Author Topic:  Total Item Overhaul (Old ID System [item names] + ID Numbers)  (Read 455 times)

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I know for a fact we can't use ID Numbers for giving players items, but it would make shop management or global item management easier as well as being able to view the old list (The names of each item). It would look like this:

[subsection] [itemID|itemName] [Qty] {data value}

The subsection would determine what group it needs to access. For example, subsection 1 would point to blocks. Subsection 2 would point to items. Then using a modloader, we can add subsections to the id table at startup. For example if I made a mod to add functioning guns right out of the box, we could use subsection 3. But that arises another problem... what if another mod uses subsection 3? Why not make the subsection a float value? For example, if I had my mod + another person's mod and they both used subsection 3, we could make my mod use subsection 3.1 and the other mod use subsection 3.2 which would eliminate the conflict of using the same subsection. The only problem is finding out what subsection a mod as been assigned to.

Now if that isn't good, I also thought of this system:

[section] [subsection] [itemID|itemName] [qty]

Section would tell the game again what item group it needs to access, but this time subsection would refer to whom the item belongs to. For example, if my mod has a section called 'guns' then it would look like this:

[1] [guns] [.22lr Pistol] [1]

This way right out of the box, subsection assignment conflicts would be avoided by the subsections never being the same. If you wished to access the game's main items, you would put [system] in the subsection of the command.

I personally think this system would be better than the previous idea because it avoids confusion on what mod has what subsection.