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Image Mini Image Name Description  
Wraith Wraith Wraith Unique Content Contributors
Veteran Veteran Veteran Week 1 members w/25+ posts (4/13/13-4/20/13)
Uploader Uploader Uploader Top contributors to the forum downloads.
Top 10 Top 10 Top 10 Was in the top 10 of the forum stats page as of 4/12/15
Star Tester Star Tester Star Tester Awarded for extraordinary testing services to our game.
Star Poster Star Poster Star Poster Awarded to exemplary forum members
Sheriff Sheriff Sheriff I AM THE LAW!
Robotic Robotic Robotic Members who have unlocked the robotic avatar
Private Investigator Private Investigator Private Investigator Awarded to great detectives
MotM MotM MotM Former MotM winners
Founder Founder Founder Day 1 w/25+ posts (4/12/13)
Donor Donor Donor Donated a giveaway prize. (Must be a prize of cash value.)
Die-Hard Die-Hard Die-Hard Month 1 members w/25+posts (4/21/13-5/12/13)
Developer Developer Developer Developer
Deputy Deputy Deputy I shot the sherriff
bob bob bob Award for outstanding excellence in the field of bob
Artist Artist Artist Site art contributions/TPs in-game/Contest winners
5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 years on site
4 Year 4 Year 4 Year 4 years on site
3 Year 3 Year 3 Year 3 years on site
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