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[PC] NPC Dialog Distance
« on: January 20, 2018, 03:12:34 PM »
Just wondering if there's any way, or if there's a certain script to have an NPC say dialog when I'm close to them. I notice that whenever I spawn NPCs, I am able to see their dialog when I'm 5 feet away.
EDIT: To make better understanding, I basically want it to be how NPCs were when they were first released. You had to go close to them, and activate a button to trigger their dialog. Only in this case, I don't have to press a button for them to say anything, but I do want it to be the same distance. I hope I'm making sense haha.

Is there also a way to rotate the NPC? Whenever I disable the wander option in the behavior screen, the NPC is always in a fixed direction when spawned, and I am not sure how I can get it to be facing me.

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