail] / Breaking Blocks
« : April 06, 2018, 01:41:20 PM »
Often when breaking blocks the texture is still there

Questions and Answers / [Unanswered] Multiplayer Player Slots
« : April 03, 2018, 04:48:44 PM »
Xbox 360 player slots were at 24, as we are on pc now, what will they be now?

Ideas / text input
« : April 02, 2018, 06:56:42 PM »
Currently we have a script to ask for input but only number input, it would pull up the text box like placing a sign,
the script would be textinput [var] simple idea.

Like i said before we have a num input script, this would allow us to have a way to automate clans, even sending things to certain players as you could do something like

textinput [dirplayer]

inventory [player] [goldpieces] [-100]
inventory [dirplayer] [goldpieces] [+100]
this would remove 100 gold pieces from your inventory then add it to the directed player.

Ideas / Key Pressed Events
« : April 02, 2018, 01:29:47 PM »
SetEventScript [KeyPressed[key]] [script]

SetEventScript [KeyPressedQ] [UsePotion]

Just an idea as people will start to move to keyboards possibly, pretty self explanatory.

Ideas / Zone\history names with vars
« : March 31, 2018, 06:04:03 PM »
Made a script to create zones on the swing of a staff using a var, didn't work, made a post about it, turns out you cant do it due to ram. I believe you should be able to do it. If it lags, then the person who uses the script shouldnt use the script. this would make zoning homes/plots a lot easier.

More reasons why:
naming histories with vars could add a ton of more things, ie adding a password to a clan:
(cc = 1)
history[[var:cc]] [password]
this would simply add a way to look for vars with ids, sooo you could set a var based on a gamertag ie:

history[Prison\[gamertag]] [1]
history[Prison\[gamertag]] [=] [1]

although player history would be a way to do it, you would be able to see whos in prison even if they're offline
another example:
basically data structures?
(event when join)
history[Players\[gamertag]\joined] [=] [1]
history[Players\[gamertag]\goldpieces] [=] [500]
history[Players\[gamertag]\xp] [=] [1]
//this would allow you to see everyones histories even when they're offline.

Questions and Answers / [Answered] Zone script problem
« : March 31, 2018, 02:30:47 PM »
var [plotnum] = [history:plots\8x8]
Zone [Plots\8x8\Zone [var:plotnum]] [prel:0,-200,0] [prel:8,200,8]
History [plots\8x8] [+1]

Problem: Names the zone "Zone [var:plotnum]" rather than "Zone " + string(plotnum)

Sadly what i wanted to do is now abandoned.

Bug Reports [Retail] / Start Screen Bug
« : January 07, 2018, 01:30:37 AM »
I load up the game, It tells me to press any key to start and it just doesn't work when I press any key (only seems to happen on occasion, usually when watching youtube or twitch but when it happens it stays like that till I reset my pc)

Your Projects / [WIP] LordLeo's Downloads
« : December 27, 2017, 06:30:46 PM »

Version: 1.0
Download Link:;sa=view;down=22
Mod Reviews:
Video by: MinnesotaMarine
To do list:
Keys, Food, More Weapons, Possible change of recipes, fix rapiers swing, and fix a few recipes.
About: Tinker plus adds about 58 new items and complicates crafting more, It is recommended you play on normal on survival or use it on an RPG map.


Version: 1.0
Download Link:;sa=view;down=20
About: Crazy Worlds add 5 new worlds that are INSANE from extreme mountains to wierd grasslands you will certainly have a challenge moving around or building in this map pack!

~Future Plans~

New mod coming soon. ;)

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