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[RPG] Our Atmosphere
« on: Today at 02:53:35 PM »
Our Atmosphere

Hello, this topic is about my brand new map Our Atmosphere. Our Atmosphere is a death match like no other where
you will be able to be 1 of over 10 races, each race has its own buffs that will help you in a certain way.
This map is built entirely out of floating islands that were all hand crafted by myself.
You are able to purchase you own island and even vehicles like Zeplins, Planes, Hot Air Balloons and much,
much more! This is a hardcore map so don't complain if you die!

The Races

A Race is a character That Has A perk or buff that is unique to that character and it's skill tree.
You will be able to chose 1 of 10 races. Skill trees can be rebuilt at a cost.

A cat type character that is swift and sneaky.

► Five extra points on your Agility skill tree ◄
► Five extra points on your Stealth skill tree ◄
► Can use short cuts ◄

More Soon.


There are many tiers of vehicles which all benefit you in a way. You will need coal to power you vehicle.
Each vehicle can move a different amount of blocks with a stack of coal depending on the vehicles tier and location.
Different locations have different economy's that differ from time to time, this may result in a higher coal
requirement to move your ship.

Will add a vehicle list soon.

I will be updating the OP as it is being built so keep an eye out!

All Feedback I'd Appreciate.
                          Owner Of Our Atmosphere Series!